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Come see "High Society" at the Lake Worth Playhouse in downtown Lake Worth and try Callaro's too!

Here's what people are saying about High Society:
      "A wonderful performance Thursday evening .It was very much enjoyed by our women's group. The costumes were lovely and the songs were beautifully performed. I always enjoy the shows here."
     "Very enjoyable show."
     "The venue was very nice. All seats are good. Well done performance!"
The Lake Worth Playhouse is located on Lake Ave a short walk from the Cultural Council. Here is a synopsis of the show:
  • Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter.
  • Book by Arthur Kopit.
  • Additional Lyrics by Susan Birkenhead.
  • Based on the play "The Philadelphia Story" by Philip Barry: Imagine that Philip Barry had written "The Philadelphia Story," his classic 1939 romantic comedy, not as a play but a musical, with Cole Porter as his collaborator, and you have ... HIGH SOCIETY! 
Downtown Lake Worth has lots of restaurants and plenty of free parking. It's election season so you're going to hear a lot of silly things being said about Lake Worth and most of it is nonsense, like the crime rate for instance (which is down considerably), and no, tall buildings are not popping up everywhere. So come into Lake Worth and visit one of my personal favorite restaurants very close to the Playhouse: Callaro's Steak House!

Get ready for more stray dogs and cats roaming our streets in Lake Worth and elsewhere?

In what may have unintended consequences for city's like Lake Worth the county's animal shelter is changing the rules for dropping off unwanted animals. We all can hope that people turned away from the shelter will take the animal back home for a "two-week waiting" period or, just as likely, the animal will be dropped off in a neighborhood somewhere and become a problem for someone else.

Andy Reid at the Sun Sentinel has this article that, unless I missed it, hasn't been news publicized anywhere else. If it has been reported send me an email which you'll find in the right-hand column of this blog and will provide a link to that information for my readers. Here is an excerpt from the Sun Sentinel article:
     Palm Beach County's animal shelter is making it harder for people to give up their pets, in a new move aimed at saving more unwanted dogs and cats.
     People trying to get rid of their pets may now face a two-week waiting period before the crowded shelter will take them. [emphasis added]
     The goal is to get people to reconsider unloading their pets at the shelter, or find an alternative home where they wouldn't face the risk of being euthanized.
     "There are times when giving up your pet is a rash decision," said Dianne Sauve, the county's director of animal care and control. "Oftentimes, (people) may solve the problem on their own. ... Sometimes it's just giving people the resources that they need."
[and. . .]
     Shelter space constraints limit how long dogs and cats can be held awaiting adoption before they are at risk of being euthanized. The shelter last year euthanized nearly 1,300 dogs and about 4,200 cats, according to the county.
If you're interested you can read about what feral and stray cats are doing to the native bird species here in Florida. Cats should be kept indoors or on a leash if taken outside.

Is there a "curfew" coming to Lake Worth? No. CBS5/WPTV dispels that myth reported by their "News Partner": The Palm Beach Post

Watch this news segment by Brian Entin to learn more about what is happening in Lake Worth
vis-à-vis the efforts by the City to make parks safer and reduce criminal activity at night. Here is an excerpt from the text of the news segment:
     A new ordinance in Lake Worth will not allow people to be in some public areas [emphasis added] during the overnight hours.
     The areas include the Cultural Plaza and the space around some city buildings.
     The ordinance will not actually go into effect until commissioners vote to decide the exact times to enforce the rules.
Here is the video from WPTV:
Please share this information with your friends and neighbors in Lake Worth. Thank you.
Note that in the news article by Kevin Thompson, the City's beat reporter, the word "curfew" is not mentioned at all. Then why add the word to the headline?
Use this link to learn more about this important situation.

Friday, January 22, 2016

[PINNED POST*] The City of Lake Worth doesn't need to hear this from an elected representative:

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As of Friday, January 22nd, there are 53 days until election day (March 15th). If you haven't been paying attention to what is happening in Lake Worth politics it's about time you started. In the video below is Maier at the City Commission meeting on 1/19 that was all about the homeless and nothing about the neighborhoods that are in such need for services and funding (Maier speaks first and then Commissioner Amoroso responds):
So, it's OK for people to urinate on the front door of businesses as long as nobody sees it?
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Reward increased to $25K to solve the murder of Cynthia Moffett (and one more reason you should't get your news from ABC25/WPBF)

PBSO released the following video on YouTube to hopefully generate more leads to solve the murder of Cynthia Moffett: If you get your news from ABC25/WPBF this is the false information they report to the public:
Moffett was killed March 23, 2006, while working at the Forest Oaks Golf Club in Lake Worth. Deputies believe she was shot and killed during a robbery between 5 and 6 p.m.
Why is this important? This murder occurred way out west in unincorporated Palm Beach County west of Jog Rd. and east of the Florida Turnpike, south of Wellington. Somebody who lives in that area may have seen or heard something and ignored it because they think, wrongly because of ABC25, that the murder occurred many miles away in the City of Lake Worth.

If you know anyone who lives in that area of the county please forward this information to them. Somebody may have that crucial, tiny clue that can solve this murder. PBSO detectives believe whoever committed this crime is familiar with the area and possibly lived in the area and maybe still does.

If you think you know something that can help contact or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477.

Question: Can Palm Beach County's Climate Change and Sustainability Coordinator offer Lake Worth some guidance?

Natalie Schneider is Palm Beach County's Climate Change Coordinator. We have heard a lot about the issue of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and the responsibility of local governments like Lake Worth have to take it on.

I attended a meeting that included candidate Ryan Hartman and Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. Three elected Lake Worth representatives (Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy) attended the Climate Change Summit in Key West recently and they all returned with their observations and ideas for proceeding forward.

Mr. Hartman when asked about this said he was prepared to reach out to Maier and McVoy but wasn't interested in talking to Maxwell about this subject. My question is this: Should the county's Climate Change Coordinator set guidelines going forward on who sets policy concerning SLR?

Clearly, anyone who knows the situation Lake Worth is in financially knows that the City is very limited in what it can contribute to solving the problem of SLR. And some guidance going forward would be very helpful.

Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's view on SLR is not extreme by any means:
Maxwell is not a "denier" and he, like almost everyone, is searching for the answers to the problems we face in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, and the state of Florida.

The question is simply this: What should the role of local governments be to solve SLR and should those burdens be carried by each City individually or should the county take on that burden, set the policy, and give cities the ability to focus on present issues that face each resident each and every day?

What we also need to keep in mind is that if the 2020 Bond had passed, we would be designing all of our new infrastructure to TODAY'S standards. All of the elevations and hydrology related to the improvements would have to take sea level rise into account. The point is that if we don't have this kind of infrastructure funded, we are going to maintain our existing infrastructure to the standard that it was designed. That may be a 1930 standard, a 1956 standard or a 1974 standard. Any new infrastructure designed by licensed civil engineers would take into account current projections and design accordingly. Doing nothing by saying "no" to the bond keeps the City in the past, without a way to adequately address sea level rise projections. If those 25 people had voted the other way, we would be on our way to meeting the sea level rise challenges.

Breaking News: Palm Beach County's First-Ever Cultural Concierge Coming to the Cultural Council in Downtown Lake Worth

Below is great news, not just for Lake Worth, but for the entire Palm Beach County. For additional information contact Judith Czelusniak at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County: 561-471-1602 and use this link for additional contacts. The Cultural Council is also on Twitter and Facebook. Following are excerpts from the Press Release:


Cultural Council of Palm Beach County Connects Tourists, Hotels and Arts Organizations to Curate the Perfect Cultural Experience for Travelers

Lake Worth, FL, January 19 – The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is taking the visitor experience to an unprecedented level with the introduction of the innovative, new Cultural Concierge program. The first project of its kind in the global tourism industry, this free service will provide travelers with never-before-offered access to insider recommendations, exclusive amenities and customized experiences.

The Cultural Concierge will work with tourists, visiting groups, travel professionals and event planners to ensure that every visitor to Palm Beach County can take full advantage of the more than 42,000 cultural experiences available in the destination. Palm Beach County is Florida’s Cultural Capital™ and home to myriad museums, art galleries, performance halls and more.

“This partnership, where the hospitality industry works together with the cultural community to provide truly customized experiences for travelers, is breaking new ground in the travel industry,” said Marilyn Bauer, director of marketing and government affairs at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. “We designed this program to better serve visitors, and we expect to increase cultural tourism, support arts organizations and stimulate economic growth through the distinct cultural opportunities offered with this service.” 

[and. . .]

Guests who wish to utilize this new service can use this link, or contact the concierge via email at (copy and paste): or by telephone at (561) 214-8082.

[and. . .]

The Cultural Council presents exhibitions featuring Palm Beach County artists and provides additional programming at its headquarters in the historic Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building in downtown Lake Worth. Also at the Cultural Council headquarters are the Roe Green Uniquely Palm Beach Store featuring products by Palm Beach County artists, and the Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Visitor Information Center, a VISIT FLORIDA designated Florida Certified Tourism Information Center.

The Cultural Council galleries, visitor information center and store are open 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

[Update] Good Luck, Jupiter, and hope you work things out and everyone becomes happy once again

 [Update: Everyone in Palm Beach County, including all your friends in Lake Worth, wish the people of Jupiter the best. However, if the latest news is any indication, they're not going to find a solution any time soon to solve their pressing issue of the day. Here is the latest from Bill DiPaolo, "Harbourside’s war of words escalates with memo, newspaper ad":]

Anyone familiar with Lake Worth knows a lot of people have moved away and been replaced by new residents. It's nearly impossible to find a house to buy in the City for many who are looking to live here. So where did all the former Lake Worth residents go? From the looks of it many of them have moved to Jupiter. It's still "dysfunction junction" here in Lake Worth (things have gotten much better) but when the City arrives at a point where it HAS to make a decision they manage, somehow, to trip or stumble in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. It's all very entertaining here and that's part of the reason this blog continues to remain so popular. Anyhow, I drove up to Jupiter during the construction of Harbourside and it was an impressive tour I took of the facility, not yet open:
Since Harbourside opened there have been a few hiccups you might say. They can't have music outside any more and there is another issue that's popped up in another part of town. Bill DiPaolo, the Post's reporter in Jupiter, has job security.

Dear fellow Palm Beach County municipal friend, Jupiter, there's nothing I can do to help you through your vexing issues of the day except this: Try just sitting back and enjoy the show. It's not going to last forever and some day you might wish you had more entertainment and distractions going on to liven things up a little.

It's a guilty pleasure when the focus is off Lake Worth and aimed like a laser beam at one of our more affluent cities. Some of you in Jupiter might be upset you can't listen to music outside at Harbourside but here in Lake Worth we have one of the most iconic and historic hotels in the country and two of our commissioners and a few City residents want to tear it down.

So, to all the good people in Jupiter, I can feel your pain. And good luck solving your issues of the day. And please hope and pray your neighbor to the south, Lake Worth, can muster the courage and effort to save one more of Palm Beach County's historical treasures: the Gulf Stream hotel.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Lake Worth Tree Festival on February 13th (and how not to create a flyer to promote the event)

The Lake Worth Tree Festival is one of those special City festivals and there is so much to learn and do—especially for all the kids. You can win a free tree like I did a few years ago. There will be music, lectures, handouts, and demonstrations; more information to be had in one place than you can find anywhere else. SmartyPlants has a big display of trees and shrubs and an expert who can tell you how to plant something and most importantly, where to have it planted on the property. County and city employees will also be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Here is the festival Facebook page and an excerpt:
     A fun and family friendly event held at the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza. For the 11th Annual Festival of Trees we have talks on Butterfly Gardening, Proper Pruning, and the Lake Worth Lagoon. Musical guests include Lindsey Mills, Chaucer, and John Ralston. There will be Yoga at 9, Music & Story time for kids starting at 10, a performance by Downtown Dance and much much more. We hope our whole community will take a moment to celebrate the love we have for our trees: from Sea Grapes to Mangroves, to Banyans, Gumbo Limbos and more, we are so lucky to live 'Where the Tropics Begin."
      This is a free event.
There's a problem though with the flyers that they produced; can you spot what it is?
They don't say where the festival is located and there is no contact information on the front of the flyer. When you turn the flyer over it's blank. Just a square white piece of paper. Plus, nowhere does it say it's a free event—important information to share.

