Saturday, October 5, 2019

Paper towels are expensive. Recycling tip #47: How to use newsprint instead!

What is newsprint?

Newsprint is a “cheap, low-quality, absorbent printing paper made from coarse wood pulp and used chiefly for newspapers.” For example, see tabloid newsprint below.

Don’t just throw newsprint away.
Use old newsprint to clean windows on the cheap!

This former un-‘Worthy’ tabloid once littered the streets
of Lake Worth Beach. But now it has value. . .

Click on image to enlarge:

To clean windows using newsprint you need a newspaper and a spray bottle with this mixture:
2 cups of water, ¼ cup of vinegar (unflavored),
and ½ teaspoon of liquid detergent, e.g.,
Palmolive® works exceptionally well.

Stay tuned for recycling tip #48:
How to re-purpose those plastic straws!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How to properly give public comment at Lake Worth Beach City Hall.

Tonight at LWB City Hall is a regularly scheduled City Commission meeting. This public meeting will begin at 6:00. For more information and to download the agenda and backup click on this link.

When. . .

Mayor Pam Triolo announces the time for public comment this evening,

then. . .

The rules are quite simple.

Here is a short summary of the major points:

First and foremost, be respectful and follow the instructions of Mayor Pam Triolo.

You are not required to use all of your allotted time to speak! Once you’ve made your point just say “Thank You” and return to your seat. 

It is worth noting the mayor is charged with running City Commission meetings and she has the perfect right to remove anyone from the chambers who acts improperly. Disruptions of any sort will not be tolerated. You may be upset about something and you may decide to act rudely. But you better not be rude when a PBSO deputy asks you to stand up and walk to the door.

Proper dress is encouraged. Being dressed casually like a City commissioner is proper. 

Never address any commissioner, the city manager, city attorney or any administration or staff member directly. ONLY THE MAYOR CAN BE ADDRESSED.

Any attempt to address anyone but the mayor is breaking the rule unless the mayor allows it.

The mayor will tell everyone the time limit. At the end of that time limit a little bell will sound. Ding. Ding. Ding. After that bell sounds say, “Thank You” to the mayor and return to your seat. When your time is up your time is up speaking on that item.

It is highly recommended one prepares public comment ahead of time and use a timer. If you go over your time hand your comment to City Manager Michael Bornstein and he will give it to the City Clerk who will have it entered into the record.

Acting theatrically may seem like a good idea at the time but when the video comes out you will probably wish you hadn’t done what you did.

Clapping and hooting and howling is breaking the rule. Please try to remain silent at all times while seated in the chambers. Turn off your phone. While the meeting is in progress if you have to speak to someone nearby keep your voice very low and do not whisper. Whispering travels further than a very low speaking voice.

And whilst on the topic of change in Lake Worth Beach all our elected officials are now serving three-year terms.

Your Lake Worth Beach City Commission:

Next to the flag of the United States of America flanking Mayor Pam Triolo are District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy and District 1 Commissioner and Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell. Nearest the flag of the State of Florida are District 4 Commissioner Herman Robinson and District 3 Commissioner and Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso.