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Shadows from the Glory Days...

Donald Rumsfeld

"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know."

I thought that this quote was appropriate given the limbo status of our latest election and the whole provisional ballot process. I would add that in Lake Worth we have another category which is the "unknown knowns." These would be facts that people consciously and routinely dismiss, agreeing as a group on what are the "truths" and use them in their place. When, in fact, it is all done it is an attempt to misrepresent reality. 

And here we have it...a correction to the correction!

Response to the other blogger's inflammatory post

Click title for link if you missed the post about it on this blog.

Florida Power & Light cooling canals at Turkey Point nuclear power plant still too hot - Miami-Dade -

This is not comforting news and exposes some of the unintended consequences of nuclear power, especially when a power plant is located in an environment where there are already conflicting demands for water. Makes you wonder what the future will bring with rising sea levels. Click title for link. From the article:
To cool the canals, the Water Management District on Thursday authorized pumping up to 100 million gallons of water a day from a nearby canal system, but only if it doesn’t take too much water stored for Everglades restoration. The canals carry freshwater to Biscayne Bay and tamp down salinity, which can fuel algae blooms and harm marine life.
The 100 million gallons would be in addition to 14 million gallons a day from the Floridan aquifer that water managers approved in June, after high temperatures threatened to shut down the reactors.
With blistering heat this summer, the canals have proved difficult to manage. High temperatures, bright sunny days and little rain in that area, coupled with a festering algae bloom throughout the 168-mile canal system, caused water temperatures to spike, FPL officials said. Earlier this month, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency granted a request from the utility to up operating temperature limits in the canals from 100 degrees to 104 degrees to keep reactors running.

FPL customers who do not pay opt-out fees could be cut off

The perils of not paying your "opt out fee" for not using smart meters through FPL. If you don't pay, you risk having your electric service shut off. Smart meters send information on your energy consumption directly to FPL. There is no need for a meter reader. Click title for link.
Friedman had paid the power portion of his FPL bills, but has not paid fees charged for opting out of the utility’s smart meter program, said his daughter Jeri Friedman, who lives near him in Port St. Lucie.
“He calls me and says, ‘I just got a threatening letter from FPL. They are going to turn my power off if I do not pay their extortion fees,’ ” Jeri Friedman said. “My father opted out of smart meters for health reasons.”
Friedman and his daughter are among 843 FPL customers who have said no to a smart meter and no to the extra fees for keeping their old meters, FPL officials say.

Razing begins on West Palm Beach "chapel-by-the-lake" site

Despite pending lawsuits, developers have gotten underway with demolition of the Chapel-by-Lake site in West Palm Beach. This is the 22 story condominium along Flagler Drive, just south of the middle bridge. We stopped by on a bike ride to and from downtown West Palm yesterday and took some pictures.

According to Eliot Kleinberg's article in the Post, click title for link, they are going to start pre-construction sales soon. From the article:
Some three weeks after developers announced they had closed on the Chapel-by-the-Lake site, with plans to build a 22-story “ultra-luxury” condominium, demolition on the outdoor waterfront chapel has begun.
Congregants were told July 30 about the $21 million deal. The church has said the money would go toward building new churches and improving its main campus on Flagler Drive.
Developers and the city have moved forward with the process despite three separate legal actions on the project. Proponents have called it an attractive addition to the waterfront, while some residents decried it as an eyesore.

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Someone is a danger to self or others, it appears...

Someone has some anger issues, you think?

From the Lake Worth Herald on August 28, 2014, editorial titled "Will We Heal?"

Lake Worth is a split city, scarred by the political infighting that has made up the character of this quaint, quirky, call it what you want, city.
     It doesn't matter because this city needs some work. Work that doesn't come free. The piper is gonna come calling and he raises his fee every day. Stalling the inevitable will only make it costlier in the future.
     Property values will be what they may, they may be up, they may be down. One thing is for certain, the tax man is coming to town.

To read the entire editorial and read more news in Lake Worth visit

Today's High Noon in Lake Worth show - Related to Tuesday's Election

More Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with High Noon in Lake Worth on BlogTalkRadio

Neighborhood Yard Sale - This Sunday

Commissioner Amoroso's Beach Clean-up: August 30th

A candid moment inside the inner sanctum...

Blog Traffic

There is a recount in the District 4 School Board race

The candidates with the two highest vote totals go against each other in a run-off that will be held as part of the November election. The recount is due to the close results between the second and third place finishers in that race. Sutterfield received 3,851 votes to his closest opponent Katz who received 3,798 votes, which amounts to a difference of 53 votes. In relation to the total number of votes cast in that race, that is a .34% difference, which is under the threshold of .5% for an automatic recount. The results of the bond ballot issue in Lake Worth resulted in a difference of .8%.

Here is the related Palm Beach Post story. Erica Whitfield will be on the ballot in November regardless. Go Erica!

Post Time: Lake Worth had its own downtown hospital

Interesting reminders from Eliot Kleinberg that Lake Worth once had its own hospital, which ended up being the beginnings of JFK. Click title for link. The site is now home to the Crystal Palms apartments on the east side of A Street.

Mayor Questioning Lake Worth Voting Process After Several Issues At Polls - Channel 12

Guess what! Another correction...and it's not correct!

A couple observations come to mind. One, is this appears to be a chronic problem. Two, it seems that Mr. Persaud is getting his information from sources who either "think" they know, and they don't. Or, he is specifically and purposely being given misleading information.

Would this surprise anyone? It doesn't surprise me. And then, to top it all off, this correction itself is wrong. Nadine Burns is the treasurer of the Lake Worth Yes group. Herman Robinson is the head of the Lake Worth Yes group. And Herman is not a developer, which was yet another correction.

Something has to change here. It has become a matter of trust.

Our current Palm Beach Post beat reporter's humble beginnings...

Note the corrections at the end of the article. Anything seem familiar?

This was Mr. Persaud at Florida Atlantic University doing a piece on the highest paid professor there. People in academia take their titles and credentials seriously, and so should reporters who write about them.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The latest from Mayor Pam Triolo from Facebook...Seen after 5 p.m. today

Yesterday I spent over 5 hours at the Supervisor of Elections office to observe the canvassing board's review of the provisional ballots and other anomalies. I had been alerted by residents on both sides of our 2020 issue that there were numerous problems at the polls. In several precincts machines went down, the Ipad systems failed, and the power even went out. During these times voters were allegedly told to either come back or fill out a provisional ballot. 

Ironically during the process I found out that many of voters provisional ballots could and would NOT be counted due to Polling Clerk errors. If you filled out a provisional ballot and the clerk didn't fill out the form correctly after you left, that vote would not be counted. There were several examples of that happening and the City's legal staff contested each decision to NOT count your votes. I asked Supervisor Susan Bucher if that process was policy or a law and she told me to consult my legal council. If you want to know if your provisional vote was counted, you have until 5pm today to call 656-6200 and ask. It is not their responsibility to let you know that their staff mistake may make your vote not count. It's important to note that Provisional Ballots are sealed in envelopes so you can not see how a person voted. This post is about my concern for the voting process not the results and to make sure that every vote counts and is counted!

Some other incidents that caused concern happened during the course of my 5 hour visit. At one point, the Supervisor came into the room and revealed that it appeared at least one of 2 precincts that shared a polling location may not have voted as the "cartridges" appeared to not have been read. As an aside she said "not from Lake Worth". When she returned she stated that they indeed "were from Lake Worth" and she was going to run them again to be sure. When she returned again, she said that they apparently were read already as the results in ALL races did not change. How did all of that happen???! it was not very reassuring of our political process. 

During the course of all of these things, the Canvassing Board left the room and congregated outside together while we sat inside. As this board is subject to the same Sunshine Laws as we as electeds are, these actions were a bit dismissive of the process as well. We will be having meeting with the city attorneys soon to discuss these events.

As for the election itself, whenever asked by reporters how I thought the bond would do when it came to a vote I answered "probably 50-50." I had no idea how right I'd be! As it stands 25 votes solidified the against bonds result. The Supervisor of Elections is expected to finalize the election at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. But as for me there really are no winners, no matter what side of the issue you are on, if anyone was disenfranchised from having their vote count.