Spread the word to everyone you think is interested and make plans to attend the Tree Festival on Saturday, February 13th. The following week is the City's annual Street Painting Festival—it's an exciting time of year in Lake Worth, FL!

Ryan Hartman's recent, very confusing, and twisted trail of self-discovery: 'Who Am I and Why Am I Here'

I am very confused and a lot of other people are as well. I attended a community meeting last night (1/20) organized for those interested to learn more about the candidates (Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and Ryan Hartman) in District One and discovered that Ryan Hartman is now an "Anarcho-Realist". Many Anarcho-Realists will be unhappy to find out that Mr. Hartman was a member at a protest that disabled a van by removing the battery and throwing into a lake. Many 'realists' will find that news unreal but it's true. He recently went to trial over that stunt.
Before becoming a candidate the Anarchist took on a more Hipster look and changed his appearance considerably. Definitely not the wardrobe the average Anarchist would use. Most Anarchists get their clothes at World Thrift and I do as well. It's a great store with a wide selection of items at reasonable prices.

As you can see in this video from last night he's taken on quite the mainstream Millennial SalesRep-style that will not offend anyone. Mr. Hartman is trying to distance himself as far as he can from his Anarchist friends.

I asked a question of Mr. Hartman about conflict resolution and I'll write about that later on in the week. I forgot the one I had thought of previously that is very important: "What is your position on the upcoming trouble-making the Anarchists have planned for this February?" And one more: "Would he encourage the use of buckets instead of modern and healthy toilet facilities?" 
Look closely at the written instructions on how and when to empty the bucket containing human waste. And do you think it would be a good idea for Mr. Hartman to take a ride-along with a PBSO deputy in February to spot any public disruption(s)?

One of the ways Palm Beach County is losing our history: "I have a better idea."

If you're a regular reader of this blog you know my thoughts on historic preservation. And many of you know my efforts over the years. I can say with confidence that my record contains more than words. Let's say I've walked the walk and I've talked the talk.

Five more historic buildings were lost yesterday (1/20) and many more will fall in the future and once they're gone they're gone forever. I don't know much about those buildings or the people involved in saving them but my heart goes out to them. It was a huge loss.

Many other buildings are heading towards destruction in Palm Beach County and it's only a matter of time. It could be demolition by neglect, by fire, or in most cases it's because, "I have a better idea." You can see this form of structure demolition right here in Lake Worth vis-à-vis the Gulf Stream hotel. Now a few are coming out of the woodwork with "a better idea."

Note that all these ideas are coming out now, many years after the debate began. At the point where the people in Lake Worth can envision a finalized historic building some people want more analysis which is really "paralysis by analysis". My fear is these 'better ideas' will end up with the Gulf Stream hotel being a big pile of debris in the end.

Below is the news story by Brian Entin at NBC5/WPTV from yesterday (1/20) and hope this is a reality check for all those people who say they care about saving our history. An excerpt from the text of the news segment:
     Historians and local architects showed up to the site Wednesday afternoon upset.
     They say the homes were built in the early 1900s and are historic.
     "It is a setback. But it is still important land. Important ground. The goal was to bring that back. Restore it. Bring back the memory and create a place where the residents of this area could reconnect with their history," architect Timothy Hullihan said. It's unclear how the preservation project will move forward.

An olive branch from The Palm Beach Post to the City of Lake Worth and the City's CRA

The Palm Beach Post really didn't have much of a choice in this matter—instead of offering an outright apology the paper did a positive and uplifting article about the City's CRA following the absurd and silly piece about the mural at the CRA's La Joya Villages. Hardly a week goes by when there isn't more good news from the CRA and for the Post to attempt and sully them in such a manner outraged many in Lake Worth. The reaction from the public was swift and in many cases quite hilariously on point condemning the paper.

For the mural non-story the Post reporter searched out for "a woman" who has hardly lifted a finger to improve the City of Lake Worth while another "a woman", Joan Oliva (the CRA's Executive Director), has devoted many years of her life to improve the City while taking the daily slings and arrows with that ubiquitous smile.

Anyhow, the Post reached out to the CRA and published this article titled, "Four Lake Worth intersections could get artsy makeover" and Joan Oliva is quoted several times. Here are two short excerpts:
     “Instead of art and culture being segregated from the public by being in galleries and art shows, we really want to bring art and culture to the public at large,” said [Joan] Oliva, executive director of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. “At the same time we wanted to highlight some of the areas that are primed for redevelopment.”
     That vision helped the city become one of 158 finalists in the Knight Cities Challenge, a program open to 26 communities nationwide to receive up to $5 million in grant money for projects that will improve cities, provide economic opportunities and spur civic engagement while attracting — and retaining — young talent.
[and. . .]
     Oliva said initial projections are the project would cost between $250,000 to $300,000 and take about a year to complete.
     “We want to make sure this is something the entire community can get behind,” Oliva said. “What we’re trying to do here fits nicely with what the Knights Cities Challenge is all about — community engagement and economic opportunity.” [emphasis added]
Also stay tuned for more on the "Art Junction" coming up at the Urban Arts Lofts on January 23rd:

More from the Lake Worth file titled, "You Can't Make This Stuff Up": Candidate for mayor, Diane Jacques and the movie 'Hogzilla'

 [By Request: This was originally published on this blog on December 12th last year.]

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo has two challenging her for the mayor seat on the Lake Worth City Commission and one of them is Diane Jacques. As part of her biography supplied to the NAPC prior to the debate at the Lake Worth Playhouse on January 6th she made mention of her movie career but failed to mention her latest epic, Hogzilla:
Is the woman on the left in fear or is she laughing? And why aren't there any hogs in the movie trailer for Hogzilla?
Anyhow, it now gets curiouser and curiouser. Now we find out she couldn't or wouldn't pay the filing fee required to run for office and claimed a "hardship". This is not a joke. Even the Anarchist running against Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell was able to pay his $169.

To run for a City commissioner seat requires $144 to the state and $25 to the City. To run for mayor $154 is paid to the state and also $25 to the City. Candidate Jacques couldn't come up with the $179 to run for mayor?

