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Recent pic from EF! action...

Cite owners of foliage that obstructs traffic signs, committee... |

We have found this to be the case in verdant Palm Beach. If you ride your bikes on the island, make sure to watch your "p's" and "q's."  That is, if you can see them. Click title for link to Shiny Sheet article.

Fake Twitter Account Paints Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell as Loony, Racist

New Time's writer Fire Ant gets all carried away with the parody tweets that were posted here, and the comments that followed. He refers to yours truly as "blogger extraordinaire." I resemble that remark. Click title for link. Have you ever been called a mainstream loonie? What exactly would that be?

New Times: “Festivus Pole” Made of Beer Cans Approved; Will Go Up in Florida Capitol Next to Jesus’s Manger | MAOS by The Broward Post

Chaz Stevens' Festivus Pole gets approval to be placed in the Capital next to a nativity scene. The pole is six feet tall and made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans. Click title for link.

Is it time to stop worrying about global warming? - environment - 06 December 2013 - New Scientist

In a way, the answer is no. We shouldn't stop from worrying about it. But it would be more effective if we did something about it. This article exposes what is going on within the oceans, which may explain certain phenomena. Click title for link.
But it is misguided to focus only on the temperature of the thin layer of air that we live in. That is just one of many important indicators. In particular, the oceans are warming too: recent research suggests that in the last 60 years the Pacific's depths have warmed 15 times as fast as at any time in the previous 10,000 years.
And the oceans may have been soaking up heat faster still over the past few years. That may in turn explain why the atmosphere isn't warming as fast as it was (see "Climate slowdown: The world won't stop warming"). Warmer oceans have consequences. Consider typhoon Haiyan, thought to be the fourth-strongest storm in history. Such storms usually stir up cooler waters that limit their strength; Haiyan, by contrast, kept gaining energy from exceptionally warm waters extending far below the surface. More such storms will follow as the oceans heat up.

Friday, December 6, 2013


The City of Lake Worth – In accordance with a program recommended by the 
Palm Beach County Health Department, the City’s water chlorination methods will 
be temporarily changed for two weeks from December 8, 2013 through December 
21, 2013. The City will accomplish this strictly precautionary measure to ensure 
our water supply remains free of bacteria. 

 Starting December 8, 2013 a “free chlorine residual” water treatment method 
will be used to provide a somewhat stronger disinfection process than the 
“combined chlorine or chloramine” treatment which is normally used. The City will 
revert back to the “combined chlorine” method on December 21, 2013. As part of 
this process, the City will be flushing fire hydrants. This flushing will cause 
temporary water in the swales of the roadways. Please do not be alarmed by this 
water as it will dissipate within a few hours. 

 The City of Lake Worth and their Consecutive Systems water utility customers 
including Lake Osborne Waterworks (Lake Osborne Estates), Hypoluxo Village, 
John Prince Park, Lake Clarke Shores and Palm Breezes Club may notice a slight 
chlorine taste or odor in their tap water during this period; however, these temporary 
conditions should not cause any adverse health effects. If you are especially 
sensitive to the taste or odor of chlorine, keep an open container of drinking water in 
your refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Tropical fish tank 
owners, hospitals, dialysis patients and residents with pools should be aware of the 
chlorination changes and make adjustments accordingly. Any questions should be 
directed to the City of Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant (561) 586-1710. 


Charles Pattison, FAICP, President, 1000 Friends of Florida, 
Joan C. Oliva, Executive Director, Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency, 561-493-2550,

Tallahassee, Fla. (December 6, 2013) -- 1000 Friends of Florida is presenting its "Community Steward Award" to the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Consortium at the December 10 meeting of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency.  "Lake Worth is to be commended for its vision and creativity," says 1000 Friends of Florida President Charles Pattison.  "Thanks to a strong and effective partnership, Lake Worth has successfully leveraged federal, private and local funding and programs to provide affordable, sustainable housing in its redevelopment area."

As with many Florida communities, Lake Worth was hit hard by the recent economic crisis with almost 40 percent of all downtown homes in foreclosure.  In response, a group of 20 partners came together to form the Lake Worth CRA Consortium.  The Consortium secured $23.2 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2) funding in 2010 to rehabilitate and construct more than 130 properties in the target area while ensuring affordability and sustainability.
This program has enabled the City to revitalize an economically distressed neighborhood, one block at a time. Without neighborhood support and the assistance from all our valuable partners, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, we would not have been able to provide the much needed housing so many families and individuals need," says Joan Oliva of the CRA. "This undertaking was not only about building much needed housing but also providing a holistic approach to community development that included the provision of educational and training opportunities, jobs and social services. "  

Suzanne Cabrera, from the Housing Leadership Coalition stated, "It is so gratifying to drive down the streets of downtown Lake Worth and see the revitalization that has occurred in the residential neighborhoods.  After decades of decline and neglect there is now housing that is safe, affordable, and energy efficient that are occupied by homeowners who are proud to call the City of Lake Worth their home."

