Saturday, November 30, 2013

Circus Experience in Lake Worth

From an alert, loyal and studious reader comes this:

I read with interest your post about someone stealing Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's identity on Twitter. Over and over I read the tweets and there was something about the writing that was familiar. The references to "shape shifting," "reptilian involvement," etc.

Back from shopping and putting groceries away it dawned on me where I read something very familiar. 

Do you remember a blog in Lake Worth called the "Lake Worth Wingnut"? The last post on this blog was November 15, 2012. The blog regularly attacked Lake Worth residents and political figures using foul language and obscenities. 

Here are examples:

"Mary Lindsey and Scott Maxwell broke into a local children's hospital to, in the words of Lindsey, 'heckle the young and the innocent ones.' Maxwell and Lindsey were arrested then released without charges." March 14, 2010

"Lake Worth chapter of the Order of Reptilian [XXXX]-Slurpers has also taken a stance against Ophiucus, whom they feel is a symbol of oppression against reptiloid-type creatures. 'Of course I would never use your inferior Earth-based astrology for my daily horoscopes, but I am still offended by this new zodiac sign,' chortled notorious tantric [XXXX]-slurping expert, Mary Lindsey." May 1, 2011

"This just in, Mark Parilla, former member of the militant independence movement, the Young Lords, officially sold his soul earlier this morning to the Fasco-Reptilian Elite and the Lake Worth Coalition of Gentricating Dip Shits (LWCGDS). In an interview on the steps of Commissioner Scott Maxwell's Lake Worth dungeon complex, Parilla had this to say: 'It was really quite painless, all I had to do was foreswear any human emotion and promise to work towards the Great Yuppie Influx that is ordained for Lake Worth in 2012. I got some great slacks out of it.' " March 12, 2010

I tried to determine the writer of the blog but could not find. Maybe if someone has more time to scour the blog more could be found. 

Do you think I am on to something? The writing is similar and the symbolic language is also curiously alike. 

Another interesting thing, there are 7 members of the blog. One is party identified: Claudia (GaudXXX maybe?). The other gives her full name: Sue Stevens.



Shopping Local Today and All Days

Christie commentary: A new chapter in our legacy of community |

New leadership at the Post's editorial board. Click title for link.

As already reported by Pelican Pete...

This is the collection of tweets someone is creating under the guise of being Scott Maxwell. Which of our merrymakers do we have to blame for this?

BREAKING NEWS From the News Service of Florida, Wednesday, November 27

Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, has filed a measure (SB 450) that would expand the state's "Do Not Call" list to include text and electronic communications made through a landline, mobile or Internet telephone service. Currently, sales solicitation calls are prohibited on calls made by telephone solicitors to numbers on the list. The bill would expand the definition to include more modern methods of communications than direct phone calls. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services currently offers five-year subscriptions to the list free of charge for residential and mobile telephone numbers. There are more than 575,000 numbers on the list, of which 12,048 numbers were added in October, according to the department.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Call for compassionate assistance...

In the Lake Worth Herald this week the publisher, Mark Easton, reported a terribly sad story about one of our City employees, Nicole Johnson. While Ms. Johnson was at work she received a call that her apartment had been gutted by fire. Mr. Easton wrote: "The family is literally starting over and needs everything from furniture to dishes to towels and toys."

Per the article Mr. Easton reports a donation site has been set up for Nicole and her family:

There are other ways to help also, including City Hall contacts and a list of family's clothing sizes, which Mr. Easton lists in the article. Every little bit helps. Thanks for caring.

Small businesses offer big deals Saturday to lure holiday... |

Nice mention of Lake Worth's efforts in the Shop Local program starting now through the end of the holidays. Click title for link. From the article:
One of the more successful areas in Palm Beach County, because it’s more active, is Lake Worth.
The entertainment and special promotions Merchants of Downtown Lake Worth put together every year make a difference, said Joyce Brown, who coordinates the event for the MOD squad, as the group calls itself. MOD started with Black Friday, but is pushing Small Business Saturday this year too.
With 40 active businesses, shoppers can get a shopping center experience with the small-town charm.
“Most businesses are offering at least 5 percent if you spend over $30, and some are offering up to 50 percent off,” she said.
And this year, businesses are really relying on weekend sales.
“It’s been such a slow summer and slow start to season in town that people are really hurting,” Brown said.

