Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rumor has it that Commissioner Jennings will be giving a presentation about her time in office at the "swearing-out, swearing-in" ceremony, Friday, 11/5 @ 6 p.m.

After party at the L'il Owl Bar!

South Palm Park Neighborhood Association Meeting | November 9th

Report from Lake Worth Utilities Customer Service today:

A friend on mine went down to Utilities Customer Service today, early in the morning, to address an issue and to pay his bill.  He overheard a customer yelling at the city's Customer Service supervisor about how he closed on a building two weeks ago - power and water had never been turned on yet - and he was greeted with a bill for $4,000.  Apparently, the city was saying it was a legitimate charge and the two were going at it.  Finally, the gentleman whose name the service was in, who was also accompanied by his wife, said that he had buildings all over the County and has never had to deal with this anywhere but here.  He basically threw up his hands and said, "I guess it's attorney time."  They stormed out of the office.

Record Day Yesterday for Numbers of Visits!

Message from Robert Waples: 2212 Collier Ave

We will be back at 2212 Collier Ave this Saturday Morning @ 9AM  with the following goals:

Finish cleaning the Master Bedroom/Bathroom, Complete wipe down of all Furniture, Remove Mattresses from Master Bedroom, Remove more carpeting, Clean Windows inside and out, removal of wall paper.
We need about 10 plus Volunteers to help with these final steps to begin the rehab process.  

Future needs will be as follows.....
Assessments by General Contractor on repairs in and out side the home.  Such as repairing the sliding glass doors so they work, Electrical testing of all area's of the house to ensure that the wiring is safe, check of the plumbing to ensure proper operation, Outside lights wiring tested for replacement parts to be installed replacement of the window in the front door and misc.....minor repairs.

We also need additional funding sources to help pay for costs related to this rehab with leads to grants, donors and senior/disability services that can provide aide to this Lake Worth Resident.

The very many volunteers that have worked so hard on this project for the 14 weeks that we have been here, are so greatly appreciated and we are now so close to getting this homeowner back in her home and bringing the home back to code which will improve her quality of life and the quality of the neighborhood as a whole.  Being our largest project to date we need to keep the momentum going and bring the project to completion.  THANK YOU to everyone that has dedicated so much to this great project and lets move it to the final stage!

With all my heart, 
Robert E. Waples II - President
Planning & Zoning Board Lake Worth
Vice-Chair NAPC -
PBSO C.O.P Volunteer Unit 109

Volunteer to make a difference today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anyone else notice this placement issue on their ballot?

Sorry for the second image being sideways, Blogger is not behaving right today.  Many of you probably had this condition on your ballot - where the District #2 and #4 candidates appeared on page 1 and 2, respectively.  District #4 got lost on the upper left hand corner of the page that had mostly amendment, except for this race.  This is probably the reason for the 831 vote drop-off in total votes between the two races.  Since it was applied equally, it would probably not have much of an effect on the results - I heard neither of these campaigns talk about this issue though.  If one had and the other hadn't, it might have made a difference.

"The best candidates don't always win, but the best campaigns always do." - Mayor Varela

The quote above is one that I picked up from our own Mayor Rene Varela.  I wasn't around him last night or this morning to hear if he said it about the results of yesterday's election, but he could have and it would have been "spot on."  He said it to me a while ago in reference to recent elections in Lake Worth.  These were two good candidates that lost yesterday and Lake Worth is the worse for it.

These things I know.  Commissioner Jennings not running was a decision made from a position of strength, not one done in desperation.  Perhaps they thought it was too risky to run the Queen Bee for another term, but I doubt that this had much to do with the decision to sit this election out and run someone else for the District #2 seat.  She and her supporters had such supreme confidence in their organization (i.e., MACHINE), they believed that they could run Rice Krispies as a candidate and win.  And, in essence, they did.  Be ready for the continuing hagiography of Cara Jennings in ramping up for a run for Mayor next year from her disciples on the dais and regulars at Commission meetings - mark my words.

Like it or not, the victorious side has done a fine job at creating a narrative, based in large part on myths, that disguises the dire conditions of the city - conditions due in large part to their actions on the dais.  They have co-opted any objectivity that the Palm Beach Post could have with cozy associations with the editorial board there.  Anyone who is not with them is against them and compromise is seen as a weakness.  Independent thought is not only discouraged but in many ways specifically muted.  They don't want debate since there is only one way - theirs.  Period.  Anything associated with making a living, working and living in our consumer-oriented society is bad.  They alone have the keys to the way life should be lived and if we don't do as they do, we are part of the problem - so goes the narrative.