Adopt-A-Family (AFF) of the Palm Beaches provided approximately 20 new rental and 20 new home-ownership opportunities in the target area.  AAF was successful in renting all of its units to those households making less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), thus fulfilling one of the goals of the program to house low and moderate income households.    Housing Partnership offered homebuyer education and counseling for all homebuyers.  Each homebuyer was also offered an Individual Development Account (IDA), a matched savings account which can turn $2,000 in savings into a $6,000 down payment. 

Another Consortium member, Habitat for Humanity, built or rehabilitated 36 homes, with families investing "sweat equity" in return for a 30-year, no-interest loan on their homes.  Other partners included Palm Beach State College, Housing Leadership Council, the Urban Group and many other educational and social service providers.  

The Urban Arts Lofts, built by the Lake Worth CRA, consists of 12 townhomes designed so that artists can live upstairs and work in first floor studios.   The development is built in the heart of the redevelopment area, within walking distance to downtown and will serve as a catalyst for future development in the new mixed-use area of the City.  

The CRA recently completed a project with the Trust for Public Land and other partners to create a neighborhood park complete with exercise equipment.  The CRA will soon offer children's playground equipment at the Park with the help of Kaboom and other community partners.  

1000 Friends' Community Steward Award is presented annually to individuals, organizations, local governments, agencies, and public/private partnerships that have brought about positive and lasting change in the way their community manages growth.  1000 Friends of Florida has presented four other awards over the course of 2013.  A statewide nonprofit organization, 1000 Friends was founded in 1986 to serve as Florida's growth management watchdog. It has been presenting awards for innovative growth management efforts since 1990. For more information on 1000 Friends, visit

The Earth First! Journal Really, Actually, Seriously Needs Your Support | Earth First! Newswire

Our local EarthFirst! gang is begging and pleading for money to resume publishing their quarterly journal on a regular basis. Click title for link. There are all sorts of ways to help. Their film festival at the Quaker Friends' meeting house was a resounding success, but they still need more to meet their goal.

Delray high schooler adds bike racks to local parks - Sun Sentinel

With the help of enterprising residents, Delray Beach is adding to its supply of bike racks and storage facilities in parks and downtown areas. Click title for link. From the article:
"Unless you're going to ride down the block and go directly home, you're going to stop and have to store your bike securely," said Patrick Halliday, president of the Delray Beach Bike Club, who helped with the installations.
He said finding the proper place to do that can be challenging.
"Just on Atlantic Avenue I see bikes chained to parking signs, stop signs, meters, trees," Halliday said. "The racks will help immensely."
Well, that is just the condition that we have in downtown Lake Worth. There are few if any bike racks along Lake and Lucerne. People with bikes are left to chain them to any tied-down, inanimate object while they run their errands. And, while we are at it, the bike rack at City Hall is sized for elementary school aged child's bike, not for adult's.

Protect Our Beaches, Inc.

I just stumbled upon this blog/website that is all about protecting Palm Beach County beaches. Click title for link and browse through the many pictures of coastal properties in peril. How strong is that seawall at the Lake Worth beach? It's a question worth asking. Getting an answer to the question should be a priority.

Dozens protest planned Gardens stadium at meeting; council... |

While not voting on the stadium project per se, the Palm Beach Gardens' City Council approved some ordinance changes that would make way for the public projects, like the stadium, easier to meet city standards. And it seems that there are plenty of concerned people that are watching the Council's every move. Click title for link.

State needs to take lead in tackling sea-level crisis |

The Shiny Sheet understands the consequences of sea level rise, but is frustrated by Tallahassee's deaf ear to the problem. Click title for link. From the article:
 Only a few years ago, then-Gov. Charlie Crist called global warming “one of the most important issues that we will face this century.” But since Crist left office and was replaced by Rick Scott, state leaders have been noticeably absent from that discussion and the related projected rise in the sea to calamitous levels. That’s curious since the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is predicting that by 2030, sea levels could rise 3-7 inches and by 2060, 9-24 inches. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration is predicting a rise of 6 feet or more by 2100.
But nobody in the state capitol seems to be taking the science seriously, and that’s a serious problem, according to Democratic State Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach.
“Right now, there is no response, utterly no leadership at the state level,” said Rep. Pafford at the recent symposium on rising sea levels at Oxbridge Academy.