Citizens for Sensible Improvements: Boca Del Mar

Word out of Boca Raton that there is a new group that is fighting for the redevelopment of the Mizner Trail golf course. Click title for link to their blog. Seems like there is a problem with people being open to change and improvement there as well. Apparently, dissension on is not tolerated and "no" seems to be a favorite word among some residents on the other side of the issue.

This is from the blog.
Kollman and CSI support the proposed new development so the community can be beautified and restored.  “My neighbors and I are tired of living on a blighted eyesore.  It’s time the homeowners of Boca Del Mar realize that property values will continue to be depressed if something isn’t done.  This problem will not just go away on its own.

Kollman and his neighbors were inspired to take action after they witnessed the most recent Board of Directors Meeting of the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association (BDMIA) on June 17, 2013 concerning the new building plans for the Mizner Trail project. The meeting of over 125 fellow homeowners started with a BDMIA board member stating that, although this meeting was scheduled to review the latest plans and vote to either support or oppose the project, the Board of Directors had already voted ‘No’ to oppose the plan.  The board vote was decided without any formal presentation of the site plan for Mizner Trail Properties by their land planner or other representative.
And then this:
CSI: Boca Del Mar wants homeowners in the Boca Del Mar community to be informed of the benefits of this project and to help support the beautification of this deserted and overgrown site.  “Progress cannot be made from consistently saying no without purpose or reason,” says Kollman.

Earth First! Journal Hosts Film Festival in Lake Worth This Weekend

Our Earth First! friends are hopping on the "Love Train" celebrating the arts in Lake Worth just about six-ways-from-Sunday. Click title for word from the ferocious Fire Ant about the 2013 Earth First! Film Fest that claims it will show a "weekend of films to fuel the eco-resistance against the Capitol." The Capitol of what, we are not sure. It's this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the Quaker Meeting House on North A Street. Doors open an hour before the films begin so you can mix and mingle with the monkeywrenchers of your choice. You do have to bring cash money. $25 gets you free passage for the entire week, including time on the Red Carpet opening night.
This dovetails with the EarthFirst! Journal Art Auction, part of their multi-thousand dollar fundraiser so they can finally get a newsletter out the damn door to satisfy their subscribers' rabid and ravenous hunger for information on banner hangs and tree sits. They are 10% on their way to the goal of $30,000 by year end. Go dudes, go! Check out some of the art here.

Here's a pic from one of their latest actions.

Thanksgiving Bike Ride to West Palm Beach

A nice little bike ride, a total of 13 or 14 miles, is one from the northern part of Lake Worth to downtown West Palm Beach. Usually people point out how much public land Lake Worth has on the water. This list includes the beach, of course, the golf course, north and south parts of Bryant Park and the park on South Lakeside. A little different, but still public land, is the sidewalk - essentially a linear park - along the west side of the Intracoastal Waterway, for the most of the length of Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. 

You can start just north of Lake Worth and continue along a sidewalk along the seawall through the downtown and up to around 25th Street. That's where you finally lose the water access. My favorite part is the sweeping underpass at the Royal Park (middle) Bridge to Palm Beach. And then you have the Snook Island-like improvements to the area north of the middle bridge, along with day docks and pedestrian walkways over water and improvements to the area between the seawall and Flagler Drive. That last part was designed by the Michael Singer Group, the same people that guided the re-design of our beach renovation plan with slightly different results.
Last year, West Palm Beach introduced a sand castle-like tree in the middle of the open space at the eastern end of Clematis Street - where the old library used to be. Well, it is back again this year, supposedly a little bigger. We snagged these pictures of it and the area yesterday. The large sculpture is still a bit of a work in progress as some of the details were lacking. There are also smaller piles of sand here and there that will receive a similar treatment in the days to come.
One passerby, walking her dog, came up to us and insisted that this thing wasn't all sand and that there was a wooden structure underneath it. She, apparently not overcome by the holiday spirit, believed that the whole thing was a sham and a lie. So, there's that.
These are some of the holiday events planned over the next few weeks while the sculptures are up. These signs were prominently displayed around the general area.
Some of the sponsors of the sand sculpture and the holiday programming - notable that FPL is a sponsor. When was the last time our Lake Worth Electric Utility sponsored an event, other than underwriting part of the city's general fund expenditures? At least the amount of that contribution is in the process of a multi-year dial back which will put our rates on par with FPL eventually.

