Saturday, October 22, 2011


From Commissioner Scott Maxwell:

Dear Friends:

I would like to once again thank you for your continued support in my past attempts to gain and retain a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission.  I am pleased to announce that I will be unopposed in my re-election bid this year, however I continue to be humbled and honored in the faith you have placed in me and want you to know that I will work hard to continue to earn that faith.

As you may be aware, the City of Lake Worth is holding an election on Tuesday, November 8th to choose a Commissioner and a Mayor…the two seats I desperately need to wrest back control of city hall.

You may also be aware that Lake Worth has a history of real or perceived “irregularities” at the polling places, as evidenced in our recent special election runoff of just three months ago where 700 voters, that did not vote in the initial election, in fact voted in the runoff round to create a greater turn out than the original election itself! 

Those results are highly suspect and worthy of further investigation, but for now it is important that a repeat of this potential irregularity does not occur, and I am asking for your help to prevent it.

There are quality candidates running in Lake Worth this year that share many of the values and principles that you and I share, and I really need their help and support on the commission to help move Lake Worth in a much better direction , so...

I am asking you to pledge as much of your day on Tuesday, November 8th to once again serve as a poll watcher to assure the residents of Lake Worth an election free of perceived irregularities.

I anticipate the need for 28 to 36 poll watchers for deployment throughout the day within our 8 or so polling locations, and of course breaks, meals etc are certainly part of the plan. 

Your efforts this day will serve as great and valuable experience as you and I prepare for bigger victories in November 2012!

Please email or contact me by phone (561.502.1714) for more information.  In the event you email me or need to leave a voice mail message, you will be contacted within 24 hours to firm up your commitment.  Please note: The process for “signing up” poll watchers has changed  and become much more simplified and easy, so at this time I simply need your initial or tentative commitment so that the proper forms may be completed on my end and submitted by next Tuesday, the 25th. 

As a special way of thanking you in advance for your help, I do anticipate having a poll watcher pre election day "rally -type" event for briefing and scheduling purposes on Saturday November 5th (voluntary of course) at a centrally located venue and TBD with food and beverages served!

On behalf of the residents of Lake Worth, I thank you in advance for your continued support and service.

Scott Maxwell
Lake Worth City Commissioner

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Season" is here!

The City Commission Live Feed is working now (10/19)

Click here for link.  Click here for back-up.  This is a meeting to discuss casino tenant leases and other issues.  Right now, they are talking about the requirement for tenants to use biodegradable packaging - i.e. no plastic bags, serving utensils etc.

"Time is not irrelevant as it relates to construction of the casino building." - Susan Stanton  The Mayor is apologizing for the lateness of getting this agenda item to the city.  She is happy there sounds like there is support from the dais.

Commissioner Mulvehill is declaring entities that have contributed to her campaign that are before the Commission tonight - so too, Mayor Waterman, Commissioners Golden and McVoy.  This is apparently in letter form. Commissioner Maxwell had none.

The 2013 build-out date including in the back-up is reported to be a typo.  It should be 2012.

Mayor Waterman's Radio Show on WPBR

Today was the first show.  Click here for link to their web page.  You will need a Microsoft Silverlight Player and that is available on the site if you want to listen via the Internet. It's supposed to be on Wednesdays from 12 to 1 p.m. and it is called, for now, "Lunch with the Mayor."  I listened to part of it.  About half way through the show, something happened to the audio at the station and no one seemed to realize it.  You could still hear what was being said, but it was like a muffled whisper.  I gave up trying to listen.

I believe Susan Squires called in and pointed out there might be a problem with equal time, given that we are in the height of election season.  She asked if any of the other candidates had been approached.  There was some hemming and hawing.  The producer of the show said that a lady named Pam had called them a few days ago, but nothing had been set up.  He said that this is a show for the Mayor of Lake Worth so that whoever is Mayor can be a part of it.  The one caller I heard before Susan commented on the election, said Rachel was doing a great job and that he would be voting for her.  Folks, this is electioneering.

I called and used my first name to identify myself.  I was put on hold and the Mayor took the call on air.  I asked about the audio in the Commission Chambers and she responded that she knew people were having trouble with it last night.  I told her that it is important since many people rely on it if they can't get to city hall due to family obligations or other issues, but are still able to listen on their computer.

I pointed out that the meeting tonight which deals with the casino building tenant leases is confusing.  The back-up material says that the casino work will be done and the tenants can move in November 2013 - when the business plan from August 2010 has the grand opening as Fall of 2012.  I pointed out that the 2012 date is being used in Commissioner Golden's literature who also happens to be running for re-election this year.
I asked if there was a delay in construction schedule that hasn't been revealed yet.  She said that she had the same questions and would be asking that tonight.  We said good-bye and not long after that they had audio problems.  Hmmmm.

Ads during the show were about a non-profit disabled veterans agency.  There is a dollar or in-kind cost to this sort of show.  How is that being accounted for?

Lake Worth stops mailings to renters due to confusion about letter's content

Click title for link to article. I got one too and wondered what to do with it since I do not rent out a room. It must have been expensive to send out since each letter had your address and parcel ID number on it. From the article:

The system will require regular inspections of properties owned by landlords who avoid city inspections for possible violations of safety, zoning and housing codes by keeping utility bills in their names, often renting their properties with utilities included.