And then this:

Just in...The Supervisor of Elections has a section on her website where folks can input their names to see if their provisional ballot was counted. If nothing shows up then make the call 656-6200 before 5pm

Click here for the link.

Editor: Please try calling tomorrow!

What happened with the August 26th election in Lake Worth? 08/29 by High Noon in Lake Worth | Politics Podcasts

Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Dr.Kevin Wagner, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Florida Atlantic University Political Science Department to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios. He will start off a discussion about local elections and the vote gathering process. We will also welcome a handful of residents who will share their own experiences on election day. We will also discuss what may happen going forward as it relates to the city's infrastructure funding needs in reaction to the pending defeat of the bond issue.

The live show begins at 12 p..m. and will go for 90 minutes if necessary. Click title for link to the live show, or for the archived version after it airs. Leave questions as comments below.

Arthur Schopenhauer

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Katie McGiveron, Chair of the CAUghT PAC - Keeping it classy...

After a thoughtful post, below, on Facebook, regarding the alternatives available after Tuesday's result, Ms. McGiveron offered the following comment. The two "likes" were people that you would know.

Former Lake Worth Casino Building - c. 2006

All Aboard Florida readies for construction in Palm Beach County

The latest on All Aboard Florida is news that they are beginning work on the tracks in Boca Raton. Designs for the quiet crossings are underway. The train is coming. Click title for link.
Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie said Tuesday that she doesn’t expect actual assembly of the second line to begin for at least another month, but that All Aboard Florida is probably storing rail in her city because of a large right-of-way area along the tracks north of Yamato Road.
“Their plans for our crossings are only 90 percent complete, so we don’t anticipate construction will commence any time in the next month or two,” said Haynie, who is also chairwoman of the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization. “They still have a little ways to go.”
All Aboard Florida predicted a quicker construction commencement, saying Tuesday it will begin “almost immediately.”
“This is an exciting time for All Aboard Florida as the vision begins to translate into reality by developing this much-needed transportation alternative for our region and state,” said Michael Reininger, All Aboard Florida president and chief development officer. “The train is coming.”

This is my understanding about the status of the election results on the Lake Worth 2020 bonds

The Canvassing Board met yesterday, starting at 1:30, and reviewed provisional ballots. Those are ballots that are given to people when the status of their identification, polling location or other factor is questioned or otherwise not available. Through the process, the Lake Worth issue gained one "yes" vote in relation to the "no" votes, bringing the difference to 25 in favor of the "no" votes. A 15 vote difference would have triggered an automatic recount. That opportunity is now gone. There are other remedies the city may seek, but I am unaware of the status of those at this time.

The call is still going out to people who had difficultly with absentee ballots (many didn't receive them as usual this year as the list was purged and you had to re-identify yourself if you wanted an absentee ballot), polling location confusion, not showing up on the registered voter database, being made to submit a provisional ballot, etc. Also, if you are aware of any voter fraud that would be important to report. One example would be if your permanent residence as shown by your driver's license is outside the city of Lake Worth, but you voted here anyway since you were still registered here. If you or someone else did that, that is against the law.

I'll keep you posted as I find out more. I hope to have my radio show this week highlight what happened on Tuesday and am lining up people to talk about it. Contact me if you are interested.

Here is Channel 12's report from yesterday.

Yet more corrections in our paper of record...

The second item applies to Lake Worth and is material. Whether or not Loretta Sharpe was involved in starting the Lake Worth Yes PAC, as reported recently, is not as significant, but still an error. And they did refer to Herman Robinson as a developer, which they corrected. Seems to be a rash of them recently.

Caught in the act...

Some refer to the act as "rearranging the furniture" others call it picking one's nose.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More on the Lake Worth 2020 vote:

All efforts are underway to determine the final tally. Cannot say more at this time. If you or anyone you know had difficulty voting or were made to file a provisional ballot, please email me at

Regardless of what you hear, this is still an on-going process. Updated at 8:09 p.m. on Wednesday, August 27th.