What Sea Level Rise Looks Like When Today's Kids Grow Up | Weather Underground

Click title for link that will lead you to a series of predictive tools on sea level rise. Click here for an especially detailed one that you can input the 33460 zip code to see the local effects. At 10 feet, which is an outside projection for 2010, most of the area east of Federal Hwy. is under water. Last week's High Noon in Lake Worth guest Keren Bolter is quoted in this Weather Underground article.

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Nelson Mandela

"I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying."

Request by Reps. Deutch, Frankel, Hastings, and Murphy for Flood Map Extension Granted by FEMA | U.S. House of Representatives

An extension was granted so that Palm Beach County can supply additional information to FEMA on the revised flood maps. The extension is now past the previous deadline of November 30th, but it doesn't say how long an extension was given. Click title for link.

Discussion by City Commission regarding parking regulations citywide from the 12/3/13 meeting

The four hour parking limit in the downtown is being enforced, but is not done on a regular basis. The one hour parking by the library is more enforced than other areas. The focus on parking enforcement is at the beach right now.

City Commission discussion of beach parking regulations from the 12/3/13 meeting

Little known fact: If you have a handicapped permit on your vehicle, you do not have to pay for parking at the beach, whether you are parking in a handicapped space or not.

Golf: Palm Beach course’s new clubhouse includes restaurant with ocean views - The Coastal Star

The Town of Palm Beach's Par 3 golf course clubhouse is getting its finishing touches. Plans for the restaurant there have solidified. Click title for link to the Coastal Star article.

Triple Treat - Commissioner Andy Amoroso, Ted Brownstein and the Cat in the Hat 12/06 by High Noon in Lake Worth | Politics Podcasts

Join your host Wes Blackman for a special edition of High Noon in Lake Worth. Commissioner Andy Amoroso will start off the show by talking about the various holiday events around Lake Worth and other business that is coming before the City Commission. After about 20 minutes, Lake Worth resident and historian Ted Brownstein will be back as a gust to talk about his Pioneers of Jewell book signing event at the Lake Worth Library on December 12. We will also learn about his latest findings, including  the newly located Jaega Burial Mound on the south side of town, Fannie's native American heritage (she was black, white and Indian), the need for historical markers for the Jameses, Dr. Stites, Squire Hoagland and other Jewell Pioneers, and the lessons we can learn from the Palm Beach Farms Co that apply today. We will close out the show with a special reading of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" as promotion for the Art at the Eco event this coming Saturday.

Click title for link to live show between 12 and 1 p.m. on December 6th, or afterwards for the archived version of the show. Leave questions as comments below.

The PBR Festivus Pole gets another 15 minutes of fame. | MAOS by The Broward Post

Click title for link to Chaz Stevens' application to place his Festivus pole in the state capitol. Interesting to read the application and the requirements for this sort of display.

BREAKING NEWS — TV Wars: CBS Stations Clobbered in Both South Florida Markets!

Jose Lambiet's take on the ratings wars for local TV newscasts. Channel 12 is in last place in our market, especially with younger viewers. Maybe that's why we tend to get sensational stories that don't get past the surface of an issue. Click title for link.

Editorial: New rules could limit ‘social welfare’ groups’... |

An Andrew Marra editorial about campaign finance reform and the current practice of shadowy organizations that can influence elections with few restrictions. Click title for link.

Travel industry professionals visit Palm Beach County |

Lots of good information about the state and local efforts to promote tourism and Palm Beach County's piece of the action. The ground-breaking for the convention center hotel is tomorrow. Click title for the Emily Roach article. Here is a bit:
Visit Florida is the state’s tourism marketing agency and has a budget of $54 million this year, which is a 50 percent boost because the governor wants the state to host 100 million visitors in the next year or so. About 94 million are expected this year — making it the third year of breaking records.
Our local marketing agency, Discover Palm Beach County, formerly the Convention and Visitors Bureau, joins in on some of Visit Florida’s shared advertising opportunities. And statewide, all tourism areas benefit from national and international campaigns like “Must Be the Sunshine.”

Civil War passions still run deep as Union supporters propose monument on Confederate site | Naked Politics

Interesting read regarding a Union monument in a state park that was the site of a Civil War battle. Click title for link to article. It reminds me of the talk a few years ago about naming Lake Worth "Jewell" since the Worth in Lake Worth refers to William Jenkins Worth who, according to our local band of merrymakers, was responsible for the killing off of native peoples during the Seminole wars.