So, I guess this is designed to prevent the sort of situations like we have with our Mayor's present living arrangement.

Susan Uttereth re Chamber Internet Feed

Lake Worth gives final approval for fire assessment on property owners

The fire assessment was approved by a 3-2 vote, with Mayor Rachel Waterman and Commissioner Scott Maxwell casting the dissenting votes.

The assessment is expected to raise $1.4 million to cover most of the $1.8 million cost of firefighter pensions.

Waterman voted against the levy because she wanted to reduce the amount of the assessment to $42 per dwelling unit.

Maxwell said the city should find the money elsewhere in the budget instead of levying an assessment.

Click title for link to Palm Beach Post article.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FYI - there is no streaming audio for tonight's City Commission meeting.

10/17 Candidate Forum - Lake Worth Presidents' Council

Click title for link to audio from last night's (10/17) Candidate Forum sponsored by College Park, Eden Place and Parrot Cove neighborhood associations.

What is City Attorney Elaine Humphreys doing...

Front and center on Mayor Waterman's campaign homepage?

For those of you that are interested...

Click here for link to Mayor Rachel Waterman's third quarter "Office Account" report.  This is excess money kept from her campaign funds for the special election held during the summer.  It shows the expenditure for hurricane fliers and some other miscellaneous expenses.

Missed the Candidate Forum last night...

A friend of mine was taken in by fire rescue having experienced kidney failure.  So, my attention was elsewhere last night.  If you attended, use the comment feature below for a discussion of what went on.  Remember, the Playhouse debate is next Monday, October 24th.

Click here for link to the Neighborhood Association Presidents Council page where you can submit questions for next Monday night.  The deadline for submitting questions is tomorrow October 19th.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Christopher Morley, his last message to friends published in 1957:

"Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity."

Neighborhood Farewell Party for Joe Kroll

The Neighborhood Associations of Lake Worth are sponsoring a Farewell send-off for Public Services Director Joe Kroll. Joe is departing his position with the City of Lake Worth to pursue new challenges.
Please join us on
Friday, October 21st
At the Lake Worth Golf Course Clubhouse
From 6:30 to 9:30
Everyone is invited to attend and please bring “party food” to share with all our neighbors. Chips, Dips, Finger Sandwiches or Wraps, Cookies, Appetizers, Veggie Trays, Cheese and Fruit Platters, Fruit Trays and Dips are all good ideas. , Water, Ice Tea and Lemonade will be provided and the Lagoon Bar at the Golf Course will open for purchasing adult beverages or soda.
This is a Lake Worth Neighborly Farewell to show our appreciation to Joe for all he’s done to support our neighborhoods. Tell your Friends and Neighbors. We sincerely Thank the City of Lake Worth for providing the venue and we hope to see you all there.
The Clubhouse is located at the very eastern end of 7th Avenue North. Plenty of FREE parking in the Golf Course parking lot.

Federal grant worth $23.2 million to bring new homes to central Lake Worth

Click title for link to the generally positive article on the program. A key point to remember here is that Commissioner Jo Ann Golden was against the city applying for the grant and initiated her second takeover attempt of the CRA once the CRA made the application for the federal grant. That does not keep her from mentioning the receipt of the grant as one of her accomplishments in her campaign literature. The CRA needs to spend 50% of the grant, which equates to just over $11 million by February 2012. The City was to transfer seven (7) properties to the CRA and all but one had title issues. It is my understanding that those problems are being worked on - the city needs to get some sign-offs by the end of the year so that the remainder can be transferred.

According to Joan Oliva, Executive Director of the CRA, they are nearing their limit of what properties the CRA can buy. The bulk of the money is being spent on rehabilitation since many of the properties that they have been purchasing were in poor to bad condition. She is optimistic that if everyone continues to work together, the CRA will be able to meet its goals and keep the remaining money.

"Aristotle argued that the size of an ideal polis extended to the limits of a herald’s cry. He believed that the human voice was directly linked to civic order. A healthy citizenry in a proper city required face-to-face conversation."

Quote from "Occupy Lake Worth" FaceBook page.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

LWHS Trojan Sound Marching Band

I got a call this Friday from the LWHS Band Director telling me that the Trojan Sound Marching Band of Lake Worth High School, of which I am an honorary member, would be competing for the first time, this season, at John I. Leonard.  He picked me up Saturday morning at 8:00am and I had the honor of watching this talented group of teens rehearse and then go perform at John I. Leonard High School where not only did the qualify for State Championship Competitions, first time in eight years but they also took away trophies for Best in Class Music, Superior Visual, Music and Percussion.  Please do them the honor of posting these pictures of their achievement.  They are truly and amazingly talented incredibly poised young group of teens that represent our City and we should all be proud of them.  I urge any of us to keep abreast of their performance schedule and come out and show some local support!  You won't be disappointed when you see them in action.

Thank you for always keeping our community up to date with the latest and greatest.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and may you all have a blessed week.

Best wishes,

Mark A. Parrilla
Genesis Neighborhood Association, Inc.