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Add Some/Take Some: An Abstractions Show soon in the little City of Lake Worth (Opening Party on Feb. 27th)

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming show in Lake Worth by ArtsUnited, LuLa, and the Armory Arts Annex:
For more information contact Emily Theodossakos, the Marketing and Program Manager, at 561-493-2550. She also can be reached at (copy & paste)

You can also ask about new murals and street signs that are being talked about!

The Post's Carlos Frias, "What is the real truth behind our obsession with conspiracy theories?" [And the debate happening now in Lake Worth]

This is a real interesting article that appears in the Post today (D section, front page). The reporter, Carlos Frias, interviews University of Florida professor Mark Fenster who wrote this book about conspiracy theories. The article deals with the return of "The X-Files", the JFK assassination, and the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, etc.

The article ends with this:
     Conspiracy theories are as popular as ever.
     "It never dies," Johnson[*] said. "I wish people would lose their enthusiasm about them."
 *Keith Johnson, the spokesman for the HONR Network.
"Conspiracy theories" are very popular on a smaller scale too, such as the little City of Lake Worth. There are things that happened here and are happening now that some would have you believe are silly and should not be believed. Like the Anarchist Ryan Hartman that is challenging the vice mayor of Lake Worth, Scott Maxwell. Hartman's been stepping away from that, or at least distancing himself from the Anarchists, and before too long maybe he'll be an Anarchist in the tradition of George Washington or some other iconic American. With 38 days to go before election day (as of 2/6), with some help from the press blowing the wind in the sails for Hartman, anything can happen.

If you've been paying attention to this blog lately, and throughout the years, I've chronicled the Anarchists, former Commissioner Cara Jennings, Panagioti Tsolkas, and all the 'merry-making' at Everglades EarthFirst!. For anyone to claim they haven't had a significant impact on how the City of Lake Worth is today is myth-making. Just the fact that an Anarchist is running for a commission seat again is proof of that.

Interestingly, some podcasts recently have become available and they've been getting a lot of attention, both on this blog and they're also on some Facebook pages as well. When you listen to the videos (recordings) many get the sense they're not actually podcasts at all, not like an interview as one is accustomed to, but actually performances where the speaker is reading from a script. When you listen see if you can pick up on that and take note of the dramatic heavy breaths taken throughout, it's hard not to notice. Is this a new 'conspiracy theory' in Lake Worth? Not at all. Just an observation. Encourage everyone to listen for yourself and draw you own conclusions.

The video below begins with Hartman at a recent City Commission meeting and the Podcast begins at the 2:00 mark; a question follows below the podcast. Enjoy!

Now to the question, is Hartman an Anarchist or not? Or is he just one of those harmless, cuddly Anarchists that no one should worry about voting for?

Will Lake Worth's unique 'two main streets' make it to the print edition soon? Or did Lake and Lucerne avenues get forgotten?

An article about a child painted on a mural made the print edition and so did many stories about curtailing hours in City parks to keep the public spaces safer. But the Post's beat reporter for Lake Worth has had an article ready for the print edition that made the online edition on January 24th. This would really be "news" for a lot of people and is what can be called a 'teachable moment'.

The news by Thompson for those who have been paying close attention over the years isn't really new. The issue of Lake Worth's "two Main Streets" has been talked about for at least ten years, maybe longer. If you didn't know roads such as Dixie Hwy., Federal Hwy., Lake Ave., and Lucerne Ave. are not owned by the City of Lake Worth. This will be big news for a lot of people. What makes Lake Worth special is that unlike most cities that have "a main street" this City has two: Lake and Lucerne avenues. However, the City has little say about what happens on these avenues except to make suggestions and hope the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) will listen.

Ultimately, FDOT doesn't have to answer to Lake Worth or even Palm Beach County. They have to protect the interests of all the citizens and taxpayers of Florida who have paid taxes to maintain these roads for many decades. And the other thing to remember is nothing happens very fast at FDOT. When it comes to bureaucracies and going through channels and doing things exactly by the book FDOT sets a very high standard.