Stay tuned as they say.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

[REDUX] 'Journalist' defends names on bullets and Mayor Pam Triolo's image in effigy in our small, little 6 square mile City of Lake Worth

[A blogger claimed she was disrespected at a City Commission meeting and got up to speak at the podium on 1/19. What short memories some have.] 

On September 9th, 2014, at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting Mr. Bob Lepa and Ms. Peggy Fisher, as members of the general public, exercised their right to Free Speech. You can see that video here

The blogger referred to in their remarks, of course, has her right to free speech as does Mr. Lepa and Ms. Fisher. Here is one example of Ms. Anderson's (aka The Other Blogger [TOB]) exercise of free speech:
Here we have another example of that blogger's exercise of  'free speech': 
When posted, this was actually an animated gif image that appeared to be moving flames.
Many people in Lake Worth were outraged by the image above posted by that blogger. At the city commission meeting on 9/9/14 many people showed up to show their displeasure with such a depiction. Two spoke publicly, Mr. Lepa and Ms. Fisher. Note: The blogger's name was never mentioned and she was not confronted directly. She was in the audience however and can be clearly seen during the commentary from the podium. She clearly could have defended herself at the time, but she chose to remain silent. And so did her colleagues and supporters in the chambers. That was her/their choice. 

On 9/23/14, after two weeks of rhetoric from the blogger on her website, along with her small band of followers about how badly she was disrespected on 9/9/14, ONE PERSON spoke publicly in defense of Ms. Anderson's abuse of Free Speech: Margaret Menge. Here is the video from the City's website. Ms. Menge begins speaking during the public comment period at 1:02:02. 

Here is Ms. Menge's defense of that blogger and her other comments made at the 9/23/14 City Commission meeting:

Ms. Menge claims to have watched the video, but if you listen to her, she appears to be accusing those on the dais of letting this "heinous spectacle" happen in the first place. What she is referring to as a "heinous spectacle" is the exercise of freedom of the speech by members of the public. The justified smackdown of the other blogger was not done by our elected representatives. It was an organic reaction to what people thought was clearly out-of-bounds and in poor taste. Ms. Menge who claims to be a journalist of some degree praised the other blogger as "covering [the news] better than everyone else in this town." She hated to see this "journalist intimidated." Journalist?

Read the excerpt below from this article and you decide. Along with free speech doesn't there need to be a certain amount of responsibility? This article refers to Ms. Menge's stint at another local newspaper in New York state. Would you like this person to stand up to defend your journalistic integrity? Ms. Menge, in her first and lengthy "Letter from the Editor" mentions her time at this newspaper. Here is what Mr. Hazirjian had to say about the 'journalist', Ms. Menge:
Hazirjian [Deke Hazirjian, a local businessman in the village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York State] said he came to the board to find a forum for his views on the newspaper because the paper refused to print a letter he had written criticizing what he called the “biased reporting” of the current editor, Margaret Menge. Hazirjian said in his open letter that Menge "writes every important story on the front page, plus re-writes other reporter's work, giving it her own slant...and has made our paper into her own personal forum."

Hazirjian also stated that in her crusade for open government the editor has “intimidated, hounded and impugned the integrity of nearly every board and board member." Hazirjian described himself and other local board members as people who “serve to enhance our community, to give back.”
Is this what you should expect from a 'journalist' in our little City of Lake Worth?

Because of Maier and McVoy your inadequate street lighting and other safety issues weren't discussed at our Lake Worth City Commission meeting

It's anyone's guess what the spin will be in The Palm Beach Post tomorrow about the Lake Worth City Commission meeting last night (1/19). Another wedge issue to divide the City, one of many that come up every election season: it's homelessness this time. We can all hope the editorial board at the Post has some sense to keep things in perspective, but don't count on it.

The City has many issues to deal with and to have another meeting hijacked by a single issue should disturb everyone. The streets need to be fixed, there are still neighborhoods with an inadequate number of fire hydrants, the lighting needs to be addressed but. . .none of those issues was talked about. THE top issue was the homeless. My heart goes out to all those people that have been hoping for relief in communities that need help so desperately. They've been pushed to the back of the line. Again. It was a sickening display and an embarrassment.

Two Lake Worth commissioners, Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, got their marching orders and they played it out. A whole bunch of people from Sarasota were brought to the meeting I'm told. All of them for one issue: the homeless. On their way to the City Commission chambers and time spent in the City was that all they saw? Just homeless people? Did they not see the potholes and the dark street corners? To them none of that matters from now until election day on March 15th. Now it's all about the homeless people and no one else, nothing else matters.

Cumulatively, this is will damage the City's image and hurt many businesses in town, especially the ones downtown. None of that matters because it's the slash and burn strategy to win one or more seats on the City Commission so Maier and McVoy will have a friendly face on their new majority to chip away at everything the previous majority did that they don't like. And you wonder why the streets are in such bad shape.

Commissioner Maier slipped and said something he shouldn't have: The truth. Below is a video from the City's website. It's grainy and a little out-of-focus but you'll be able to hear clearly what he says at the City Commission meeting that was almost all about the homeless. If you are a resident or a business owner you'll be comforted knowing that Maier doesn't think somebody peeing on your property or business front door is "that big a deal". Commissioner Amoroso objected but, other than on this blog, you'll likely never hear a mention of that. And you'll never see Maier's quote anywhere else either, where he says peeing in public is not "that big a deal".
JoAnn Golden et al appear to have assembled a small army to knock on doors and if she succeeds the City will once again go into a tailspin. And then another election next year and another wedge issue to divide us will pop up a few months prior.

Here is the link to send Maier's quote to everyone you know:

Will it wake anyone up? Maybe or maybe not. But it's worth a try.