The pavilion in the picture above can be rented out much in the same way our ballroom can be rented out. Many events are programmed there and it has its own catering facilities. Given pleasant weather conditions, the building can be opened up to the patio area between it and the water.
Being Thanksgiving day, there weren't a whole lot of people around, but there were a few that paused or walked through while we were there.
And it was nice to see our Lake Worth business owner, come West Palm Beach City Commissioner be recognized on one of the sponsor identification signs. We'll be back to check on the progress of the other sand sculptures later, perhaps when an event is going on.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Keren Bolter - PhD Candidate - Florida Atlantic University 11/29 by High Noon in Lake Worth | News Podcasts

Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Keren Bolter to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios. Keren is a 4th year Geosciences PhD candidate at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and a researcher for the FAU Center for Environmental Studies. As a consultant for the Southeast Florida Regional Planning Council, Keren has helped organize a Data Common conversation to understand the challenges and opportunities of using data to drive change in Southeast Florida. 
In her dissertation research, Keren uses LIDAR digital elevation and water table models in GIS to map vulnerability to inundation, storm surge, and flooding risk. Methods includes analysis of these impacts of SLR, addressing physical, socioeconomic, and health implications. Keren has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Tufts University and a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from FAU. Keren has commitment and drive towards increasing awareness; she has presented at numerous lectures, meetings and even with a TEDx talk. Keren worked for two years as a NSF Fellow in the GK-12 program, which was aimed to promote high school student engagement in science education. 
Click title for link to live show between 12 and 1 p.m., or for the archived show once it airs. Leave question as comments below.

The incredible mile-long floating CITY - complete with schools, a hospital, parks and an airport for its 50,000 residents | Mail Online

This would be 15,000 people more than Lake Worth on a mile long ship, with airport at 25 stories. It would even have schools. Who would be the people living on this? I must say, it is one way to avoid complications from sea level rise. Would they have City Commission meetings? Click title for link.

Editorial: More patience may prove less costly |

Andrew Marra weighs in on the Flagler Memorial (north) bridge, its so called "fix" and how some people will fail to be inconvenienced, regardless of price. Beach renourishment is another example of misapplication of priorities and money. Click title for link.

Water Exercise at the Pool this morning...

Class at 10 a.m. on Sunday too!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...

Little known fact from the first Thanksgiving!

Thanks and wishes



to all of TRNA's friends and neighbors.

I am so thankful for all the interest you show in our neighborhood.

Don't forget we have a meeting next Monday (7:00pm, First Church of Nazarine, 2nd Ave N. and N. D street). We will be having elections so I hope to see as many of you as possible there.


Westwood residents stage rally to save buffer |

The residents here that have benefitted from this berm have a point here. It appears that there was an "end around" done by the developer through the County on whose right-of-way is whose. There are areas like this throughout the County - and elsewhere - where the difference between incorporated area (municipality) and unincorporated area (County) is very thin. Click title for link to article.

Happy Hanukkah!

Commissioner (Vice Mayor) Scott Maxwell Kicks-off his Campaign last night...

At Brogue's Downunder, a sizable crowd assembled to hear our District #1 Commissioner talk about what is needed for Lake Worth to continue to improve and move forward. Here are his remarks and some pics from the event.

Note at the beginning of his talk, he points out all of the former and current elected officials that attended - including many from other communities. Impressive and slightly unusual to see so many at the type of local Lake Worth event. I take it as a good sign.