This is what one meeting held on the topic was like:
Passions ran high, at one point erupting in a spontaneous chorus of “Dixie” led by a black man, H.K. Edgerton, who called Union soldiers rapists and wielded his large Confederate flag like a conductor’s baton as the audience sang.
Speakers blasted the proposal as disturbing hallowed ground in a rural community where most families stay for generations.
“Putting a Union monument at Olustee would be like placing a memorial to Jane Fonda at the entrance to the Vietnam memorial,” said Leon Duke, a wounded veteran.
“Men died there. Let their spirits rest in peace,” said Nansea Marham Miller, who is descended from a Confederate soldier who died at Olustee. “Let my grandfather rest in peace.”

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inaugural Lake Worth Beach Sand Sculpting & Seafood Festival Seeks Vendors and Local Youth Entertainment

The Inaugural Lake Worth Beach Sand Sculpting and Seafood Festival is now accepting applications for sponsors, vendors to showcase and sell their nautical themed arts and crafts in the Nautical Marketplace and invites any local non-profit organization who specializes in ocean conservation and similar themed education initiatives to perform or have a booth at the inaugural event.

This creative new three day event, on the Lake Worth Beach is set for January 24-26, 2014. The event  features the experts who produce the world famous Ft. Meyers Sand Sculpting events; bringing the same level of professional sculptors, plus an amateur sculpting contest, nautical vendors, ocean conservation education programs and a beachfront seafood festival. All amateur sculptors can sign-up on Saturday, January 25 between 9 am and 11 am. Amateur competition is 11 am – 4 pm on Saturday with prizes awarded at 5 pm on the main stage.

Nautical themed vendors can sell any sea or beach themed arts, crafts, clothing, accessories, jewelry, hats, purses, pottery, photography, etc. Food items that are bottled and not consumed on site are allowed. Lake Worth businesses who fit the theme can apply for only $100 and all others only $250 for all three days.

Non-profit organizations whose mission is ocean conservation, education, or similar are invited to provide educational and interactive programs at the event as well. Educational programs that are interactive, fun and also fit the theme can entertain and educate on the main stage.

To apply or email for an application. Additionally, any local youth entertainers who would like to perform at the festival on the main stage are invited to submit their audition tapes and information to

The Lake Worth Beach Sand Sculpting and Seafood Festival takes place Friday, January 25 noon – 9 pm with a beach bonfire at 6 pmSaturday, January 26 10 am – 5:30 pm and Sunday, January 27 10 am – 5 pm at the Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex, 10 South Ocean Drive, Lake Worth, Florida. For more information visit or call 561-533-7395.

Public Comment on Unagendaed Items from City Commission meeting of 12/3/13

City Commission Liaison Reports from 12/3/13 meeting...

At about the halfway point in this video, there is a lot of discussion about the mangroves along Bryant Park and the seawall.

City Commission Reaction to the Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association Presentation - Meeting of 12/3/13

The Commission reacts to Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association President Ryan Oblander presentation at last night's meeting. Issues included the garage at 17th Avenue North and D Street, feral cat colonies, signage at the park in the center of the neighborhood missing the word "Ridge" after the park's recent re-do.

Presentation on Lake Worth Cottages at the City Commission meeting of 12/3/13

Compass' Display of the Names Project Quilt

We had the chance to talk to Lorenzo Lowe yesterday on the last day of the Names Project Quilt display at Compass. The display began on November 19th and ran through December 3rd. This period included December 1st which is  World AIDS Day. Compass had other events throughout the period commemorating the event and the display of the quilt panels. In the video, Lorenzo, who is Compass' HIV Prevention and Testing Coordinator, talks about the importance of the display on impressing the extent of the epidemic to a younger generation that was not around during the crisis period of the 1980s and 90s, before the advent of life-sustaining drugs for treatment. There still is no cure for the disease and awareness is important to prevent its further spread.

Here are some still pictures. Remember that each quilt represents a life that was taken too early amid much confusion and hysteria over the epidemic. Some of which still exists. When you look at these pictures, think of the loved ones that you knew or know that have been impacted by this illness.

Town should have fixed beaches after Sandy |

Accusations about how the Town of Palm Beach misjudged the extent of damage from hurricane Sandy and is living with the result. That being depleted beaches unable to perform their protective role. Click title for link to the Shiny Sheet article.