Many believe, including myself and a lot of other people, it would be a real good idea for the City of Lake Worth to take over control of Lake and Lucerne avenues. If it did happen it wouldn't happen any time soon. The process would be very complicated and will take a very long time. This will become a public topic of discussion especially since the City's Street Painting Festival is coming up shortly and Lake/Lucerne avenues will be closed to traffic for a weekend.

Here are two excerpts from the article by Thompson that might make it to the print edition tomorrow:
     The city, however, wants the department [FDOT] to upgrade and repair them [Lake and Lucerne avenues] first, a project that could cost more than $3 million, according to City Manager Michael Bornstein.
     “We want those two roads to be almost like new,” Bornstein said. “We don’t have the money to completely rebuild them. We can’t even fix our own streets.”
     Jamie Brown, the city’s public services director, said portions of the road are cracking and need to be resurfaced.
     “From A Street to A1A, we want to see the entire Lake and Lucerne avenues resurfaced, with fresh striping and fresh asphalt,” Brown said. “There’s a disconnect on what they’re willing to provide and what we’re willing to accept.” [emphasis added]
[and. . .]
     “For us, it’s just as important for us to have people come downtown, get out of their cars and have pedestrian and bicycle access,” he [City Manager Bornstein] said. “It’s not about rushing people from point A to point B in cars. How you manage that right of way is important to us.”
     But not a top priority, considering the city has so many other issues to address, Bornstein pointed out.“I’ll wait them out,” he said, referring to FDOT.
It will be refreshing to see this article about Lake Worth in print.

A gathering in Lake Worth tomorrow at the Sacred Heart Church

The front page of The Lake Worth Herald on 1/28.
There will be a gathering in Madonna Hall at Sacred Heart Church where Loretta was a parishioner tomorrow from 2:00–4:00. There will be light snacks and refreshments. We'll celebrate her devotion to all our communities and to the entire City of Lake Worth as well.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
425 North 'M' Street in Lake Worth
Phone: 561-582-4736

Friday, February 5, 2016

Lake Worth Mayoral Candidate Antieau isn't a big fan of fences

Lawn decorations in his front yard sans a fence to keep the dogs out.
If you can't read the headstone too well, it says, "R.I.P. Here Lies The Last DOG that PooPed On My LAWN".

Interested in baseball memorabilia? Then read about an event this Saturday (did Babe Ruth really play golf in Lake Worth?)

This article is online and in the print edition today (2/5) on page B3, above the fold.

Baseball has deep roots in Palm Beach County. Did you know Babe Ruth played golf at the Lake Worth golf course? He did:
Read about a feature story on the City's golf course and more about the course here.
City Manager Michael Bornstein and Mayor Pam Triolo receive recognition for the City's golf course at City Hall.

Nicole Danna with more food news in the little City of Lake Worth: An iconic venue reopening with a new theme

Nicole Danna isn't new to food/restaurant news here in Lake Worth. She's a reporter from the Broward/Palm Beach New Times. She visited Benny's on the Beach last September and wrote a review you can read here and she's reported on other news as well here in the City:
If you've been hearing something might be in the works for the "Cottage" on Lucerne Ave in downtown Lake Worth then the reporter has this news. Here is an excerpt:
     Stache owners Jeff John and Brian Freed have selected downtown Lake Worth to debut a new concept they've dubbed C.W.S. Craft Cocktails and Kitchen, a bar and restaurant slated to open in March [emphasis added] at 522 Lucerne Ave., the space formerly occupied by the Cottage. Both men describe C.W.S. — short for Stache's fictional proprietor Charles William Stache — as a casual, sophisticated establishment serving craft cocktails and contemporary fare.
     "The opening of C.W.S. will be a significant move for us, because it signals 3-J Hospitality's expansion north of its Broward home base, as well as its evolution," says John, who founded 3-J Hospitality in 2003. "C.W.S. will be a must-try for craft cocktail enthusiasts and late-night carousers, as well as foodies. This is a concept we've been developing for some time and we're thrilled to be going to Lake Worth."
Welcome to Lake Worth!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

