Thursday, September 17, 2015

Unbelievable news from Cpt. Baer of Lake Worth's District 14 PBSO: What is wrong with our City's bicyclists?

[See below for update: how quickly an unlocked bike can be stolen!]

You have to be burying your head in the sand not to know there is a bicycle theft problem in our City. Most, you'd think, would take the necessary precautions to protect their ride. Captain Baer correctly identified our City as a very bike-friendly City and many residents use bikes for exercise, enjoyment, and doing errands. Consequently there are a high number of bikes being used and, not surprisingly, a high number of bikes targetted for theft.

There have been 144 bike thefts so far this year. How many do you think were unlocked?

For those of you without a calculator that's 53%. How many bikes were stolen because they used a cheap lock? 

Remember, these stolen bikes add to our crime rate in the City. When you don't lock your bike, or use a cheap lock, when your bike gets stolen you are contributing to the City's crime rate statistics (not to mention our reputation for ill-informed/indifferent bicyclists).

What's the answer? Go to one of our local expert bike shops and learn where and how to lock your bike properly. Stop playing the innocent victim and follow the wise advice given below by an expert in such matters:
Meet Mike Ogonowski of Relentless Bicycles. Stop by his shop and find out how to keep your bike from being stolen. Below is his bike shop location information.
Get a good lock and learn where and how to use it! There are 2 local bike shops in the little City of Lake Worth where you can purchase a lock that will better deter thieves from stealing your ride:
Relentless Bicycles
702 Lucerne Ave
Family Bicycle
127 South Dixie Hwy

From PBSO: On 08/30/15, the male shown in the attached stills stole the victim’s bicycle while he was around the corner making a purchase from Starbucks [downtown Lake Worth]. The building camera captured the entire incident. If you feel you know who the individual shown stealing the bike is, please reach out to me at any of the methods listed below. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Detective Harper ID# 7643
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
PBSO Property Crimes Division
120 North G Street
District 14 - City of Lake Worth, FL 33460
Office: 561-202-9652 Cell: 561-889-5195
Fax: 561-586-1774 Email: