Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Lake Worth City Commission meeting is TONIGHT (1/19) at 6:00 and have you heard about CIA tactics used to monkeywrench govenment meetings?

To view the agenda use this link and scroll down for the "Agenda & Staff Report" and the "Full Version" of the agenda. Following the Roll Call is the Invocation OR Moment of Silence. It is Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's turn to choose and he has Reverend Elie Louissant from the Salem Haitian Evangelical Lutheran Church giving an invocation. The church is located at 1020 S. Dixie Hwy and here is their Facebook page to learn more.

There are some interesting items on the agenda including addressing nuisance properties and at least one item on the Consent Agenda that either Commissioner Maier or McVoy will want to discuss. Expect a long meeting that, in retrospect, didn't need to be. But it is election season in Lake Worth.

I may or may not be there with my camera to upload videos for all of you but it really doesn't matter if I'm there or not. You can watch the City's meetings live or the archived version later. To watch 'Live' use this link and look on the right side of the page and click on "Video/Audio of Public Meetings".

When you watch the meeting, or any meeting for that matter, watch for tactics that can be found in an old CIA manual used by infiltrators who were placed there to halt progress and generally monkeywrench the functions of an enemy government, like "Never permit short-cuts", make many and long "speeches", refer as many matters as possible "to committee", haggle over trivial matters like minutes, and urge "caution" and be "reasonable". Remind you of anyone?
Don't get specific, you see, just "raise the question" and talk about matters already decided: That's how what should be a 2-hour meeting becomes a 4-hour meeting.