Friday, March 11, 2016

Political signs being vandalized in Lake Worth—But whatever you do, don't get angry! Call 561-398-8340

Spread the Word! Lake Worth Commissioner Amoroso's political signs are being vandalized and part of the reason is to make you angry. Don't get angry. Call Commissioner Amoroso at 561-398-8340 and tell him you want another of his signs.

There are several tactics the Anarchists in Lake Worth employ. They steal signs or cut the metal supports and there are other methods they use as well. One of the ways you can look at this is the Anarchists see Commissioner Amoroso as a real threat and they are trying to damage his campaign for re-election. That means he is being truly effective.

Stealing and vandalizing political signs from private property is a CRIME.

If you had a political sign in your yard and it was stolen or vandalized you can also call the PBSO non-emergency number 561-688-3400 to report it. Whoever stole your political sign trespassed on your property and is disrespecting your right to Free Speech.