One person who is a professional graphic artist said that her reason for voting for McVoy was due to "All the yoga people are for him."  She was unaware of all the accumulated debris left in the wake of elections wins of this type.  Given this scenario, how is a message from a pro-business political action committee going to be translated to voters here?  It basically helps make their argument for them - that it is all about money and greed and wanting more.  I was not part of that group, but I specifically told certain leaders there that businesses don't vote - their customers may but it's the residents are the ones that vote.  I asked point blank how this message would be translated into votes on election day and never got a satisfactory answer.  Yes, businesses need a voice but the delivery and message of this group helped the opposition more than it hurt it - my opinion.

We people who care about the future of this city need to re-evaluate everything and turn a critical eye to ourselves.  To not do so will ensure future results like we experienced last night.

Welcome to the next two years!

Final Election Results for Lake Worth - 2010

Commissioner Dist No. 2 - Lake Worth (Vote For 1)
14 of 14 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Carla Blockson 46.72% 2,552
Christopher McVoy 53.28% 2,910

Commissioner Dist No. 4 - Lake Worth (Vote For 1)
14 of 14 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Lisa Maxwell 46.56% 2,156
Suzanne Mulvehill 53.44% 2,475
Thanks to the other blogger for doing the quick math.  This is from her blog:

"Using the money that was raised rather than the expense figures, as there is one more report to be filed, Lisa Maxwell raised $33,485.13 to date which equates to $15.53 a vote. Carla Blockson raised $19,638.46 to date equating to $7.70 per vote. The BAC PAC reported $15,565 to date, spending nearly all of it on the Blockson and Maxwell cause. A total of $68,688 was raised by these two candidates and this PAC to defeat McVoy and Mulvehill."

Results for Lake Worth as of 12:23 a.m.

Commissioner Dist No. 2 - Lake Worth (Vote For 1)
10 of 14 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Carla Blockson 47.72% 2,411
Christopher McVoy 52.28% 2,641
Commissioner Dist No. 4 - Lake Worth (Vote For 1)
10 of 14 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Lisa Maxwell 47.59% 2,005
Suzanne Mulvehill 52.41% 2,208

Amendment 4 is Defeated!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Pics - 2010 - Lake Worth

I can't get away without telling a few stories.  I went to vote at the Congregational Church around 2 p.m. and I was voter #257.  There was a pleasant group of like-minded citizen-residents there so I sat down, chatted, ate an apple and drank some water.  We were able to share some stories of the day.  This morning, someone called me about Dan Liftman, aide to Congressman Alcee Hastings.  Congressman Hastings had recently made a robo call on behalf of Carla Blockson, District #2 candidate.  It turns out that Mr. Liftman was wearing his Alcee Hastings shirt outside of the Shuffleboard Court building saying that wasn't Mr. Hastings who made the call and he wouldn't endorse a local candidate anyway, etc, and so forth.  So, I called their Mr. Hastings headquarters and told them what was going on.  Carla Blockson heard directly from Alcee Hastings that he banned Dan Liftman from Lake Worth for the day and apologized for his staff's behavior.  So, that was one drama.

After a little while, I left that polling location and went to the Baptist Church on M Street to wave a sign or two for about an hour or so.  There were other like-minded voters there and I chatted with them.  There were also two supporters of the other "team" there - Gael Sliverblatt and Lynda Mahoney.  Both of them were standing behind signs - in the street- supporting their candidates.  After a bit, I moved up behind them to maybe about 2 or 3 feet away and held my Blockson/Maxwell sign over my head and over their signs.  (Pic below was taken before)  At one point, the Jennings seniors (ma and pa) came up and Gael said, while I was standing close with arms raised, "Someone has a body odor problem." To which I replied, "I don't know why, I bathe more than once a week."  That was all.  I left around three o'clock.  We'll see what the results are later on tonight!