[PINNED POST] The only reason you need to NOT VOTE for Frank McAlonan: a vote for him is another nail in the coffin for the historic Gulf Stream hotel in Lake Worth

[STILL unchallenged. The blog post below was first published on Sunday, 1/17. Last night (1/19) at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting would have been the perfect time to discuss 'better' ways to save the Gulf Stream hotel, or at least raise the question, but Frank McAlonan was absent on this major issue. In fact, I don't think the hotel was mentioned once at the commission meeting last night. It's very late in the game, the fourth quarter with the seconds clicking away, and Frank McAlonan has 'better' ideas to save our historic hotel? Fine. Let's put aside all the missed opportunities to present these ideas in the past. Can the public have at least a few more details please on 'better' ways to proceed forward? Continue reading the blog post originally published on 1/17:]

Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso's position on the rezoning of the Gulf Stream hotel is unambiguous: He supports the efforts necessary to move the project forward despite the anger and ire from a very small group that disagree. Here is how the Lake Worth City Commission voted:
Remember: The "overwhelming" support to limit the building height surrounding the Gulf Stream hotel property IS A MYTH.
Frank McAlonan's position is more 'nuanced'. He claims to support saving the hotel but doesn't support taking the steps to save the historic structure. So he's for saving the hotel and against it at the same time. The citizens of Lake Worth deserve better politics than this. If you vote for McAlonan you are giving the Gulf Stream hotel a date with the wrecking ball like all those other structures that have been lost over the years and here's why: he's claiming that because a two-story structure (a beach house/tiki bar/'hotel') in Delray Beach is successful so therefore the Gulf Stream hotel, in its current state, can be successful too. Nonsense.

McAlonan was interviewed by a hack claiming to be a journalist. In the rambling PR piece he said that Crane's Beach House Boutique and Luxury Villas in Delray was an example of how the Gulf Stream hotel could be successful. I'm sure Crane's Beach House is a wonderful place and no doubt they are a success in Delray Beach. But comparing a two-story beach house of about 15,000 square feet built circa 1950 to the historic Gulf Stream hotel in Lake Worth is absolute hogwash.

More times than I can remember I've laid out the reasoning and the logic for supporting the Gulf Stream hotel project being rezoned (not "upzoned"!) to 65' in a very small area in downtown Lake Worth:
The white arrow is pointing at a tiny white dot. That white dot is the historic/iconic Gulf Stream hotel property in downtown Lake Worth.
I've also explained the historical context and why the hotel, in it's current configuration, cannot survive in modern-day America. It has to be modernized to be competitive or has to be torn down. It's as simple as that. The Coastal Observer also ran articles on the history of the hotel and the headwinds it faces to compete for tourists and business travelers. Even The Palm Beach Post editorial board, no friend of development, saw the need for the Gulf Stream project to move forward.

But Frank McAlonan disagrees. Does he support demolishing the Gulf Stream hotel and building a two-story beach house/tiki bar in its place? There is a debate coming up on January 25th. If you support saving our City's Gulf Stream hotel then I strongly suggest you show up at the debate.

All this angst over the renovation of the Gulf Steam hotel IS OVER 20 FEET OF BUILDING HEIGHT. That's all. Just 20 feet. Twenty feet is about 6 adult steps by a human being. Twenty feet is about the width of the goal post in football. And just twenty feet is the difference between a big leap forward for our Gulf Stream hotel or a not-yet-set date but still certain fate of the wrecking ball.

If this issue is important to you, please cast your vote wisely. The future of the City depends on it.

Strong Towns Advocates for No New Roads in Online Campaign

From January 25-29, 2016, Strong Towns will publish a week of multimedia content focused on its campaign entitled #NoNewRoads. This radical concept advocates against the creation of new highways and the expansion of existing roads in towns, cities and suburbs across America. The campaign will take place on the Strong Towns website at and on social media with the hashtag #NoNewRoads. 

America has built more auto-infrastructure than it is willing to pay to maintain, and most of these investments have no positive financial return. Before we spend more on transportation, Strong Towns argues that we must modernize our transportation finance system to get better returns on our investments.

“For nearly seven decades, our national transportation obsession has been about maximizing the amount that you can drive,” writes Charles Marohn, president of Strong Towns. “We now need to focus on minimizing the amount you are forced to drive.”

In addition to a broad conversation about road funding and the federal transportation bill, the week of content on the Strong Towns media site will focus on three critical states—Texas, Minnesota and Washington—where significant changes are underway in transportation spending decisions. #NoNewRoads week will include articles and podcasts by urban planners, nonprofit professionals, professors and other leaders in the field, as well as a new report from Frontier Group.

About Strong Towns:
Strong Towns is a national media organization whose mission is to advocate for a model of development that allows America's cities, towns and neighborhoods to grow financially strong and resilient. Strong Towns reaches an audience of more than 30,000 readers and listeners per month, and has over 1,000 members.

[Just a reminder. . .] The Lake Worth Casino Complex at the BEACH! is still losing money

A previous city commission dropped the ball and left our City with this terrible mess to fix:
Here is a partial list of the problems at the Casino building. And this doesn't include the issues with the municipal pool which were never addressed. One final point, THE BIG LIEThe Palm Beach Post editorial board continued the big lie as recently as last August 27th this way, the "casino building, a nearly century-old landmark that was saved from the wrecking ball and restored in 2013 to a Mediterranean magnificence." The structure was 94% demolished:
Looks like a fine 'restoration' doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What doesn't get said enough in Lake Worth: "Thank You for showing up."

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner Andy Amoroso (center), and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell on a cold night at the Cultural Plaza with children who attended this year's City MLK March.
Yesterday's Martin Luther King Day March was another special day in Lake Worth and a big Thank You! to everyone that showed up. I was unable to attend this year but was at last year's march. I'm told it was just as well-attended, or more so, than last year. I received a lot of pictures/accounts of all the festivities and events and the organizers did a spectacular job.

It's easy to forget when you attend an event all the work that goes into making it happen and the work doesn't stop there. Things have to put away for next year, the clean up, and the final checklist to make sure everything was taken care of. Everyone who showed up to march and others who helped organize this event all deserve a lot of credit and appreciation.

The Lake Worth City Commission meeting is TONIGHT (1/19) at 6:00 and have you heard about CIA tactics used to monkeywrench govenment meetings?

To view the agenda use this link and scroll down for the "Agenda & Staff Report" and the "Full Version" of the agenda. Following the Roll Call is the Invocation OR Moment of Silence. It is Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's turn to choose and he has Reverend Elie Louissant from the Salem Haitian Evangelical Lutheran Church giving an invocation. The church is located at 1020 S. Dixie Hwy and here is their Facebook page to learn more.