Visit Florida focuses on growing tourism during Palm Beach... |

Multiple major state tourism meetings will take place in Palm Beach County over the coming months, with the goal of 100 million tourists statewide. Should we plan to showcase the Ixora and Silver Lions motels? Click title for link to the Emily Roach article. Here's a bit:
“The fact that we have six major events of Visit Florida is a reaffirmation of all the wonderful things in Palm Beach County,” said Jorge Pesquera, president and CEO of Discover Palm Beach County, the county’s tourism marketing agency. North, Central and South County will get a chance in the spotlight, he pointed out.
Florida is poised for a third record-setting year in a row, Visit Florida President and CEO Will Seccombe said, and has the momentum to “double-down” in 2013. No one promised to hit the 100 million goal set in September by Gov. Rick Scott, but tourism has been growing steadily since the recession ended. The marketing retreat’s theme is “Future Forward.”

Via Facebook, Blue Front Barbeque to Open December 9th!

New Times: Festivus Pole to Be Erected Next to Manger in Florida Capitol? | MAOS by The Broward Post

Two time High Noon in Lake Worth guest Chaz Stevens again tests the free speech and freedom from religion. Instead of Deerfield Beach, which discontinued any holiday displays this year, is offering to move his festivus pole to the state Capitol. A nativity scene was installed there this week. Click title for link to his blog. Here is the plan:
The ACLU warned that by allowing private groups to set up religious displays, the state was opening itself up to having to allow all sorts of individual monuments. By 9 p.m. last night, Deerfield Beach activist Chaz Stevens was writing to the governor, asking for authorization to build his festivus pole — an 8-foot-tall contraption made of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans — right next to the manger.

College Park Neighborhood Association

The College Park Neighborhood Association will hold its final meeting of this year next Monday, December 9th at 6:30 PM at the First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street.

This will be a brief but very important meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend. We will be accepting nominations for officers and directors for 2014. The election of officers and directors will be held at a special meeting in January.

Of special importance is a final review of the College Park Neighborhood Wide - Neighborhood Watch proposal. We are applying for a grant through the Palm Beach County Office of Community Revitalization REAP program to fully fund this effort and purchase enough Neighborhood Watch signs for the whole neighborhood. We have the support of the PBSO and a commitment from the City to install the signs in the City's rights of way. An important aspect of this proposal is a door to door campaign in College Park to inform our neighbors on the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the non-emergency PBSO hotline and the benefit to all of us when we watch out for each other.

The deadline to submit the grant is Wednesday, December 11th, so this will be the final opportunity for neighbors' input and suggestions before the grant is submitted.

Thank You and hope to see you all on Monday evening. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Only in Lake Worth, ours are real...

Canadian Speed Control!
...only in Canada, eh???
How's this for effective speed control?

People slow down and actually try to straddle the hole. 
This is an actual speed control device that is currently in use.
It is MUCH cheaper than speed cameras, radar guns, police officers, etc.

Pretty clever -- especially when they move
them around every day.
Isn't Art Wonderful?

New York City rolls out vintage trains and buses for special service...

Click here and here for more information.


Expecting more than 2,500 participants 

WEST PALM BEACH & LAKE WORTH, FL– The following road closures will take place Friday, December 6th and Sunday, December 8th 2013 for the Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest produced by US Road Sports and Entertainment Group. The Friday night 5K/10K will begin at 6:00pm in front of the Waterfront Commons area and proceed down S Flagler as far south as Barcelona Road. On Sunday, the marathon and half marathon will begin at 6:30 am traveling north up to 58th Street and as far south as Gregory Road and then into Lake Worth. Once into Lake Worth runner will head south to turn around at 10th Ave S. On Sunday, all participants are estimated to be off the course by 1:30 pm for the reopening of the roads, however, some of the roadways will be clear before then due to the rolling reopening procedures. Roads will be closed and managed by the City of West Palm Beach Police & Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Road Closures on Friday for the City of West Palm Beach from 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm  S Flagler Drive between 2nd Street & Barcelona Road  N Clematis Street between N Narcissus Ave & S Flagler Drive Road Closures on Sunday for the City of West Palm Beach from 6:30am- 1:30pm
 56th & 57th Street between N Flagler Dr & Spruce Street
 Poinsettia Ave & Spruce Street between 35th Street & 26th Street
 N Flagler Drive between 57th Street & Banyan Blvd
 29th & 27th Street between N Flagler Drive and Poinsettia Ave
 S Flagler Drive between Banyan Blvd & Dyer Road
 Washington Road between Monceaux Road & Greenwood Drive
 S Flagler Drive between Greenwood Drive & Gregory Road
 Gregory Road & E Lakewood Road between S Flagler Drive & S Olive Ave
 S Olive Ave between E Lakewood Road & Diana Place
 Diana Place between S Olive Ave & S Flagler Drive Road Closures on 
Sunday for the City of Lake Worth from 7:00am- 12:00pm
 Duke Drive between N Olive Ave & N Lakeside Drive
 N Lakeside Drive between Duke Drive & 12th Ave N
 Golfview Rd between 12th Ave N & 8th Ave N
 N Palmway Drive between 8th Ave N & 6th Ave N
 N Lakeside Drive between 6th Ave N & 2nd Ave N
 N/S Golfview Drive between 2nd Ave N & 2nd Ave S
 2nd Ave S between S Golfview Rd & S Lakeside Drive
 S Lakeside Drive between 2nd Ave S & 10th Ave S
 10th Ave S between S Lakeside Drive & S Palmway Drive
 S Palmway Drive between 10th Ave S & 9th Ave S
 9th Ave S between S Palmway Drive & S Lakeside Drive
For additional information regarding the Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest please email
US Road Sports media contact, Gary Ferman at