Message from City: Smoke Test Notice

The reason for this notice is:
A precautionary smoke test will be performed in the sewer lines to detect any perforated lines. There have been reports of a foul odor so we are performing this test to insure that all steps have been taken to take care of this issue. Smoke testing forces air that is filled with non-toxic and non-hazardous smoke into sewer mains and laterals. If there are any leaks the smoke will appear on surface. Keep in mind that direct contact with this smoke can cause minor respiratory irritation so if there are individuals that suffer from various respiratory conditions they should not come in contact with the smoke. Smoke should not enter your home, however if it does this could be an indication of a defect in your plumbing system. This defect could allow sewer gases to enter your home causing a foul odor. If you detect smoke in your home while smoke testing you will need to contact a licensed plumber to check your interior or exterior connection up to the property line. If smoke does enter your home or building during the test please notify the field technicians who are conducting the test. Therefore, as a precaution, the Utility is advising that all residents located at the following addresses: South Lake Side Drive: 108-110-114-116-118-122-130. South Golfview: 129-123-119-115-111.This precautionary will remain in effect: Two weeks. November 19th 2010. Residents will be notified if the City needs to extend this notice. Door hangers will be passed out. Should you have any questions please contact the Water Systems Department at (561) 586-1719.

Click here for Lake Worth Precinct and Polling locations

Monday, November 1, 2010


Lake Worth Utilities: "Understanding the Costs and Benefits”

Town Hall Meeting Series 
Lake Worth Utilities: "Understanding the Costs and Benefits” 
Hosted by Commissioner Scott Maxwell
Monday - November 1, 2010
6:00 p.m. at South Grade Elementary School
716 South K Street
 Meeting Topics To Include:
Understanding Your Utility Bill
Deposit Policy
Customer Service
Energy Conservation Program
History of Utility Rates
How Utility Profits Are Used

Heroes and Zeroes: Lizbeth Benacquisto, Hero; Kevin Rader, Randy Schultz, Zeroes - Rape as a campaign stunt? Were you even listening to her, guys?

Click title for link to article in Sunshine State News.  An excerpt:

"Schultz (Editorial Board at Palm Beach Post) actually comes off worse in this matter than Rader. In his Thursday editorial, “Politically timed revelation?” he suggests Benacquisto’s ad might not be a courageous public admission but “a calculated move in a key campaign.”

Who would do that? Who would keep a rape secret for 23 years, then, at a stressful time like the middle of a campaign -- all because of some publicity stunt -- decide to sit down and tell her teenage son and 11-year-old daughter? Does that really sound like a stunt to you?

Schultz implied that Benacquisto made her ad too quickly. And, who paid for it? The party? What nefarious outfit might that have been? Never mind that her campaign team might have seen how distraught she was and wanted it done quickly so she could move on.

By the way, I never saw any editorial that asked where Rader's money for advertising came from. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot for a minute. The Post endorsed Kevin Rader."

10.23.10 Comm. Scott Maxwell Utility Meeting Videos

From the Miami Herald yesterday: Poll: Major Fla. amendments unlikely to pass

Click title for link.

Palm Beach County Archaeological Society Nov 18

The Palm Beach County Archaeological Society 
 Invites You to Attend a Lecture Entitled:
The Archaeological Salvage of Spain’s Manila Galleon: Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion

Presented by Dr. Hank Parker of Georgetown University and
Mr. William Mathers, President of Pacific Sea Resources Inc.

During the Age of Exploration and into the 19th century, Spain’s magnificent Manila Galleons traveled an exotic trade route between Acapulco, Mexico and Manila, Philippines. The Manila Galleons were famously laden with rich cargoes of gold and jewels, valuable spices, silk textiles and a bounty of Asian goods to be traded in Europe and the Americas.  The  Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion sank off the  coast of Saipan in 1638. Together, Parker and Mathers will present a lecture detailing the spectacular discovery and salvage of the Nuestra de la Conception wreck, the first Manila Galleon ever to be archaeologically excavated! The Senora de la Conception project was featured in a major National Geographic article, a coffee table book and three films.

Join the PBCAS for a lively presentation:

Thursday November 18 at 7 :00 PM
  West Palm Beach Public Library
411 Clematis Street
Information: 561-215-7909

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Assoication: Meeting Reminder

Good Morning & Happy Halloween!
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, November 1st at 7pm the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Assoication will be meeting at Compass Center for our regularly scheduled meeting.
Highlights include:
1. Picking the Art for I.D. winner! You can still purchase tickets by clicking here
2. Upcoming Cleanups. The hot summer months are coming to a close and now is the time to get out back out into the neighborhood for some cleanups. We have some locations in mind, but will be looking for your suggestions.
3. Upcoming Fundraiser. Proceeds will benefit the Art for I.D. neighborhood identification project and suggestions for other non-profits will be taken.
4. Upcoming Speakers. The neighborhoods new code enforcement officer, Terry Edwards, will be attending our December meeting. However, we are looking for suggestions for who YOU would like to see/hear/speak at our meetings.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween and don't forget to vote on Tuesday!