Commissioners Amoroso and Szerdi

Mayor Pam Triolo, center

Christian group gets permit, plans nativity scene at Florida... |

I wonder what former High Noon in Lake Worth guest David Silverman would think about this set of circumstances. You might recall that Mr. Silverman's atheist group petitioned and worked for an atheist monument in front of the Starke, Florida courthouse after a monument of the Ten Commandments was placed there. Click title for link to article.

Royal Poinciana Way zoning change petition drive heats up |

Apparently this is how the petition signature gatherers in Palm Beach are skirting the HB 537 ban on referenda related to comprehensive plans or development orders. They are petitioning to change the zoning text related to the PUD-5. If it doesn't pass, the comprehensive plan changes are irrelevant. From the Shiny Sheet article, click title for link.
The brief language on the petition sheets applies to the zoning text amendment, not the comprehensive plan amendment, which is under the authority of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. But if the zoning text amendment is defeated in a referendum, the comprehensive plan amendment will be irrelevant, Town Attorney John Randolph said. 
This is all about the long simmering battle on how to handle sensitive redevelopment of Royal Poinciana Way.

What’s in a political name? Maybe humor |

This is a fun article. Apparently the State of Florida has revised its handbook on political campaigns and financial reporting requirements. It dumped some "funny names" that are identified in the article that were used in the former book. Later on, it mentions other political groups that span a wide range of causes, acronyms and purposes. These caught my eye as likely-named groups that could be spawned in our city. Click title for link to article.
Many of the committee names clearly reflect the industries or trade organizations behind them.
But an equal if not greater number divulge little, if anything, about the organization’s purpose or stands on issues or candidates.
Take, for example, “Truth is the Daughter of Time,” “Citizens for a Reality Check,” “Creating Possibilities,” or the “Committee Without an Agenda.”
A perusal of the 911 active committees registered with the Division of Elections reveals some common themes such as strength, integrity and responsibility.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Florida wind farm’s antagonists: environmentalists - Opinion -

RE-POST from June 10, 2012:

It's been a long time since we've heard about Commissioner McVoy's wind turbines at the beach.  That was part of the package of half-hearted environmental promises that were sure to make the beach redevelopment project into a "beacon of green" for those who proclaim Lake Worth as a model sustainable community.  You won't be hearing anything about those at the triumphant ground-breaking this fall - or at least you shouldn't since many of the "green" parts of the building are left to the tenant's build-out.  We also haven't heard much from Drew Martin recently, but he is quoted in the article and, consistent with trait, has found another thing to "just say no" to.  Click title for link - the article does raise some interesting questions.

Firm cancels Glades wind farm plan, cites lack of Florida... |

Even with a DEP permit, the company pulls the plug on the project. Click title for link to Christine Stapleton's article:
“Right now that’s not the state’s agenda — to bring cheap and reliable power to citizen,” said Geoff West, a regulatory specialist at Normandeau Associates in Gainesville and environmental project manager for Sugarland Wind, a project of the St. Louis-based Wind Capital Group. West said the current political environment and incentives favor natural gas, not renewable energy sources such as wind and solar."

U.S. Unveils Military Strategy for Arctic - Inter Press Service

The military is one of our institutions that realizes that sea level rise is happening. This may seem a little obvious, but most of the Navy's facilities are built at sea level and so is their infrastructure. Here, in this article, the prospect of new strategic tensions might arise with the opening of the Arctic Sea. Click title for link.
“With Arctic sea routes starting to see more activities like tourism and commercial shipping, the risk of accidents increases. Migrating fish stocks will draw fishermen to new areas, challenging existing management plans,” Hagel [U.S. Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel] told a security conference in Canada on Friday, where he announced the new strategy.
“And while there will be more potential for tapping what may be as much as a quarter of the planet’s undiscovered oil and gas, a flood of interest in energy exploration has the potential to heighten tensions over other issues.”
Scientists are currently suggesting that Arctic waters could be almost completely ice-free for a month at a time by the middle of the coming decade, with longer periods forecasted by 2030. Some now worry that such conditions could result in a global free-for-all – what Hagel called “unprecedented challenges”.
“Throughout human history, mankind has raced to discover the next frontier. And time after time, discovery was swiftly followed by conflict,” Hagel said.