Notice from the Town of Palm Beach...Open House Scheduled for Residents to Review Preliminary FEMA Flood Maps

Residents and property owners of the Town of Palm Beach and neighboring municipalities are invited to look at newly revised preliminary digital flood insurance rate maps for Palm Beach County at a public open house on September 9, 2014, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Flood maps show the extent to which areas are at risk for flooding, and are used to help determine flood insurance and building requirements. The open house will take place at:

Palm Beach County Hearing Room Chamber
2300 North Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

The open house will provide the property owners with the opportunity to see the preliminary maps, learn about their risk of flooding, and ask questions about what the new maps will mean for their property. Residents can meet one-on-one with a variety of specialists who will be available to talk about flood insurance, engineering, building permits and more. Town of Palm Beach employees will be on hand to answer questions specific to the Town.

Three additional open houses are being held during the week of September 8 from 4 and 7 p.m. for residents of the southern, northern, and western communities. Town of Palm Beach employees will not be staffing these meetings, but residents of Palm Beach can attend if they are unable to participate in the September 9th open house. The three other open houses will be:

Monday, September 8, 2014
Boynton Beach City Library
Library Program Room
208 South Seacrest Boulevard
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Belle Glade Civic Center and
Palm Beach County Library
725 NW 4th Street
Belle Glade, FL 33430

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Jupiter Community Center
200 Military Trail
Jupiter, FL 33458

The preliminary new maps were produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Flood maps are being updated for communities across the country and are intended to incorporate the latest and most accurate information into the maps so that they better reflect the risk that communities face.

Property owners (both homeowners and business owners), renters, realtors, mortgage lenders, surveyors and insurance agents are encouraged to attend the open house and take advantage of this opportunity to meet with specialists and ask questions, and learn more about flood risk and hazard mitigation within their communities. Residents may also visit Palm Beach Town Hall to view the maps in person in the Planning, Zoning & Building Department, or visit for more information.

Palm Beach County’s preliminary maps have not yet been officially adopted and will become effective after a public comment period. This period allows property owners to submit comments and appeals if they can show that any part of the maps is in error. Specialists will be available at the open houses to address questions that residents may have about this process. Once all comments are received and addressed, Palm Beach County may adopt the maps.

Standard homeowners’, business owners’, and renters’ insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, so flood insurance is an important consideration for everyone. NFIP policies can be purchased from any state licensed property and casualty insurance agents who people already deal with for other property insurance needs. When that isn’t possible, NFIP can put people in touch with another agent. Visit for more information about flood insurance and to locate a local agent.

Watch WPTV tonight...

Yours truly will be on Channel 5 tonight about the Lake Worth bond ballot issue. Charlie Keegan and crew dropped by my house this afternoon. They're off to the Canvassing Meeting now where they are reviewing provisional ballots.

And then there is the illegal County PAC that spent their money to confuse voters...

This could become a factor when looking at the intricacies of this election

From the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the Florida Division of Elections website:

Another correction needed by the Post?

Loretta Sharpe did not form the pro-bond group.

Elections office chases down"iPad" glitches

To get an idea of how bad things were yesterday, long time residents Bud and Helen Green were turned away and allowed only to complete provisional ballots. I understand they later returned to vote in the regular manner. Supervisor Bucher seems to wave off the problems as being a minor issue. It doesn't seem minor as it relates to the results in the Lake Worth 2020 bond decision. Click title for link.

By the way, I saw Susan Bucher at the First Congregational Church around 2 p.m. yesterday and she said that, up until that time, there were 20 provisional ballots cast at just that location. It is one that had multiple precincts that had the most problems with the new equipment. After almost a two hour delay in the morning, many left without voting. This is one of the heavier turnout locations for voters in the city.

??Lake Worth 2020 Bond Issue Ballot Results??

26 votes separate the two choices. Provisional ballots are not included in totals. There were many. Click here for link to Supervisor of Elections website. 3,110 total votes cast. An automatic recount happens with a .5% difference in the outcomes. That equals 15.55 votes. It is my understanding that a recount may also be requested if the results are short of that number; it is just not automatic.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And we wait...

Pics from the lovely confines of the Supervisor of Elections Service Center

Many people heard me say during the campaign that Lake Worth 2020 was 50/50. Truer words have never been said.

Lake Worth Mayor: Says bond would improve roads and infrastructure

Click title for link to Brian Entin's Channel 5 report from last night. Good job Mayor Pam! Katie thinks businesses are closing downtown. What about Suri? The Gulfstream?

Mayor Pam Triolo's Message on the Lake Worth 2020 Bonds

Today there is an election. Along with primaries, it will feature the LW 2020 bond issue. The process of coming up with a plan is over 2 years in the making. It all started at a public visioning session with staff during the budget process in 2012. It was the commission’s time to discuss their priorities. During the course of the conversation I shared a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted areas of our city where pet’s ran wild, children played in the dirt or walked to and from school in the middle of poorly constructed streets or no streets. I unveiled that these third world conditions existed right here in our beloved Lake Worth. It was my belief that as your Mayor and commission, it was our job to provide basic infrastructure and public safety measures for the entire city - a responsibility that has been sorely neglected for decades.

This discussion prompted the commission to explore the roadway and infrastructure conditions for the entire city holistically, so we could start making plans for improvements. As you know, our streets and sidewalks are failing at a rapid pace and over the last year especially, you've called on me to step up and do something about it. We’ve called in professionals to take core samples of the road base, analyzed the entire city from below the ground up and rated it to decipher if and inevitably when it would fail. The results were not at all what I had hoped for.

Since then I have been knocking down the doors of every politician and organization that represents us from meeting with the White House Secretary of Transportation Anthony Fox, to Congressman and Senators from Washington to Tallahassee and have even met with the governor three times and hosted the Lt. Governor about a week ago and took him on a tour of our city and it’s many challenges. They believe that for the first time in our city’s history, we finally have professional plans that can help us get funding to supplement our needs. Each bit of assistance will reduce our financial obligation. That’s why we created 3 separate bond issuings. If we don't need them, we don't borrow! In addition, as our properties values rise and new investment continues, we have the ability to lower our millage rate and the taxes to offset the bond.

When staff first presented their ideas for 2020, they included a wish list of things the city needed and wanted to the tune of almost $200 million dollars. Yes it would be nice to have these things, but your commission asked them to scale this back to the real hardcore infrastructure necessities, including public safety, lighting, fire hydrants, pedestrian and traffic calming projects that are unique to each neighborhood. Many of which were promised for years but never realized. The result is LW 2020. City staff has done an incredible job of creating plans to not only bring us up to modern day standards, but prepare us for future growth. The most important aspect of the plan is that it coordinates all necessary water, sewer, and street projects at the same time together, so we only have he tear up the streets once to reduce redundancy and save the city millions. Do it once, do it right.

LW 2020 is not the be all and end all plan for what is wrong with our city. It's designed to remedy infrastructure neglect. 2020 is a part of an overall strategy your commission and staff have been creating and implementing over the last 2 years, that’s designed to help the city reach it’s full potential while removing the existing disincentives (including infrastructure). By encouraging new investment, both residential and commercial, the tax base widens, services can now be funded properly and the general fund gets weaned off the electric utilities.
Successes include:

1. A recently passed law to lower our electric rates until we reach rate parity with FPL. A 12% reduction to date!
2. Economic incentive rates for new companies that bring at least 10 new jobs to the city.
3. Over 40 code enforcement ordinances just took effect in January to help us clean up slum and blight and are starting to work. Demolition is almost underway on 18 of the 200 problem properties we can finally address because of these new ordinances.
4. Our new Land Development Regulations are already luring new investment to town including the revitalization of the Gulfstream Hotel and over $50 millions dollars of permitted projects with more on the way.
5. Crime task forces are working and contract negotiations led us to a $700,000 savings with PBSO. Lake Worth was the ONLY city to negotiate a rate reduction!