ATTENTION—AAF Media Advisory: Rail deliveries in West Palm Beach & Lake Worth


What: Crews working for All Aboard Florida will offload rail at various locations within the Florida East Coast Railway right of way throughout the Cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth
When: Today [2/4] through Monday, February 8
Where: Throughout today, crews will be working in the downtown area of West Palm Beach. The 3rd Street grade crossing could be blocked for more than an hour. Safety personnel are on site to help direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
      Tomorrow and through the weekend, crews will be in the area south of Okeechobee Boulevard and north of Lake Avenue in Lake Worth.

Save the Date: February 17th at 6:00—The Gulf Stream hotel project continues to move forward

I'm told, with just minutes left prior to the deadline, another lawsuit was filed to delay a crucial Lake Worth project from moving forward. However, the work to bring our historic Gulf Stream hotel back into operation continues. Below is part of a legal notice in The Lake Worth Herald in the latest editon (2/4/16):
It's important to remember this lawsuit was completely expected by many, including myself. What's surprising to me is what took so long.

Part of the reason for the lawsuit is to stall progress restoring the hotel. But the other reason is to demoralize you and make you upset. So what should you do? Do the opposite. Be excited about the future of one of the most important structures from an era long ago. And when you're needed to show up a City meetings, SHOW UP!
Stay excited about the Gulf Stream hotel being revived and just look at this as a bump in the road. I'm excited about the future of our historic hotel and so should you. We'll need a big turnout at the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) on 2/17. Stay tuned for other meetings and information regarding the Gulf Stream hotel.

Here is the lawsuit filed against the City:

Visit downtown Lake Worth and take a nice walk to the City's new Visitors' Information Center

Our Visitor Center is going viral! Below is a screen grab from Twitter yesterday and take a look at the image of Lake Worth's Visitor Center below in this blog post:
Below is more information on our new Visitor Center.
The total Twitter followers of CulinaryTour, currentlyexploring, and VISIT FLORIDA is about 120,000 people. Two things: Thank You! for "Liking" the little City of Lake Worth and to everyone else, tell everyone you know to visit our City's downtown and take a stroll to our Visitor Center. And remember, the Street Painting Festival is only a few weeks away:
"In the heart of Historic Downtown Lake Worth, the Visitor Information Center is the place to pick up a map or brochure, and speak with a volunteer who can assist you in making your visit easy, enjoyable and unforgettable."
Here is more information:
  • Call at 561-540-5304
  • Located at 414 Lake Avenue, the City Hall Annex
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 10 am–4 pm
  • Email: (copy and paste)
  • They are also on Facebook
  • Finding a hotel room is easy. If a hotel room isn't available in Lake Worth, just a few minutes north is West Palm Beach and their Visitor Center will assist you. 
Make Lake Worth, "where the tropics begin" part of your visit to central Palm Beach County!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Gulf Stream Hotel: When news isn't news and remember, Don't Get Upset!

Soon everyone who has rallied so hard to save our historic, downtown Gulf Stream hotel, will be hearing news. And many of you will get very upset. But it's important to remember this 'news' isn't news at all. This move was completely expected by many, including myself. What's surprising to me is what took so long.

Part of the reason for the tactic being employed is to stall progress on restoring the hotel. But the other reason is to demoralize you and make you upset. So what should you do? Do the opposite. Be excited about the future of one of the most important structures from an era long ago. And when you're needed to show up a City meetings, SHOW UP!
Stay excited about the Gulf Stream hotel being revived and just look at this as a bump in the road. I'm excited about the future of our historic hotel and so should you.

