Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Item 11A at the LWB City Commission meeting last evening: “Continuation of discussion about Accessory Dwelling Units in the City”.

It was a huge turnout last night on this topic with a lot of pushback from the public on moving forward with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The discussion took a little over one hour including public comment. The vote ultimately was 3-2 to end discussion and move on.

To watch the proceedings for yourself this agenda item ends at the two hour and thirty-seven minute mark:

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

News from Palm Beach Post reporter Lady Hereford, “Neighborhood groups multiply in Lake Worth”.

“In five years, the number of coalitions, mostly neighborhood associations, has grown from
three to 11.”

Published in the Neighborhood Post, June 2nd, 2002 (see newspaper clipping below).

A man named Herman C. Robinson was quoted in this article,

“Recently, the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association challenged the other associations to a raft regatta, which will be held during the Tropic Fest on July 4.”

Mr. Herman Robinson is now District 4 Commissioner Herman Robinson.

Continued from page 1 . . . “Businesses, residents, churches uniting around common goals”.

This newspaper clipping is from sixteen years ago.
Click on image to enlarge:

Click on this link to learn more about the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council. The NAPC is also on Facebook.

Baby and toddler news in The Lake Worth Herald.

There is tons of LOCAL club and event news in the most recent Herald including this headline on p. 2 about an event coming up this Friday, “Toddler Fun at LWB City Hall Annex”:

Lake Worth Beach Public Library will present Baby and Toddler Sing and Play Time on Friday, July 19 from 11–11:40 a.m. at the City Hall Annex.

This special play time is designed for children under two years of age. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

City Hall Annex is located at 414 Lake Avenue, corner of Lake Avenue and Federal Highway.

The Herald is still just ¢50! Pick up this week’s LOCAL paper at Andy’s newsstand at 205 N. Federal Hwy.

Have an upcoming event or club meeting you would like to publicize? Here are the instructions from the editor for a FREE posting in the Herald:

Free listing for service clubs’ and charitable organizations schedules and special events open to the public. Send information to About Town, 1313 Central Terrace, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460, fax 561-585-5434 or email

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Front page news in this week’s Observer, “Village Improving Quality of Life with Surtax and CDBG”.

The Observer is a FREE newspaper reporting LOCAL community news and is published weekly by The Lake Worth Herald Press.

Here are two excerpts from a front page news feature article datelined July 11th about the municipality of Palm Springs, “a great place to call home”:

The Village of Palm Springs, always a village for the people, has been busy spending its share of the Penny Sales Tax revenue. Village staff has been busy upgrading parks and improving the walkability of the Village by adding and repairing sidewalks throughout the Village.

The recently completed $136,000 Lakewood Sidewalk project provides residents of the area a safe sidewalk to use instead of walking in traffic lanes, as was the case. Reo Lane Sidewalk project, approximately 50 percent complete is also attributing to the safety and quality of life of Village residents at a cost of $107,000.

Under the watchful eye of Justin Lucas, Parks and Recreation Director* several parks are receiving upgrades to improve the quality and safety of the parks with funding from the surtax the Village is receiving from the County.

Areca Fitness Park has seen a $180,000 upgrade to include low maintenance fitness equipment with $115,000 funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the balance from the Surtax fund.

Sago Palm Park, the park that has the most facility rentals in the Village, is being re-designed.

and. . .

Royal Palm Park, on Davis Rd. will have a fishing dock and a shade structure provided by the Village through the use of surtax funds.

The Village Complex will have a complete Bermuda grass replacement, fencing and a new playground with an estimated price tag of $400,000–$500,000 all funded from the surtax fund.

It’s not all about the parks and sidewalks, the Village has purchased 3 new buses for the Recreation Department to transport residents to and from Village activities.

The outgrown Police Department building needs repairs and more space. The areas designed for storage when the current PD was built are now being used as offices. An Architectural Selection Committee is working on the design for the new PD. The new building will be funded with the surtax revenue.

In the plans for the village is a Gymnasium for the Recreation programs and several sidewalk projects to improve safety for the Village residents. The pedestrian bridges on Davis Rd. and Kirk Rd. have been widened to make them more pedestrian friendly and safer.

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