Despite these successes, the truth of our circumstances remain... While the rest of the county was growing and modernizing its systems and infrastructure, we weren't. When I moved to South Florida 24 years ago, Downtown West Palm Beach and Delray Beach were crime ridden, drug infested, pothole laden, downtrodden communities that needed investment to help them turn around. While our city is uniquely different, and we like it that way, we still have the same challenges. Nobody wants to pay more money. No one. Not Ever. Whether you vote for or against this bond issue, I am always on "our" side and will continue to do everything possible to get us into the black financially speaking, remove the disincentives to being a part of our beautiful city and fixing our infrastructure one pothole at a time if that’s what you decide. You asked the city to come up with a plan and we did. It’s the first time this city has ever had one.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this… There are political PACS arguing both sides of this issue and misinformation is rampant. One homeowner actually told me that they went to Zillow to get the market value of their house to figure out the payment they might be making for the bond and I had to stop them right there and tell them that market value has nothing to do with this at all. Nor does assessed value. It’s based on the Palm Beach County Tax Appraiser’s TAXABLE value and can be found on their website. Once you have the taxable value you can go to the city’s website,, click LW 2020 and look for the bond calculator. Type in your taxable value and it will show you the cost for the first borrowing, and any additional borrowings if necessary. Another neighbor was concerned when they received a neon flyer that stated the money may be used for something else if I’m not in office to keep an eye on things. False. The reason we use GO Bonds is because they are regulated so severely and can only be used for what is stated in the bond covenants, which is for roadway and infrastructure projects only! And finally one neighbor was told that the bonds can go on indefinitely. WRONG! The project work is to take place over the first few years but the borrowings are just like any mortgage with terms that last 30 years or less. While they can’t last any longer than 30 years, they can be paid off sooner as our local economy improves. Please note the General Fund is debt free with no other bond obligations and our rating is excellent. Before you vote this Tuesday, please make sure you have the real facts.

This is the first time the city of Lake Worth has had a comprehensive plan that coordinates streets, water, sewer and public safety issues like fire hydrants, lighting and traffic calming…ever! It’s plan A. Plan B is to continue doing what we have been, patching the roadways. If you still have questions, please call me on my cell phone - 518-8434. Whatever happens today, we have a lot of work to do and it always works better when we do it together!

Vote YES for bonds in Lake Worth TODAY!!

Last Friday's High Noon in Lake Worth Radio Show on Lake Worth 2020

With guests Mayor Pam Triolo and City Manager Michael Bornstein. Last chance to get the details on the Lake Worth 2020 plan! Click here for link to YouTube channel with Lake Worth 2020 videos

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vote Yes! A way to attract other money to Lake Worth to solve our infrastructure woes...

Editorial: Approve much-needed road repair bond in Lake Worth

Click title for the REAL, full-version of the Palm Beach Post editorial article which supported the bond ballot issue in Lake Worth.

Remember, dear readers, recently the 'No' PAC (CAUT) sent out a mailer trying to mislead voters into thinking the Palm Beach Post had not endorsed the City's LW2020 Bond Vote tomorrow. Not true. The Palm Beach Post enthusiastically endorsed the City LW2020. The "No's" cherry-picked two pieces from the editorial. This tactic is disinformation and was used to deceive the voters of Lake Worth. Period.

The CAUT PAC, or the 'No's constantly harass the City for not providing enough information. As I've demonstrated for many months now with posts, videos, and updates, the city did its fair share of getting the word out and answering questions. The "No's", which I have written about extensively, did actually avoid transparency and openness by filing their PAC with the County going around the Lake Worth City Clerk. By doing so they operated in secrecy for many weeks. They did not tell the City of their intentions, or inform the public, as they raised and spent money in secret.

That said, your choice tomorrow is a crucial choice and an important one for the future of Lake Worth. The LW2020 Plan needs you to choose "For Bonds" on the ballot. Tomorrow is the culmination of an idea that started three years ago.

I am voting For Bonds tomorrow. I strongly encourage you to listen to my archived radio show with Mayor Pam Triolo and City Manager Michael Bornstein. You can also watch my YouTube videos of the City LW2020 presentations.

