Monday, September 7, 2015

[RE-POST] Editor of Lake Worth Herald angered by malcontents using our City's Bryant Park as a political pawn

You can read the entire Lake Worth Herald editorial here. The Herald is responding to some people (one is the speaker in the video below) who want to make our Bryant Park a battleground in the debate about homelessness. Why is this happening in Lake Worth? A little City of just 6 square miles instead of a big city where they would get much more media attention? You see, it has nothing to do with the homeless; it has everything to do with the municipal elections in March of next year.

Watch the video and read the excerpt from the Herald below:

     The argument of homeless veterans is a valid one. There are some homeless veterans and there is also a vast network of free help available to veterans that isn't available to nonveterans. Instead of threatening the city, assist them with getting available help. This we know would go against the grain of anarchy by solving a problem.
     The real crux is not the homeless, that's just an anarchists way of kicking down the door. It came apparent Tuesday when a guy who said his name is Ryan told the commission it was nice they start the meeting with a prayer, it's so 1950ish and the Pledge of Allegiance needs to be changed. This comment came after he and his friends exercised their “legal” (meaning created by a law) right to remain seated through the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. It makes one wonder how the Veterans they use as pawns in their battle with society feel about them.
     If they truly cared about the homeless, they would be assisting them instead of using their existence to further the anarchist agenda and disrupt the lives of the many citizens who wish to live peacefully and safe in this little slice of paradise.
     Lake Worth has an election coming and these people will use every opportunity to twist and “create” falsehoods to sway the vote of Lake Worth Citizens who just want to live their life in Lake Worth. Sitting commissioners Ryan Maier and Christopher McVoy appear to be sympathetic to the anarchists and if they get another sympathetic commissioner in the next election, anarchy could rule Lake Worth.
     Think of a Lake Worth with no street lights, completely dark at night. Think crime! That is the atmosphere they desire.
     Think of parks and city streets where it is completely unsafe to visit. A city where going out of your home is extremely dangerous.
     A Lake Worth the majority of citizens don't want to see.
     Ok, come on, paint graffiti on our building again!

[If you want to understand the frame of mind of the Anarchists the Herald is referring to, the last line says it all. They demand the right to exercise their right to free speech but when the Herald exercises their free speech rights they spray paint the publishers building with graffiti. Kind of sums it up doesn't it?]