Surf at the Lake Worth beach today...

Donate to our Job Fair Raffle

Lake Worth
Community Redevelopment Agency
29 South J Street, Suite 1
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Dear Businessperson:

Our plans are underway for our upcoming Job Fair on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

As you may know the Job Fair will be held at the Lake Worth Shuffleboard Courts Building, 1121 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth, FL 33460.

This Job Fair will be a great opportunity for the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency to continue to make a positive difference in our community.

We would also like this to be an opportunity for us to showcase neighboring businesses and its products or services even though you may not be physically present.

We will be holding raffles during the Job Fair where applicants will be able to enter each raffle by “liking” / “following” each donating business’s social media page and posting social media messages about the Job Fair. Would you be willing to donate a prize to be used in the raffles? We are expecting 20 employers and approximately 500 applicants.

Please note, our organization is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so your donation could be tax-deductible.

If you are able to donate, please send the donation and a list of your social media sites to the above address, Attention: Job Fair 2013. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Dahlia Baker at 561-573-1418. For your convenience, we can also arrange for pick-up. Thank you for your time and for considering this request. We look forward to creating a stronger community with you.

Happy holidays!
Dahlia Baker

Charles Darwin

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Important Piece of Local History to be Featured Tonight...

Review the Chillingworth Murders, Discovery Network at 10 p.m., via Historical Society of Palm Beach County on Facebook.

Despite city approval, residents still fighting to stop... |

So far this Leisureville group raised $500 towards legal fees that will be charged by their land use attorney. They are fighting the approval of the Holiday Inn Express in Boynton Beach. The amount they raised will get you about two and a half hours of professional services.

Which brings up the question, again, about where are the legal fees for the Respectful Planning Lake Worth PAC that were used in the preparation of their petition and filing in court to force the city to recognize the results of the March election? Also, where are the legal fees for the years of challenging and mediation surrounding the Sunset property? Surely that fight must be funded by the well-healed residents of Lake Osborne and Collier Drives. Click title for link to article.

State approves Palm Beach County wind farm - Sun Sentinel

Not surprising Drew Martin doesn't like the project. We will let you know when and if he likes something to do with change. You'll read it first here. From the article:
"We were just really shocked and surprised at this," Graham said about Sugarland Wind getting its state permit. "DEP jumped the gun."
The Sierra Club also objects to the wind farm.
"We are very concerned. We don't think that it's a good location because of the threat to endangered birds," said Drew Martin of the Sierra Club."
Should Carolyn Deli's dogs be interviewed? What do THEY think about the project!?

Southern Boulevard Bridge to Palm Beach in line for repairs |

The design is actually great news - more room for pedestrian and bike traffic. Right now, it is a teeth-gritting experience crossing on a bike between the passing cars, the people fishing and rough pavement. Click title for link to article.
"The $67 million replacement project calls for new two-lane bridges (one lane in each direction). The main bridge will be built a few yards north of the existing drawbridge and the shorter fixed-span will be built slightly south of the existing one.
The new drawbridge will have a vertical clearance of 21 feet – 11 feet higher than the current drawbridge.
The bridges will include 10-foot-wide shoulders, including 5 feet for bike lanes, and 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the road."

Beach plan delayed after bids come in too high |

Beach renourishment for the Town of Palm Beach comes in almost twice higher than expected. As Judge Judy would say, this sounds like a "whole bunch of who shot John" as far as excuses from the staff regarding the surprise. They will attempt some interim projects in the mean time. Click title for link to article.
There were two bids, which were opened Thursday, Town Manager Peter Elwell told the Shore Protection Board on Monday. They were $27.3 million from Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, which is based in Oak Brook, Ill., and $23 million from Manson Construction, based in Seattle.
The town had budgeted $11.6 million, and expected the offers might be in the range of $12 million to $15 million, Elwell said.
“It was extremely disappointing,” he said. “It was higher than anything we have ever seen.
A Palm Beach resident calls the town's practice of beach renourishment "Botox beach" in this opinion piece in the Shiny Sheet. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't miss this...tomorrow 11/26 at Brogues Downunder...

