Saturday, September 19, 2015

Newsflash: PBSO can't fix stupid and they can't fix lazy either

In a long line of articles about bike theft in Lake Worth here comes yet another one from Kevin Thompson at the Post. There's nothing new here except more breakdown of the numbers from PBSO—and they're not making you bike riders out there in Lake Worth look too good:
     Since the start of the year, 144 bikes have been stolen — of those 77 were unlocked, Baer said. Sixty-seven bikes were locked, and of those, 57 locks were cut off.
     (PBSO District 14 Captain) Baer said 43 bikes have been stolen since July 1, with PBSO making three arrests.
What's the answer? The same it always is: get a good lock and learn how to us it.
Now look at the picture below. I blocked out the person's identity. This is a stock picture taken by Bill Ingram the Post uses for all their articles on bike theft in Lake Worth. Notice anything missing?
That's right! A bicyclist without a bike lock. You should have a lock with you all the time. Imagine this cyclist decided to stop by a local pub to have a beer after a long ride and left the bike unlocked and out of view for just a few seconds? That's all it takes for your bike to get stolen. Recently a Lake Worth bicyclist stopped at Starbucks for just a few seconds and look what happened to that bike:
Bike thief just having stolen a bike parked (unlocked) outside Starbucks in downtown Lake Worth.
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