Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[BY REQUEST] Homeless 'advocates' in Lake Worth getting some push-back from one of their own

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Is this what former Lake Worth commissioners JoAnn Golden and Cara Jennings are 'advocating' for our City parks?
A birder has to walk past 'passed out' homeless people to enjoy our native birds at the wonderful Snook Islands.
Watch a homeless 'advocate' during public comment at a recent city commission meeting:
Many in the City took these comments to be a threat to public access and the freedom of citizens, including families with small children, to enjoy our City's parks in peace.

Now things start to get interesting: below are two screen grabs of an email exchange concerning the photograph above:
Email from Laurie Witkin to City Manager Michael Bornstein which was forwarded to other parties.
Public Record: Click image for larger view
Apparently the Cabal is not unanimous in its support for encouraging the homeless to populate our City parks. Some of its members would prefer using a hose and "rigorous cleaning" to address the problem. Expect visits from the Cabal hierarchy to keep their members in line.

Enjoy former Commissioner JoAnn Golden's take on this debate. You'll be particularly interested to hear what she says at the 1:20 mark in the video below. She says that City residents would "probably take out guns and get rid of " refugees that may happen to end up on our Lake Worth BEACH! So very charming isn't it?