Friday, December 4, 2015

It's OK. Smile. Enjoy yourself and have a good time—the revival of the Gulf Stream Hotel is on the horizon!

Post editorial on 12/4: Gulfstream [or Gulf Stream*] Hotel "finally inching toward a renaissance."
First, my reaction when I read The Palm Beach Post editorial this morning is that the paper's editorial board takes on the role of Captain Obvious with an editorial titled, "Iconic Lake Worth hotel essential for economic revival". As we already know, that is indeed the case. And there are other economic dominoes that will fall into place, including the establishment of the Park of Commerce and other exciting projects in and around the downtown.

I digress, for those of you who don't know who Captain Obvious is, here is an actor to explain (a fellow with an uncanny resemblance to our iconic City resident, Herman Robinson): But it doesn't stop there. It gets better for our City. Here is a recap of more good Lake Worth news in today's print edition of the Post:
  • Page B3; Lake Worth beat reporter Kevin Thompson on more lighting for the Royal Poinciana neighborhood in an article titled, "Neighborhood finally sees the light".
  • Also on B3 another article by Mr. Thompson about the proposed greenway for 5th Ave South.
  • In the same article we learn a City resident hasn't had another bike stolen which is a big relief for all of us. PBSO Captain Baer had a thing or two to say about that
  • In the Business section is an article that will make Commissioner Ryan Maier beam with delightreporter Jennifer Sorentrue has the latest on the Loggerhead Marine Center and sea turtles.
  • And in the 'D' section on new homes, Tuscany Square in downtown Lake Worth takes top honors, above the fold in the paper, and rightfully so.
Back to the editorial. Imagine you are someone whose favorite day of the year is July 4th and you've been waiting and preparing for that day for a long time. You look at the calendar and see it falls on a Thursday and you have Friday off. No matter what happens over the weekend (assuming you remain intact) you still have work to do on Monday. That's how you look at the Post editorial and their editors. It's a very small firecracker in a very large fireworks show and one editorial doth not unringeth the bell. But it remains a hopeful sign.

I hope that the conclusion of the editorial is truly the case. That is we are over stumbling over ourselves and will do everything as a community to see that the re-opening of this fine, historic hotel will happen. We will finally be able to welcome tourists into our city and let them see what a wonderful place Lake Worth is.

Enjoy your weekend!

*This will be the subject of a post later on this blog.