Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From last night's Lake Worth City Commission meeting—Commissioner Reports and Public Comment

I'm putting these two videos below together in the same post as the last portion of the Commissioner comments (the first video) begins the topic of the homeless in our City parks. Many residents in the City are dubious of the homeless 'advocates' true motivations and see their actions more political in nature and a tactic to delay projects such as the renovation and future reopening of the Gulfstream Hotel across the street from Bryant Park.

Much of the public comment (the second video) addresses the homeless issues raised at the last city commission meeting. At the 5:20 mark things take an entertaining course vis-à-vis the 'great conspiracy' against the homeless in Bryant Park:
  • "Puppet government"
  • "Proxy cousins"
  • "Aliens from outer space"
  • "Anarchist, marxist, and Catholic workers"
  • "Cliff Barnes shot JR"
Don't confuse entertaining with substantive. Enjoy the videos and more to come tomorrow and later in the week.