Friday, January 2, 2015

The reason I post about the little town of Greenfield, CA with 17,000 residents...

[Now that the PBSO/Sheriff haters are once again ramping up their attacks in Lake Worth, read this post from August 17th of last year.]

I was downtown the other day and a reader of my blog approached, asked me curiously why I post about crime and other issues in Greenfield, CA of all places. It occurred to me it's been quite some time since I explained that and I'll do so once again.

First understand this, my posts about Greenfield, CA are about demonstrating hypocrisy. Period. I have nothing but sympathy for the victims of crime and am not in any way making light of crime. Now...the reason for my Greenfield posts, the little town 2,940 miles away with a population about half the size of Lake Worth?

Prior to our current city manager, Michael Bornstein, the city manager was Susan Stanton. She was ingloriously fired in December 2011. There were many reasons for her dismissal. In a nutshell, she had become ineffective and towards the end had almost completely insulated herself from the community. Her conflicts with staff were the stuff of legends. It was a terrible situation for everyone and swift action was taken. Done. Big sigh of relief.

Oddly enough there are still a few ardent supporters of Susan Stanton despite the facts. One such supporter is the other blogger (TOB). Some think TOB has a shrine to Stanton in her tiny condo with burning incense, celestial offerings, and bottled tears. One of Stanton's most important goals was to rid Lake Worth of the Sheriff, PBSO. Stanton, in a hallucinogenic moment, believed Lake Worth should have its own police department and its own police chief. Imagine that, Stanton already had shown incompetence doing the most mundane duties of a manager and she believed that having her own police chief was going to miraculously solve all the city's problems...and save money. Just absurd.

Now to my Greenfield, CA posts and demonstrating hypocrisy: In the other blogger's effort to salvage Stanton's honor and haplessly try ridding our City of the Sheriff, she posts every single crime in Lake Worth in an effort to show how much better Lake Worth would be with its own PD. Some facts about Greenfield, CA. Greenfield has its own PD. Earlier this year Greenfield hired its own police chief; until then they shared that service with a neighboring city. There is crime in Greenfield. There is gang activity in Greenfield. Recently there was a homicide. There are assaults, break-ins, thefts, Greenfield, CA.

Susan Stanton is now the city manager for...drum roll please...Greenfield, CA.