From last night's City of Lake Worth Commission Meeting (2/2/16): Commissioner Comments and Public Comment

Comments and reports by the City Commission members is the first part of the video. At the 12:00 mark, public comment begins on unagendaed items.

An attempted hijacking of healthy debate in the little City of Lake Worth. The same thing happened in Ft. Lauderdale.

Later on today or tomorrow will have some videos and observations on the City Commission meeting last night (2/2) vis-à-vis the new ordinance to make City public spaces safer here in Lake Worth. A meme, a word virus that begins with "C" and ends with "w", is still out there but more and more people are understanding what the City is attempting to do with this new ordinance. To better understand how public debate is hijacked, along with some humorous anecdotes, is a link (below, highlighted) to a radio show and encourage everyone to listen. If you wish the next few paragraphs will explain things in more detail and put the radio show in better context. Anyhow, without further ado. . .

You may have seen or heard about the homeless issue in Lake Worth, Florida from what was reported on this blog. Possibly you read a few paragraphs or just the headline in a newspaper; there was a news segment on a local TV news station you might have watched. Maybe from what you've heard about the "homeless issue" you've drawn conclusions and then formed an opinion.

But what if I told you there was a way to change your opinion if you have one? That's possible if you continue reading..

First know that one of the volunteer phone bank locations for the Nan Rich for Governor campaign in Palm Beach County was in my home. So that broadly gives you an idea where I stand politically.

There was a radio show a few years ago where Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler was going through very much the same situation that is happening right now in Lake Worth. Mayor Seiler is a Democrat. He was interviewed by Rick Sanchez. I don't know his politics but he was fired from CNN and hired by Fox News. So that might give you a clue. These two guys likely don't agree on a whole lot of things.

Listen to the radio show and don't let any of the other distractions on the website take away from what they both talk about. Pay particular attention to Food Not Bombs which is mentioned and the part where the 20 or 30 protesters went to Mayor Seiler's house. It took a while but eventually they discovered they were protesting at the wrong house. It's funny what Seiler says about that. And if you want to learn more you can read about 'Mr. Snarky'. Someone like him may come knocking on your door. If you didn't know, it's also election season in Lake Worth.

Curiously, it was also election season in Ft. Lauderdale when the protesters were targeting Jack Seiler. So how did that election turn out?

Crime | Downtown Lake Worth | Condiments

This is one of my all-time favorite crimes featured by The Obtuse Blogger (TOB): The famously popular theft/larceny of ketchup in downtown Lake Worth. Read more here:
Read more about Greenfield, CA and why having your own PD isn't the answer to lowering the crime rate .
In the image below a witness to the incident explains:
This particular ketchup heist that TOB shared with her readers is in addition to all those "Beverage Violations", neighbor complaints, child issues, 'crimes' listed as "Other", crimes in unincorporated Palm Beach County she mistakes for the City, and the oft-mentioned 'vehicle burglaries' which more often than not are residents NOT LOCKING THE DOORS!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

[ANOTHER LOOK] The article by Pari Chang that started all the buzz about the little City of Lake Worth, FL

[Below is a blog post from early 2015. Haven't gone through and checked all the links to see if they still work. Many artist's (not all!) like to move around the country to see and experience new things. Some artists who came to Lake Worth last year might have moved on to Northwood or further south to Miami. Enjoy this blog post and remember, the Street Painting Festival is coming up in a few weeks.]

Our little City of Lake Worth has been getting a lot of attention around the country, a shout-out of sorts to all artists everywhere to consider Lake Worth their home to pursue their creative endeavors.

The article received national attention in Yahoo News and other news organizations, however the story originally appeared here in a blog by Pari Chang. Here is the title of Pari Chang's blog post, "Where the Makers Are: Lake Worth, Florida".