There are some interesting items on the agenda including addressing nuisance properties and at least one item on the Consent Agenda that either Commissioner Maier or McVoy will want to discuss. Expect a long meeting that, in retrospect, didn't need to be. But it is election season in Lake Worth.

I may or may not be there with my camera to upload videos for all of you but it really doesn't matter if I'm there or not. You can watch the City's meetings live or the archived version later. To watch 'Live' use this link and look on the right side of the page and click on "Video/Audio of Public Meetings".

When you watch the meeting, or any meeting for that matter, watch for tactics that can be found in an old CIA manual used by infiltrators who were placed there to halt progress and generally monkeywrench the functions of an enemy government, like "Never permit short-cuts", make many and long "speeches", refer as many matters as possible "to committee", haggle over trivial matters like minutes, and urge "caution" and be "reasonable". Remind you of anyone?
Don't get specific, you see, just "raise the question" and talk about matters already decided: That's how what should be a 2-hour meeting becomes a 4-hour meeting.

Save the Date: The "Art Junction" at the Urban Arts Lofts in Lake Worth this Saturday (1/23)

For more information visit LULA (the Lake Worth CRA) and Palm Beach County's Art Synergy.

On your way stop by the latest mural by the CRA located at the new La Joya Villages on 6th Ave. South:
The La Joya Villages offer many exciting amenities for the residents including free art classes for the young children.

Press Release from the Lake Worth NAPC: County Commissioners and other officials are coming to visit our little City!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The Lake Worth Neighborhood Association Presidents Council (NAPC [also on Facebook]) is thrilled to announce that the Palm Beach County Office of Community Revitalization (OCR) has organized a Trolley Tour for County Commissioners and other County officials to visit Lake Worth and see up close and personal, all the amazing projects the NAPC Neighborhoods have completed with the Resident Education to Action Program (REAP) grants that we have been awarded over the past few years.
      The tour will take place on Friday, February 12th from 9:00 AM til 2:00 PM. They will visit a couple projects completed outside the City of Lake Worth before embarking on their journey through all the Lake Worth Neighborhoods to see the Neighborhood Street Banners, the Neighborhood Crime Watch projects, the Little Free Libraries, the Lake Worth Visitor Center and will end the tour with a lunch provided by the NAPC on the Front Porch in the Cultural Plaza – all projects funded wholly or in large part by REAP grants! Along the way, we will point out some of our lovely cottages in Lake Worth as the Cottages of Lake Worth, Inc. non-profit organization has also been awarded a REAP grant.

[The closer to the date will have more information on this blog. And, as always, Thank You for visiting my blog and Thank You! to all the hard-working people at the NAPC and all the many neighborhoods, Wes.]

From Emily Badger at Wonkblog: Does the availability of parking cause more driving?

If planning and things like Complete Streets is an interest of yours then Wonkblog needs to be on your list of blogs to check out at least once a week. The issue is parking in this article and how much does the availability of parking influence driving behavior and, not mentioned specifically but understood, should policies like minimum parking requirements be reexamined? Here are two excerpts:
     It is a firm principle in my household that we will not, under almost any circumstance, get in the car after sundown on Friday or Saturday night. We won't pick you up at the airport, or drive to dinner at your house. We won't just run out to the grocery store, or partake of social events unreachable by foot or bike, or a short Uber.
     We live off H Street in Washington with its bars and restaurants and performing arts, and if we drive away in the evening, when we get back there will simply be nowhere to park. We would behave, no doubt, a lot differently if parking were not an issue. We would probably take more trips.
[and. . .] 
     Past studies have found that parking availability at home is strongly associated with car ownership and use. And more parking at the office is correlated with more employees driving to work alone. Commuters who work in Manhattan, for instance, are also more likely to drive in when they have parking to return to at night.
     It's a provocative argument, though, that parking causes driving, and if this were true, a lot of city policies would look sort of backwards.
On any issue dealing with parking the work of Donald Shoup is rarely left out on this blog. He's been cited many times and also by our good friends at Walkable West Palm. The interesting thing about Donald Shoup is he researched what cars were doing 95% of the time, parked, while everyone else was researching what cars were doing the other 5% of the time: driving on the roads. Here is a link to his now-famous book, The High Cost of Free Parking.

Should Palm Beach County create a Citizen Review Board to monitor Sheriff Bradshaw and PBSO?

I don't have the answer to that question. However, the PBC County Commission will be discussing it. I wouldn't be presumptuous to tell the commission how to proceed but. . .as someone who has actually seen a 'Citizen' Review Board in action I do have an opinion.

Any review board that is established to monitor PBSO will have zero legitimacy if there is even the possibility an Anarchist/PBSO-hater like someone such as Peter Tsolkas can have a seat at the table. Tsolkas once gained control of a "Community Relations Board" here in Lake Worth and it was not a good experience. That 'Community' board to establish trust in the community had the opposite effect—it divided the City like no other board had ever done before or the City has ever seen since. It was a disaster.

A board, any board to review law enforcement, has to have strict rules on who has a seat and who does not. The number one rule should be impartiality. In the end the only way found to get the Anarchist off the Lake Worth review board was to disband the board entirely. And that's exactly what was done.

Secondly, the City of Lake Worth wouldn't be where it is today without PBSO. There's no need to rehash past history once again except to make this point: The Lake Worth PD lost control and PBSO came into the City and cleaned up the mess. Of that truth there is no doubt. And everyone, except for an Anarchist or two, has to agree with that.

So please: Proceed carefully and take note of what happened in Lake Worth. A 'Citizen' Review Board might sound like a really good idea right now but it can go off the rails and become an embarrassment for everyone. It happened in Lake Worth and it can happen at the county level too if it isn't done correctly and the public lacks the confidence a board will maintain public order and the safety of lives and property.
An Anarchist from Lake Worth at a rally for Corey Jones in Palm Beach Gardens. Is this someone who should have a seat on a board reviewing PBSO?