The Palm Beaches Marathon and Run Fest presented by Publix will return December 6-8
with its usual series of running events, an Expo and fun innovations such as a Friday 5K /
10K, a simultaneous half marathon on Sunday, wacky water stations and a post-race
downtown party at Waterfront Commons Park.

More than 5,000 runners are expected to participate in the weekend events. The Marathon
and Half Marathon will begin at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday December 8 as the runners take in
miles of spectacular waterfront views along their path through the city of West Palm
Beach and Lake Worth. The finish line party will run until 2 p.m.

This is the event’s 10th year and the second under the operation of US Road Sports, which
has grown the Miami Marathon from 9,100 runners in 2007 to 25,000 and has similar
visions of a rise in stature for the premier running event of the Palm Beach / Treasure
Coast area. US Road Sports purchased the marathon from the founding Chamber of
Commerce of the Palm Beaches prior to the 2012 event.

Former Olympic great Bill Rodgers, a 66-year-old who was once the American record
holder in the marathon and dominated the sport in the 1970’s, will run in the half
marathon and also serve as a pre-race mentor to local running groups.

A unique feature of The Palm Beaches Marathon and Run Fest presented by Publix is the
capability of runners to enter as relay teams. Each team of four runners in each division
(male, female, mixed) will collectively run the 26.2 mile marathon distance. Participants
in the Marathon Relay will have the ability to split the distance, receive a finisher medal
and participant shirt.

The Publix Health & Fitness Expo will showcase health, sport and fitness products and
services at Harriet Himmel Theatre at CityPlace on December 6 from 4-8 p.m. and
December 7 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Runners will pick up their packets at the Expo.
A waterfront 5K / 10K will be held Friday at 6 p.m. at Flagler Drive at Banyan Street,
finishing at Clematis Street. Registration for the 10K is $45 until 10/24/13, $50 until
12/01/13, and $60 during Race Week. Registration for the 5K is $35 until 10/24/13, $40
until 12/01/13, and $45 during Race Week.

And even if they’re not a runner, residents can still participate by entering the Wacky
Water Station competition with friends, family, co-workers, religious groups, high school
groups, non-profit organizations or neighborhood associations. Entrants manage one of
15 water stations along the Marathon course and are judged based on theme, music,
costumes, decorations, & enthusiasm. The best overall group receives $1000 and there
are $500 awards for Best Theme, Best Cheer Zone and Most Unique Station. A minimum of 15 volunteers are required per water station.

"Anyone who is familiar with this area knows that Palm Beaches is one of the premier
destinations in the world," said US Road Sports Managing Partner and Founder Peter
Handy. "Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce is a unique strategy and will provide
a dynamic combination of strengths that will deliver a spectacular weekend of running
for years to come."

The Palm Beaches Marathon and Run Fest presented by Publix is part of US Road
Sports’ Florida Storm Series, a five-event circuit in which participating runners can earn
extra medals to show off their hard work and dedication. The medal they receive gets
bigger as runners complete more races. If participants finish three events they earn a
Category 3 Medal. If they complete four events they receive a Category 4 Medal and five
events gets them a huge Category 5 Medal.

The five races included in the Florida Storm Series are Allstate Life Insurance℠ Fort
Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon® (Nov. 10, 2013), Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest
presented by Publix (Dec. 8, 2013), Miami Marathon & Half Marathon (Feb. 2, 2014),
Miami Beach 13.1 Marathon® (Mar. 2, 2014), and First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon
& Relay (Mar, 16, 2014).