RSVP to Joseph Russo at 561 512 7306

At this event, shiny objects are welcome! Just make sure they have a value 
of less than $1,000 per person or entity.

Coastal Hazard Statement Statement as of 3:07 AM EST on November 25, 2013

... Rip current risk remains in effect through Tuesday evening... 

* timing... through Tuesday.

* Impacts... rough surf and life threatening rip currents are 
expected through Tuesday. Minor to moderate beach erosion will 
be possible. 

Precautionary/preparedness actions... 

There is a high risk of rip currents.

Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away
from shore... which occur most often at low spots or breaks in The
Sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as jetties and
piers. Heed the advice of lifeguards and the beach patrol. Pay
attention to flags and posted signs.

If you become caught in a rip current... do not panic. Remain calm
and begin to swim parallel to shore. Once you are away from the
force of the rip current... begin to swim back to the beach. Do
not attempt to swim directly against a rip current. Even a strong
swimmer can become exhausted quickly.

Tales from a former teenage "John Bircher"...

Click here for more on Claire Connor's story.

14 arrested for prostitution, 15 'Johns'' apprehended in PBSO crackdown in Lake Worth

Abandoned properties contribute to the proliferation of prostitution as they provide a convenient place to lay one's head. PBSO is addressing the problem, but the supply of vacant and abandoned properties remains. Click title for link.

Florida ports’ job creation claims disputed |

Don't believe everything you hear about job creation through expansion of the Panama Canal and increased port traffic in Florida according to this article. This is consistent with Dr. Bill Stronge's reaction when he appeared on a recent High Noon in Lake Worth episode. Click title for link.
Not everyone believes such supersized claims. K.C. Conway, chief economist for commercial real estate brokerage Colliers International, looks at the predictions and sees hype.
“The most BS out there is the number of jobs being created by the Panama Canal expansion,” Conway said during a Nov. 12 presentation at the RealShare Industrial conference in Miami.

Skilled construction workers in short supply - Sun Sentinel

Seems workers may stay in the greener pastures they fled to when the construction economy tanked in Florida. Click title for link. Here is a bit from the article:
"We're starting to feel it now and it's slowly going to get worse," said Jon Tori, senior vice president of The Weitz Co. in Fort Lauderdale.
Florida's construction industry lost half its employment during the recession and housing crisis. As projects were stalled, many construction workers and specialty trades workers left to work in the oil industry, return to their native country or just left the business, industry observers say.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A couple observations about the Lake Worth Beach Art Festival over the weekend...

We were able to go both days. Sunday seemed to be the better attended day. We were there around 2 p.m. and just missed the weather change. If you weren't there then, you missed a waterspout just off shore. Then wind and rain commenced "out of the blue" that would have sent attendees and vendors packing. It would have been a long haul for the vendors since they surely had their vehicles in the lower lot, as everyone must have since the upper lot was completely closed off for parking and turned over to vendor space.
Above is the list of special events held or to be held at the beach during November.

To my knowledge, this was the first time the city did this, but is part of a series of events that will use the upper parking area like today. For the attendee, it was a great venue and you really got the sense that you were at the ocean. You were also able to catch glimpses of the Gulfstream Hotel. I am not sure how much our downtown benefitted from the increased attraction of the beach due to the event. The crowd did not seem like the typical Lake Worth sort, it looked like people from the barrier island. I guess that is the cost of having to pay for a building and project that we couldn't afford or admit we would have to cater to a "non-Lake Worth" clientele. After all, we rank between Belle Glade and Riviera Beach in poverty rates. The people that I saw at the event looked like retirees from the northeast.

