Saturday, January 23, 2016

Come see "High Society" at the Lake Worth Playhouse in downtown Lake Worth and try Callaro's too!

Here's what people are saying about High Society:
      "A wonderful performance Thursday evening .It was very much enjoyed by our women's group. The costumes were lovely and the songs were beautifully performed. I always enjoy the shows here."
     "Very enjoyable show."
     "The venue was very nice. All seats are good. Well done performance!"
The Lake Worth Playhouse is located on Lake Ave a short walk from the Cultural Council. Here is a synopsis of the show:
  • Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter.
  • Book by Arthur Kopit.
  • Additional Lyrics by Susan Birkenhead.
  • Based on the play "The Philadelphia Story" by Philip Barry: Imagine that Philip Barry had written "The Philadelphia Story," his classic 1939 romantic comedy, not as a play but a musical, with Cole Porter as his collaborator, and you have ... HIGH SOCIETY! 
Downtown Lake Worth has lots of restaurants and plenty of free parking. It's election season so you're going to hear a lot of silly things being said about Lake Worth and most of it is nonsense, like the crime rate for instance (which is down considerably), and no, tall buildings are not popping up everywhere. So come into Lake Worth and visit one of my personal favorite restaurants very close to the Playhouse: Callaro's Steak House!