Race fees for the Marathon portion of Palm Beaches Marathon and Run Fest presented by
Publix are $110 until October 24, $115 until December 1 and $125 during Race Week.
The fees for the Half Marathon are $90 until October 24, $95 until December 1 and $105
during race week.

Email for more information or visit
The Palm Beaches Marathon and Run Fest is proudly sponsored by the City of West
Palm Beach: the picturesque backdrop for all of the event's races. Runners, their
families, friends and spectators are encouraged to visit Downtown West Palm Beach for
spectacular night life, shopping, dining, and our activities on the beautiful waterfront.

December Meeting of the Friends of the Lake Worth Pool

I hope this finds you well.  I am writing to ask each of you to attend the December 4, 2013 Membership Meeting for the Friends of the Lake Worth Pool.  The meeting will be held at South Shores at 7 PM.

The meeting is important both for the future of the Friends of the Lake Worth Pool and its underlying mission of supporting water safety education and use of the Lake Worth Pool.  We will be setting the stage for a series of pool related events along  with planning the annual membership meeting (also in January) that will elect new officers for the year.

PLEASE make a point to attend the meeting and help us start 2014 off on the right note.  Your participation, energy and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Town considers temporary measures to protect eroded beaches |

More details on the scaled-back plan for beach renourishment by the Town of Palm Beach. Click title for link to the Shiny Sheet article. Make sure to check out the first comment after the article. It sounds like someone has been paying attention to what has been going on over the years. Much money is being spent shovelling sand into the ocean, with little discernable result other than the pacification of residents, albeit on a temporary basis.

Part of their plan includes the examination of a seawall that is protecting a stretch of road along the ocean. Seems to me we, Lake Worth, have a seawall that needs to be inspected. It's the one that is in front of the new Casino building.

Community’s sign protesting Palm Beach Gardens stadium sparks... |

Interesting discussion about the size of a sign in Palm Beach Gardens. Most zoning codes allow for a "freedom of speech" sign, but usually those signs are limited to 6 square feet, as the city does here. The group who put up the sign maintains that residential and commercial size regulations should be the same and therefore their residential "freedom of speech" sign is smaller than what would otherwise be permitted. The sign is staying up for now. Click title for link to article.

Delray officials to vote on voting - Sun Sentinel

This is usually covered by Roberts Rules of Order. We had this situation come up at our last Historic Resource Preservation Board meeting. The HRPB has seven full voting members. We have one vacancy and at November's meeting, we had two members absent. Only four people were there to conduct the board's business. We had a situation where a motion was made to approve an item, and it ended up in a 2 to 2 vote. The motion failed. In this case, an alternative motion to deny would have met with the same vote. So, our solution was to end up tabling matter to the next regular meeting with two wishes. One would be that the composition of those attending the meeting would change that would bring a different result, or that somehow the facts of the issue before us would have changed from before.

What Delray is doing here seems unnecessary and the emergency "unanimous two vote" policy shouldn't even be considered. Click title for link.

Lake Worth Grinchamas Celebration

An LDUB Grinchamas Celebration
Lake Worth, Florida, 12/3/13 — Lake Worth Second Saturday Events & The RedTrunks Swim
Program, in cooperation with the following sponsors: South Shores Tavern, Brogues Downunder,
Rudy's Saloon, Rhum Shak, Dave's Last Resort and Raw Bar, Igot's Martiki Bar, Havana Hideout,
Speakeasy Lounge, Trinkets & Treasures, Lake Worth CRA, LULA, DCA, Lake Worth Herald, Sticky
Business Signs & Grafix will be hosting the LDUB Grinchamas celebration in downtown Lake Worth
on December 14th.

The holiday season is once again upon us and even with all the hustle and bustle, everyone who is
anyone will be heading down to enjoy the LDUB Grinchamas Celebration where the only thing frosty
will be the adult sports beverages and the Snowmen may be hard to come by. However, there will be
more fun, cheer, costume contests, carolers, elves, and food than anyone will know what to do with.
The crawl begins at 8:00 PM (right after the Lake Worth Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting) and
includes a number of the best pubs and restaurants that will be giving away samples ("gimmes") in the
form of shots, shooters, snacks or food and offering some AMAZING specials for participants. There
will be a funtastic Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke Caroling, Costume Contests, an Ugly Sweater Contest (at
South Shores), swag, raffle prizes and more. For the more adventurous, there will be also be a Sexy
Klaus contest (for a Mr. & Ms. Klaus)!

Bring a toy to donate and receive 5 free raffle tickets for the Prize Raffle. Tickets are $15 and a portion
of the proceeds benefit the RedTrunks Water Safety and Swim Program, and all toys are being
donated to underprivileged youth in our community.

