Sunday, January 31, 2016

On this day in Florida History JANUARY 31

1831 The Bank of Pensacola was formed today.

1863 Confederate authorities report that in the District of East Florida, there are 810 men and officers on duty, while the District of Middle Florida as a total of 751 men and officers.

1881 Eleazer K. Foster assumed the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction today in Tallahassee.

1891 The grand Tampa Bay Hotel opened for guests today. A grand ball would be held on February 5.

1897 The citizens of the community of Lakemont considered changing its name today to "Frostproof" after being spared serious damage to citrus crops during two consecutive hard freezes. The formal incorporation of the community as "Frostproof" occurred on August 8, 1914.

1951 Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band was born in Hialeah.

1958 The first American satellite, Explorer I, was placed into orbit today by the Army Ballistic Missile Agency from Cape Canaveral aboard a Jupiter C rocket.

1961 Ham, America's first astrochimp, was shot into space today in an 18 minute flight that reached an altitude of 150 miles. Ham's flight in the Mercury capsule is a preliminary test before the launching of a human into orbit.

1971 Apollo 14 was successfully launched today at Cape Canaveral.