A Banner Day for The Palm Beach Post! And is the Editorial Board FINALLY giving it up for good? It would help those circulation numbers

In one of the more hopeful signs for Palm Beach County, the editorial board at The Palm Beach Post is now farming out their opinions. Now instead of focusing on manipulating local elections and other trouble-making the newspaper can finally get back to its true mission after 100 years and think many of their readers would be on board with that sentiment. In the Post today the editorial is from the Tampa Tribune which is not to be confused with the Tampa Bay Times, a newspaper which has won 10 Pulitzer prizes.

And Lake Worth makes it on the Front Page! How cool is that!
The little City of Lake Worth makes it on the front page, above the fold.
Another hopeful sign is a Letter to the Editor published today (1/19) by a Lake Worth resident. The letter published makes the case once again for the Gulf Stream hotel project and the City's Park of Commerce. Urban sprawl into western Palm Beach County is a concern for everyone and many people think future development should be concentrated along the I-95 corridor and east towards the coast. It's good to see more support for that position.

Things fall apart in the B (Local) section though. Our local beat reporter for Lake Worth still thinks that Palm Beach State College is in the City. It's not. Eliot Kleinberg, another reporter at the Post is aware of that fact:
Palm Beach State’s Martin Luther King, Jr. event, at its main campus west of Lake Worth, is free and open to the public.
All in all, on Monday's Martin Luther King Day in Lake Worth and throughout Palm Beach County the message was one of unity and peace. Dr. King would be proud of all of us.

Here is a wonderful news segment from NBC5/WPTV:

Traffic Advisory from the Town of Palm Beach re: the Lake Worth Bridge

Glad someone is on top of this:

Lake Worth Bridge
The Lake Avenue (Lake Worth) Bridge will have intermittent lane closures in each direction, 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 20, and Thursday, January 21, for joint repairs.

"Hello Lake Worth Twitter feed, come in Lake Worth Twitter feed!"

Peeing in public is "no big deal", said Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier at the City Commission on 1/19/16

I wasn't able to attend the Lake Worth City Commission tonight and take video. I watched from home. However, the City's video will be public soon and I can snip that part of the discussion.

The new meme is "You're Not Any Better". Note that no one is claiming to be "any better" than anyone else but the meme makes people think that some people, like the business community for example, is claiming they are. That is not true. So stay tuned.

Lake Worth Commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy continue to take the focus off the City's streets and other safety issues to focus on one group and only one group—the homeless.

Election day in Lake Worth is March 15th. Do you think peeing in public like on Lake Ave. in front of your children is "no big deal"? In front of your home? Your business?

Stay tuned for the video to come soon.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Does Palm Beach County need an ombudsman to monitor the news media? Especially the TV news?

Palm Beach County (PBC) hired a "Climate Change" Czar for about $90,000/year and I think the county could get an ombudsman to monitor the TV news for a lot less than that; a lot of people would be glad to do it for a pittance, expenses, and a weekly therapeutic back massage after having to watch all that news.

The problem is that TV news is creating much confusion in the county about what exactly is a city and what is not. This happens all the time in central PBC where Lake Worth is located. Murders and all kinds of other news nowhere near Lake Worth is reported as having occurred in the City. The latest news about the increased reward to solve the murder of Cynthia Moffett by ABC25/WPBF is just the latest example and there are many, many more.

Consider this: Let's say someone saw the report by ABC25 and lived near where it happened at the time. If that person(s) were given the correct information might sit back and think for a while, "Hmmm, did I see something that might help?". But if that same person thought, falsely, that the murder occurred many miles away "in Lake Worth" they probably wouldn't give it a second thought. This false information isn't just a simple mistake that doesn't mean anything. It does mean something. If the news is incorrect that is misinforming the public. What is the purpose of having a media in the first place if not to inform the public with accurate information?

The media is free to put their particular "spin" on the news. But you can't spin these facts: The date, location, and names to name a few.

I had contact with someone in the TV news business who suggested an ombudsman might be a way to go in getting TV news to improve. It could be one paid for by the news outlets themselves or have the county do the job for them. Either way, it has come to the point where something has to be done. A producer complained to me that the misreporting is damaging the reputation of TV news generally in the public's eye. Another person explained that the problem is that PBC is an "in-between" market between the bigger news markets like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando so it gets a lot of reporters/producers/editors forced out from other places that the big markets aren't interested in.

Is all TV news bad? No. For instance NBC5/WPTV works hard at getting the news correct, particularly locations. Generally speaking, TV news shouldn't be your source for all the news about anything but if TV news is what you like then I would suggest you choose NBC5. Why? For the most part they know where Lake Worth is and more importantly, what's NOT Lake Worth.

The biggest man in Lake Worth who is also the shortest, Mr. Greg Rice, has an assignment for you

Greg Rice posted this on Facebook a short while ago about a poll on the best beach in Palm Beach County:
There’s only been 148 readers vote so far, as of Monday morning at 11:09 AM, but in the Palm Beach Post they’re doing a readers poll. The Best Beaches in PB County, and LAKE WORTH MUNICIPAL BEACH has the most votes right now. Want to chime-in for your favorite beach follow this link. And please, let’s keep politics out of this discussion. No one is going to take the Lake Worth Beach away regardless of what some say. So grab some sunscreen, your towel and sunglasses and let’s go to the beach!
And, no, there truly isn't a boogeyman out there who has plans to steal the BEACH:

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo—A bio to share with your friends and neighbors:

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo with City Manager Michael Bornstein and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell at the City's annual, highly theatrical July 4th Raft Race.
"Mayor Pam Triolo, a Lake Worth homeowner, is also a wife to Michael Clahane for 17 years, Mom to furry child Buster, Daughter to part time LW resident Vic Triolo, and owner of her Downtown Lake Worth Advertising firm, where she currently employs 4 Lake Worth residents. Triolo, a BFA Graduate from Emerson College, has spent a good part of her life in broadcasting and the arts. In 1997, Pam launched her award winning company, First Impressions Creative Services. She’s held top positions in professional and government organizations including President of American Women in Radio and Television, VP for Advertising Federation, Liaison to the PBC CVB, currently serves as a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, PBSO Pension Board, Florida Bar Grievance Committee, and is the Neighborhood Association Presidents Council (NAPC) liaison, City Employee Pension Board Chair and creator of the city’s first Mayor’s Education Council.

