Tuesday, January 26, 2016

'Mr. Snarky' visits Lake Worth and read how Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler dealt with people just like 'Mr. Snarky' and. . .why you need to start having fun today!

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I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this like I planned to last night. I had a list of points that was as long as your arm. Last night I posted a tease of what was to come which might come at some point later, maybe next week some time, or maybe not at all. The 'tease' is below and will indicate where that begins.

This morning woke up and Ft. Lauderdale's mayor, Jack Seiler (D), came to my mind and got to thinking about that. Many of the very same people who are in Lake Worth right now causing trouble were in Ft. Lauderdale doing the same thing and he was interviewed by WIOD's Rick Sanchez; you can listen to that here. Mayor Seiler was given the very same treatment that Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amoroso are being treated to right now.

People like 'Mr. Snarky' are saying that Triolo, Maxwell, and Amoroso hate homeless people, they'll say things that will make a child cry like a "curfew" is coming, your child's risk of cancer will increase if you vote for them, and the water will turn dark brown if you don't vote for the right people. There are some in the press that will help spread these lies like a newspaper or a TV news station. The public will hear all this stuff but they'll have their chance to speak on election day, just like the public spoke in Ft. Lauderdale on February 10th, 2015:
Don't get upset. You'll have your chance to speak on March 15th, just like the people in Ft. Lauderdale did.
Part of the reason for the attacks on people like Seiler, Triolo, et al is to depress voter turnout. They want you to get disgusted and sick of the whole process. So what to do? Do the opposite. Get excited about the process and get all your friends and neighbors to get involved too. Don't get disgusted by the news media that's helping to spread the lies—just laugh at them. They're just a joke anyhow. 

When you read something from a 'columnist', or read a blog or a tabloid or see a flyer spreading lies and misinformation don't get upset. It's just part of the game. Take that information and pass it on to someone at the City or take it to someone in your neighborhood you trust will get it to the people who can deal with it properly. Start having fun today and don't let people like 'Mr. Snarky' get under your skin!

Without further ado, here is my 'tease' from last night:

'Mr. Snarky' thinks that three elected leaders† from Lake Worth going to Tallahassee to get our slice of the pie is a really bad idea. And he also thinks Lake Worth should spend a whole lot of money to build another homeless shelter because:
"The last time I checked that [the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center] is in West Palm Beach."
Once again, every other problem and issue in Lake Worth takes a back seat to the one issue that 'Mr. Snarky' thinks is THE most important: the homeless. The City is doing everything it can to help the homeless, the private sector in contributing, and so are groups like the Lord's Place and many, many others. 

But that's not enough for 'Mr. Snarky'. He wants more. The video below is 'Mr. Snarky' at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting on Tuesday, 1/19. The video is from the City's website taken off a TV screen so the quality of the video is poor but you can close your eyes and clearly hear 'Mr. Snarky'.

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†The three Lake Worth officials that took the time to travel to Tallahassee to get more money for our City are Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amoroso.