Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is Lake Worth, a tiny 6 square mile city in Palm Beach County, really “bike theft capital of world”? No. Of course not.

This is an example of what’s called hyperbole. Below is the headline that appeared in The Palm Beach Post in a story about bike thefts in the City:
Is Lake Worth really ‘bike theft capital of world?’ Some think so
For new residents of Lake Worth and others concerned about having their bike stolen below is information that is very useful to protecting your ride. 

If you just read the silly headline in the Post and scanned the text by their beat reporter you might come away thinking we’re indeed leading the world in bike thefts. We’re not. Not even close. Here’s a link to a short blog post I penned that day last September when this ‘news’ first came out.

The issue of bike theft is an easy one to understand but you had to get far into the article to learn about that. One of the clues why people are having their bikes stolen can be found in this video that accompanied the Post article. A bicyclist tells his story about his bike being stolen and in a dramatic scene the cyclist gets on his new bike and rides down the road. And guess what’s missing? THERE’S NO BIKE LOCK! 

Really folks, doesn’t that explain it all? To secure a bike you need a quality lock. Get a lock affixed to your bike or in a pouch so it’s always there. Bike riders in South Florida have known for many years there is a problem with bike theft so take the necessary precautions. If you’re a Lake Worth resident go to one of our local expert bike shops and learn where to lock your bike and just as importantly, how to lock your bike properly:
Meet Mike Ogonowski of Relentless Bicycles. Stop by his shop and find out how to keep your bike from being stolen. Below is his shop location information.

There are two local bike shops in the little City of Lake Worth where you can purchase a lock that will better deter thieves from stealing your ride:

Relentless Bicycles
702 Lucerne Ave
And. . .
Family Bicycle
127 South Dixie Hwy

Best of luck!

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