Since 2011, Mayor Triolo’s accomplishments include creating over 100 new ordinances to eliminate blight/slum and reduce crime, the elimination of streetlight and fire assessments while bringing in new LED streetlights, negotiating a $700,000+ savings on our police contract, consistently lowering electric rates and is working to secure funding for infrastructure improvements to make roadways safer and bring in much needed jobs."
Lake Worth Mayor Triolo explains to a young boy what it's like to be a mayor of a small city.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

City resident fights to save public safety hazard: A toxic, invasive tree that can also snap in high wind conditions downing power lines and impeding emergency response vehicles

Here is another true story in Lake Worth from the file, "You Can't Make This Stuff Up". Last June a resident of Lake Worth who lives on the outskirts of the City, as far away as you can get without falling into Lake Osborne, came to the defense of her precious Australian Pine before the City's Tree Board. This ridiculousness was forgotten until someone recently went looking for information on another topic, the upcoming Tree Festival. It was discovered that no minutes from the Tree Board have been posted to the City's website since (drum roll please). . .you guessed it: June of last year.

Anyone can speculate as to why this occurred. The good news is the Tree Board now has all the minutes available for the public to read. We'll have to trust that the minutes are accurate and reflect what actually occurred. I am not aware of anyone that is disputing the minutes and don't expect that to happen.

Now back to that toxic, invasive, and public health/safety hazard: the Australian Pine. It's a dangerous and nasty tree in south Florida and especially so the taller it gets. Besides stealing habitat from song birds and Gopher Tortoises it can snap in high wind conditions. Surrounding each tree is what's described as a 'death zone'. The needles are toxic and kill almost anything nearby. When the top of the tree snaps off you can imagine the danger to people, structures, utility lines, and if it lands on the road any vehicles (such as emergency vehicles) can have their route blocked.

Despite all this information, Lynn Anderson (who is referred to by many as The Obtuse Blogger [TOB]) went to the Tree Board to defend her Australian Pine:
The first page from the minutes of the Tree Board meeting on June 11th.
Note that Australian Pines are "one of the 3 worst" trees to Florida's wildlife habitat. One of those affected species is the Gopher Tortoise.
The Tree Board defended the City and their position on the Australian Pine. They also made recommendations going forward dealing with invasive trees that pose a danger to the public and environment. The City of Lake Worth has what's called a "Vegetation Amnesty" week; this year it is May 23–27. If you have an Australian Pine, that would be a good time to consider removing it—prior to this year's hurricane season. 

You wouldn't want that Australian Pine falling on your neighbor's home or car, or your own home, or have to deal with a community-wide electric outage. Can you even imagine anyone taking an opposite opinion? It's absurd.

On this day in Florida History JANUARY 17

1821 Ossian Bingley Hart, the first Florida-born governor of the state, was born today in Jacksonville. Hart's father, Isaiah David Hart, was a founder of Jacksonville. Ossian B. Hart was an attorney who initially practiced law in Jacksonville, but eventually moved to Fort Pierce to become a farmer. In 1845, he represented St. Lucie County in the Florida House of Representatives. In 1846, he moved to Key West and resumed the practice of law. In 1856, he moved to Tampa. Although the son of a slave-owner, Hart was opposed to Florida's secession and actively opposed it. His opposition earned him a great deal of trouble during the Civil War. In 1868, Hart was appointed an Associate Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. In 1870, he was defeated in a bid for Congress. He was elected governor as a Republican in 1872, but died of pneumonia in 1874.

1861 Jackson Morton of Santa Rosa County, Patton Anderson of Jefferson County, and James B. Owens of Marion County were appointed as Florida's delegates to the Southern Convention scheduled to meet in Montgomery, Alabama, on February 4.

1862 The U.S.S. Connecticut captured the British blockade-runner, Emma, off the Florida Keys.

1863 A Federal naval officer reports that he has found 45 bags of salt on a conch bar near Jupiter Inlet. It is also reported that a small boat with two Confederates has been captured near the St. Lucie River.

1866 John Beard assumed office today as Florida's Comptroller.

1873 S. B. McLin is installed as Florida's Secretary of State today.

1884 The first issue of the Florida Baptist Witness was published today.

1919 Florida's first Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post #30, was chartered today in St. Petersburg.

1964 James W. Kynes took the oath of office today as Florida's Attorney General.

Courtesy of Florida History.

An olive branch from The Palm Beach Post to the City of Lake Worth and the City's CRA

The Palm Beach Post really didn't have much of a choice in this matter—instead of offering an outright apology the paper did a positive and uplifting article about the City's CRA following the absurd and silly piece about the mural at the CRA's La Joya Villages. Hardly a week goes by when there isn't more good news from the CRA and for the Post to attempt and sully them in such a manner outraged many in Lake Worth. The reaction from the public was swift and in many cases quite hilariously on point condemning the paper.

For the mural non-story the Post reporter searched out for "a woman" who has hardly lifted a finger to improve the City of Lake Worth while another "a woman", Joan Oliva (the CRA's Executive Director), has devoted many years of her life to improve the City while taking the daily slings and arrows with that ubiquitous smile.

Anyhow, the Post reached out to the CRA and published this article titled, "Four Lake Worth intersections could get artsy makeover" and Joan Oliva is quoted several times. Here are two short excerpts:
     “Instead of art and culture being segregated from the public by being in galleries and art shows, we really want to bring art and culture to the public at large,” said [Joan] Oliva, executive director of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. “At the same time we wanted to highlight some of the areas that are primed for redevelopment.”
     That vision helped the city become one of 158 finalists in the Knight Cities Challenge, a program open to 26 communities nationwide to receive up to $5 million in grant money for projects that will improve cities, provide economic opportunities and spur civic engagement while attracting — and retaining — young talent.
[and. . .]
     Oliva said initial projections are the project would cost between $250,000 to $300,000 and take about a year to complete.
     “We want to make sure this is something the entire community can get behind,” Oliva said. “What we’re trying to do here fits nicely with what the Knights Cities Challenge is all about — community engagement and economic opportunity.” [emphasis added]
Also stay tuned for more on the "Art Junction" coming up at the Urban Arts Lofts on January 23rd: