Saturday, November 30, 2013

From an alert, loyal and studious reader comes this:

I read with interest your post about someone stealing Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's identity on Twitter. Over and over I read the tweets and there was something about the writing that was familiar. The references to "shape shifting," "reptilian involvement," etc.

Back from shopping and putting groceries away it dawned on me where I read something very familiar. 

Do you remember a blog in Lake Worth called the "Lake Worth Wingnut"? The last post on this blog was November 15, 2012. The blog regularly attacked Lake Worth residents and political figures using foul language and obscenities. 

Here are examples:

"Mary Lindsey and Scott Maxwell broke into a local children's hospital to, in the words of Lindsey, 'heckle the young and the innocent ones.' Maxwell and Lindsey were arrested then released without charges." March 14, 2010

"Lake Worth chapter of the Order of Reptilian [XXXX]-Slurpers has also taken a stance against Ophiucus, whom they feel is a symbol of oppression against reptiloid-type creatures. 'Of course I would never use your inferior Earth-based astrology for my daily horoscopes, but I am still offended by this new zodiac sign,' chortled notorious tantric [XXXX]-slurping expert, Mary Lindsey." May 1, 2011

"This just in, Mark Parilla, former member of the militant independence movement, the Young Lords, officially sold his soul earlier this morning to the Fasco-Reptilian Elite and the Lake Worth Coalition of Gentricating Dip Shits (LWCGDS). In an interview on the steps of Commissioner Scott Maxwell's Lake Worth dungeon complex, Parilla had this to say: 'It was really quite painless, all I had to do was foreswear any human emotion and promise to work towards the Great Yuppie Influx that is ordained for Lake Worth in 2012. I got some great slacks out of it.' " March 12, 2010

I tried to determine the writer of the blog but could not find. Maybe if someone has more time to scour the blog more could be found. 

Do you think I am on to something? The writing is similar and the symbolic language is also curiously alike. 

Another interesting thing, there are 7 members of the blog. One is party identified: Claudia (GaudXXX maybe?). The other gives her full name: Sue Stevens.