The blog post has many wonderful pictures of the City of Lake Worth and you should check them out. What I want to focus on is what Pari Chang wrote. Here are some excerpts from Pari Chang's post with the embedded links in the original article:
This small South Florida city is an under-the-radar, up-and-coming hotbed of makers. Miami obviously has a huge arts scene. Locals know that Ft. Lauderdale does, too. But Lake Worth, in Palm Beach County, is the one to watch, a city on the verge. The Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency has received over $23 million in grants from HUD to improve blighted areas of the city as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. They’ve used the money to purchase, rehabilitate, and demolish foreclosed homes and build live/work spaces for artists.
“My husband Nick and I live in The Urban Arts Lofts. We have studio space in the bottom and we live upstairs in a loft,” says Ashley Nardone, who used to work at Anthropologie as a display coordinator–meaning an artist who makes window displays, store displays, and signage. Now, with her set up in Lake Worth, she and Nick opened Seldom Seamed and became self-employed installation artists who build mind-blowing storefronts and creative displays for all kinds of events. “Once the city made these buildings, then builders and makers and artists moved in,” she says.
LULA–the cultural Renaissance program in Lake Worth, cultivates engagement from local creators with maker-infused events and art-centered business programs. Lake Avenue and Lucerne Avenue, two one-way streets downtown (from which LULA gets its name), get closed off each year for a street-painting festival in which local artists create beautiful chalk murals on the streets.
[and lastly...]
Also worth checking out in Lake Worth: McMow Glass, Artisans on the Avenue, and the Lake Worth Art League. 
There’s also Unit 1, an exhibition space and collaborative media studio founded by Palm Beach College Art Professor and artist Jacques de Beaufort.

“My husband and I are both South Florida natives,” says Ashley Nardone. ”We’re seeing Lake Worth transform into a vibrant community of makers. The town has an old South Florida vibe and it’s small enough that we can ride our bikes everywhere.”
Thank you Pari Chang for the wonderful piece you wrote about our little City of Lake Worth. We'll do our best to make sure as many people as possible read your blog post and many other artists move to our City to reclaim our neglected spaces here.

What you need to think about at the Lake Worth City Commission tonight (2/2/16) at debate/comment on a new ordinance

Saul Alinsky was a genius and he developed one of the greatest political strategies/tactics in American history. But he made a big mistake and published his Rules for Radicals for everyone to read and study. Eventually, other organizations like a cable TV network whose name begins with the letter "F" and ends with "x" caught on and the rest his history. If Alinsky were alive today he'd wish he burned the Rules after watching an episode on a network hinted at above.

So you're reading this blog and thinking what does this have to do with the little City of Lake Worth? Everything. Take for example the City Commission meeting tonight and the debate about establishing the hours that the Cultural Plaza will be closed and the number of times the word 'curfew' is used and by whom. When you hear the word 'curfew' what do you think?
Ask any teenager and/or someone who recently learned the English language what a 'curfew' is.
Now use this link and scroll down to today's (2/2) agenda to pages 184–186: Resolution No. 06-2016 - establish opening/closing hours for “public property” owned by the City

The word 'ordinance(s)' is used 5 times and the word 'curfew' is used 0 (zero) times. So at the meeting tonight at City Hall pay close attention to who uses the words 'curfew' and 'ordinance'. When some really nice person comes to your door this election season wearing a certain candidates shirt and mentions the word 'curfew'. . .remember what you read in the first three paragraphs.

If you can't (or won't) go to the City's website here is page 184 to read about the ordinance for yourself:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Commissioner Andy Amoroso invites you to attend his fundraiser at Suri Tapas in downtown Lake Worth

You are cordially invited to attend a campaign fundraiser
to Re-Elect Andy Amoroso for Lake Worth City Commissioner—District 3
  • Wednesday, February 3rd from 6:00–8:00
  • Hosted by Suri Tapas, 707 Lake Ave. in downtown Lake Worth
Please RSVP to Commissioner Andy Amoroso at 561-398-8340.
     If you would like a campaign sign to show your support for Andy or had one and it was stolen or vandalized read this link.
Pd. Pol. Ad. Paid and approved by Andy Amoroso for Lake Worth Commission District 3.