Wes Blackman

A campaign compilation of CAUTion signs...

Statesman, Entrepreneur and Palm Beacher John Rinaldi on Infrastructure Improvements

Mr Rinaldi posted this as a comment on the other blog a little more than a year ago. The above is how it originally appeared.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Tuesday we go to the polls. Do we move forward by voting for bonds?

Or just keep getting worse? Not long ago we had a commissioner tell us these famous words.
She wants you to vote against them. Why? You will have to ask her.

Anti-gang program a hit with kids - Letter to the Editor in the Palm Beach Post today...

We work in Lake Worth at a Title I school, South Grade Elementary. Our students face many social and academic challenges. Gangs target our fourth- and fifth-grade students for recruitment. When we reached out to Capt. Rolando Silva, of the Lake Worth precinct of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, last year to combat this problem. Capt. Silva, Deputy Devin Zuchowski and Sgt. Oscar Cardenas partnered with us to create the program, Breaking the Cycle of Gang Recruitment, from the ground up. They also run a bullying prevention program with our fourth-graders. You can’t fake it with kids. Our students love these officers not just because they show up but because they know they care.


Editor’s note: Mike Riley is principal at South Grade Elementary School. Loris Rodriquez-Barr is assistant principal, and Rebecca Hinson is an art teacher at the school.


Friday's High Noon in Lake Worth radio show with Mayor Triolo and City Manager Bornstein

Talking about the Lake Worth 2020 Program and Bond Issue on the August 26th ballot
Check Out Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with High Noon in Lake Worth on BlogTalkRadio

Guess what time it is! It's time to fix Lake Worth's Infrastructure - Vote Yes for Bonds on Tuesday

Important consideration - Lake Worth 2020 will be key to attracting other funds for infrastructure projects

Town revisits water contract with West Palm Beach

The Town of Palm Beach is evaluating its water infrastructure system and projections concerning growth in West Palm Beach. There is a concern that West Palm Beach might take more and more of its share of future water supply for its own growth. The Town of Palm Beach may be in the market for another water provider. They are also concerned about maintenance of their current infrastructure. Click title for link.
[Palm Beach] Town Engineer William Francis is taking inventory of all the pipes in town, including their age, location and repair history.
“Now that we’re in the second half of our franchise agreement [the Palm Beach 30-year water service agreement with West Palm Beach], I want to make sure that 15 years from now, we’re in the best position to make a better decision of whether we want to take ownership,” Francis said.
Other options for Palm Beach include buying water from another municipality, desalinization or a combination.
Brazil said West Palm Beach must answer its demand questions. The answer will ultimately determine whether the town remains a customer.

Point of View: Lake Worth voters should eschew cynicism,...

Robert L. Guyer, chairman of the City of Lake Worth Finance Advisory Board, weighs in as part of the Palm Beach Post's Point of View section of their editorial page. He brings some convincing arguments for some cynics out there and is well worth the read. The Finance Advisory Board, or another newly appointed citizen board, may be charged with oversight of the program, monitoring progress and expenditures during the time work is going on. Click title for link. From the article:
Lake Worth is an infrastructure nightmare. Crumbling housing on crumbling or dirt roads in some areas display our poverty. Lake Worth is a financial mess with continuing budget deficits in large part a legacy of past poor city management, inflexible obligations that limit cost-cutting and poorly installed infrastructure. Lake Worth’s current revenues cannot make a dent in fixing our disintegrating roads, sewers and drainage problems.
The question for me is not does it need to be done? Absolutely it does. Are my wife and I willing to pay more to make Lake Worth a better place? Yes. Those of us who have greater resources will pay for those who have less. We are willing to do it for the betterment of all.
While I trust current city government, I certainly cannot trust unknown future city commissions. But I will vote for 2020 and work to make it successful because legally the money has to be spent as specified in the general obligation bond. While there may be incompetence in execution by future leaders, at least it has to be spent as promised.

From yesterday's presentation on the Lake Worth 2020 Plan - 8/23/14

This presentation was made at the invitation of the College Park Neighborhood Association. It took place at the First Congregational Church at 5 p.m.