Here are some pictures, besides the ones I already posted, that point out some of the flaws of the layout of the beach that still can be addressed, if we want to talk about them.
This woman, being assisted by a cane, is making her way from the lower parking area over the "dune" and complained about the walk as we passed by her. We acknowledged that she had a point.
Above, this is a view looking from the upper parking area to the full lower parking area. It was also full to over-flowing on Sunday. Saturday there was a small army of city parking staff monitoring the parking lot for violations, one would presume. Sunday, it was a bit "hairy" navigating part of the loop road on a bike - especially the intersection just west of the Casino building. There seems to be a lot of confusion at that corner and it doesn't help when most of the drivers are over 80 years age.
Above, in the distance along the bike path between the parking area and the seawall is a worker from Benny's. He is making the multiple daily trek to the nearest dumpster, just south of the Casino building - the one that was immediately west of the pier was full both days we were there. Part of the cost of doing business at the beach.
This is from Sunday. The vendor/pedestrian space between the parking area and the Casino building was the most congested due to two rows of vendors along what was a much narrower walkway than the parking area. Between people with bikes, hover-rounds, baby carriages, etc., it was more than a little claustrophobic. We saw Palm Beach County fire rescue people who seemed to be looking for someone in response to a call and were having a hard time doing so.
Above, you can see the rescue wagon there, lights on, but not moving anywhere. There were also a lot of people parking in the county park to the north.
And despite having what seems like abundant bicycle parking when an event is not taking place, you can many people use impromptu facilities, not designed for bike storage, during the event. The areas where there was built-in bike storage were overtaken by vendors and attendees.

Hopefully some of these issues can be addressed. We are going to have to use the beach in this manner in order for it to be the "money-maker" our leaders told us it would be. Commissioner McVoy is one that is still on the dais.

Experts alarmed by increase in Baker Acts |

Sad commentary on our society's state of affairs when the criminal justice system serves as the intake and last chance for many with mental illness. This was echoed by Paul Gionfriddo in his appearance on High Noon in Lake Worth last December. Paul is a Lake Worth resident and an advocate the humane treatment of those with mental illness. Click title for link to article. Here is some of the jist:
Baker Acting has increased 79 percent in Florida over the past decade, according to the Baker Act Reporting Center at the University of South Florida. Part of the reason for the surge may be that, "you have an economic environment where people lose jobs … that also increases the pressure that they feel. People get to the breaking point," Pittman said.
Kristina Ragosta, the director of advocacy at the Treatment Advocacy Center in Washington, D.C., said she isn't sure if the spike is necessarily a red flag for over-usage of the law, or a red flag regarding inadequate follow-up treatment with patients.

Lake Worth Beach Art Festival - Day II

Balky old Flagler bridge requires delicate work on new one |

More on the north bridge, this time by the Post. Click title for link.
“We did not expect settlement two weeks ago. We did not expect settlement last year. We expected to be able to build this bridge adjacent to the old bridge without having any kind of problems at all. That’s our history with numerous bridges we have built before,’’ James Wolfe, regional secretary for the state Department of Transportation, said in an interview with The Palm Beach Post.
“Of course, that means, what is our level of assurance now? We’ve run numbers again. We’ve done our best engineering. But are we certain? Well, no, we are no longer certain about what is going to happen with this old bridge.’’

Police, contractors, DOT made Flagler Memorial Bridge closure... |

Reading this editorial from the Shiny Sheet, one gets the idea that residents' Bentleys and Ferraris could go about their merry way without too much nonsense or mayhem, still keep their tennis date with Madge, still have tea and crumpets at the appropriate time of day and round out the day with cocktails at the club. Here, here to those humble public servants that made it all possible. Click title for link.

All Aboard Florida unveils site of its downtown Fort Lauderdale station. - Sun Sentinel

This is a good example of what "transit-oriented development" or TOD will look like in the future along railroad tracks here in south Florida. What is described in this article is a smaller variety that will cater to the riders of the All Aboard Florida line. This high speed train will only have stops in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. But similar facilities are likely to appear around selected station locations planned for the "Coastal Link" that will provide rail service on eastern tracks, in addition to Tri-Rail service. Click title for link. A bit about the Ft. Lauderale station area:
A largely ignored area at the north edge of downtown could be transformed into a new city center, with housing and retail rising around a landmark rail station that connects people to trains, buses and streetcars.