Tickets can be purchased from Studio 205 (600 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, FL 33460), South Shores
Tavern (502 Lucerne Ave.), Brogues Downunder, Rudy's Saloon, Rhum Shak, Havana Hideout,
Trinkets & Treasures), Dave's Last Resort, Speaskeasy Lounge. Toys can be dropped prior to the
event at the following locations: Lake Worth CRA (29 South J Street, Unit 1), Brogues Downunder
(621 Lake Ave), ( 621 Lake Ave ), South Shores Tavern and Trinkets & Treasures (712
lake Ave.) Help us show them that people do care!

So, dust off the antlers, don your favorite Holiday attire, pack up the sleigh and head on down for the
most family friendly and festive pub crawl this side of the North Pole.
For more information about LDUB Grinchamas celebration, the toy drive or the charities, contact
Keiran O'Shay at 772.261.4360 / or visit
Lake Worth Second Saturday Events/Beach Zombie Rampage
Keiran O’Shay
772.261.4360 or

Monday, December 2, 2013

The $2.4 million unbuilt Lake Worth Beach site plan...that would function...

Click for larger image.

Jerry Brown followed to events, heckled by California environmentalists over fracking - Capitol and California - The Sacramento Bee

It is refreshing to see some difference of opinion in the political sphere. This is especially true when it happens at the extremes of the political continuum. Click title for link. Here is something from the article.
Yet Pitney [Jack Pitney, a government professor at Claremont McKenna College] said there is no political pressure on Brown to bend to the environmentalists’ concerns. If anything, the criticism may make Brown more appealing to moderate Democrats and independent voters, Pitney said.
“There are probably people out there who are thinking, ‘Well, if the environmentalist wackos are mad at him, he must be doing something right,’” Pitney said. “It feeds into the narrative of [Governor] Jerry Brown as the wise adult staying the hand of the hard left.”

Top 10 Terrible Mistakes in Landscape Construction

And speaking of mistakes in site planning, I came across this item. Entertaining, but for the fact that some people are left to live with the repercussions. Click title for link.

Delray group wants to make streets safer for bikers and walkers - Sun Sentinel

A group of Delray residents are working on increasing pedestrian and bicycle access and safety in Delray Beach. The group thinks that some areas are just plain too dangerous in their present condition. Click title for link. From the article:
Jestena Boughton, owner of the Colony Hotel downtown, agrees more bike lanes would not only help bikers, but strollers.
She said she is tired of watching the sidewalk war between walkers and those on two wheels.
Bastian hopes the city will allocate more money to adding sidewalks and put less into parking garages.
He sees linking landmarks, restaurants and shopping centers via sidewalks as aesthetically pleasing and convenient for all types of transportation.
"This is going to have a great impact," he said.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Art and Wine at the Eco - December 7th, 2 to 7 p.m.

At 3 p.m. next Saturday, yours truly will be dressed up as the "Cat in the Hat" and reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Come join us for a rousing holiday celebration and check out some interesting art as well.

Here are a few pics of me from last year. I met up with a mysterious female across from the EcoCentre. Not sure if she plans to make a return appearance.

Desperate villagers turn to wind to cut energy bills - Telegraph

This reflects the romantic notion of some here that by maintaining the city's own electric utility, we the citizens can be more "green" with our sources that generate electricity. And, even with wind-based power, there are still environmental concerns to consider, as we saw with the wind farm project proposed in Palm Beach County recently. Click title for link to article about a village in Great Britain that has invested in its own wind turbine to better control rates. But, according to Commissioner McVoy, our residents want lower bills, not necessarily lower rates. How that actually works, well, we are still waiting to find out. From the article:
The residents of one English village decided to put their own money into such a scheme to cut their bills, liberate themselves from the big power companies – and generate a decent 8pc return on their investment.
Their action came as millions of British households feel the chill this winter after being hit with above-inflation rises in their energy bills.

Who Profits from Florida's Mandatory Recycling Programs? | Sunshine State News

Our single stream recycling program was much ballyhooed when it was initiated about five or so years ago. That's when we ditched the two bin system and went to the one large bin. It would be nice to know just how much Lake Worth or the County makes off the practice and what that money goes for. Could the program pay for itself with no charge to the resident? Click title for link to article.
In Miami-Dade, Broward, St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, Collier and Lee counties, among others, residents are required to use bulky green collection bins. That charge is added to sewer and water bills.
But any profit made from selling recyclables typically goes back to the private companies under contract. Residents don’t recoup a dime.