Carolyn from the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood in Lake Worth on the meeting TODAY: Let's show up in big numbers!*

"Greetings Friends and Neighbors of the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association (TRNA),

This month we have two presenters. We will be getting info about the West Village Art Lofts planned for the CRA property at N. 'F' Street and Lucerne Ave. Also Richard Stowe will have info about the Festival of Trees planned for February 13th.
February is an exciting month as TRNA will be manning the beer tent the first Friday's Evening on the Avenue and the magnificent Taste of Lake Worth and Lake Worth Street Painting Festival are on the 19th, 20th and 21st.
Stop by the TRNA meeting at The Lake Worth Towers (1500 Lucerne Ave) on Monday, February 1st [TODAY] at 7:00 pm to get up to date on what is happening."

*NOTE: You do not have to be a member of this neighborhood assoc. to attend. You don't even have to live within the City limits. Everyone is welcome.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

On this day in Florida History JANUARY 31

1831 The Bank of Pensacola was formed today.

1863 Confederate authorities report that in the District of East Florida, there are 810 men and officers on duty, while the District of Middle Florida as a total of 751 men and officers.

1881 Eleazer K. Foster assumed the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction today in Tallahassee.

1891 The grand Tampa Bay Hotel opened for guests today. A grand ball would be held on February 5.

1897 The citizens of the community of Lakemont considered changing its name today to "Frostproof" after being spared serious damage to citrus crops during two consecutive hard freezes. The formal incorporation of the community as "Frostproof" occurred on August 8, 1914.

1951 Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band was born in Hialeah.

1958 The first American satellite, Explorer I, was placed into orbit today by the Army Ballistic Missile Agency from Cape Canaveral aboard a Jupiter C rocket.

1961 Ham, America's first astrochimp, was shot into space today in an 18 minute flight that reached an altitude of 150 miles. Ham's flight in the Mercury capsule is a preliminary test before the launching of a human into orbit.

1971 Apollo 14 was successfully launched today at Cape Canaveral.

Who's talking about ethanol? It impacts your daily life in ways you can't imagine. And who chooses which letters get published in the paper?

The Palm Beach Post still publishes 'letters to the editor', a tradition that goes way back in American newspaper history. How which letters get published is a mystery. By committee? By vote? Is there the one supreme 'letter approver' who seeks to find the 'common ground' and balance out all views and opinions? Anyhow, the letters range from quite entertaining and enlightening and all the way to the other extreme, the outer realms of stupid. Which is fair because they have to be represented too.

Yesterday (1/30) a letter appeared which should make everyone pause for a moment when they go to the grocery store to buy a slice of beef, a roast, or a T-bone steak and end up leaving the store with chicken or pork instead. James Ness of Lake Worth who might live in the City of Lake Worth or in one of those many sprawling communities out west that have a Lake Worth zip code, wrote an eye-opening letter to the Post about ethanol which really should be a major topic of discussion in this nation and in Florida too.

Without further ado, here is an excerpt from the letter that appeared in the paper:
     I bought a beautiful beef roast to share with my daughter’s family at one of our birthdays. While it wasn’t very large and was on sale, I was blown away when the cash register rang up $54.
     So much of what we purchase at our local grocery store has risen by double-digit numbers. When I heard that we were exporting ethanol, I became outraged because now, we are sending our grains and other farm commodities overseas, with the net result of much higher prices for meats and other produce that require precious farm goods to make.
     In other words, we are exporting our cattle feed and other crops overseas, with the net effect of raising the prices of the food we purchase — all in the name of subsidies that provide little or no benefit to the American people.
[and. . .]
     Aside from raising the cost of our food, the ethanol has been shown to be detrimental to our machines that use it.
The "machines" that Mr. Ness refers to are the thousands of gasoline-powered tools like lawn mowers and generators that are thrown out every day. The ethanol, if an additive isn't used will eat away at the rubber lines and other parts.