Friday, January 2, 2015

From Walkable West Palm, news about its expansion in coverage

From our friends at Walkable West Palm we have this message to start off the New Year:
This year has seen further refinement of what this blog is all about and an expansion in reach. We’ve added a regular contributor, Baron Haussman, whose talent for street design has contributed greatly to the conversation here. The blog has been featured on Strong Towns, Streetsblog, and Transit Miami, some of the most widely read websites for urbanists and city builders. I have also become a regular contributor to the Strong Towns blog. We’ve also had media appearances in the Palm Beach Post and news channel 5 to talk about issues affecting West Palm Beach.

Now, we need you. This blog is 100% non profit and subsists on volunteer time and effort. If you enjoy our content and think you can add value to the conversation, please get in touch with us. Of particular need are individuals who desire to cover the northend and southend of the city in regard to land use issues and new development (for example, the Publix on Belvedere). In addition, we desperately need a new logo to use across all platforms and media. Anyone willing to help us pro-bono would be greatly appreciated.
I visit the Walkable West Palm blog two or three times a week and would encourage my readers in Lake Worth to read the blog also. Lake Worth will be experiencing many changes in the near future and watching how West Palm Beach adapts to the changing walkable/bikeable world will aid our City going forward also. 

Lake Worth and West Palm Beach share an amazing asset that's gone neglected for too many years, Dixie Highway. Big ideas are being floated to revitalize Dixie Highway and Lake Worth is part of the conversation, yes folks, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth are talking about our shared futures!

That's how it should be.