Monday, June 4, 2012

Mango Groves Raft Meeting - 5th and K Park

Hi all-

We will be having another Raft race Meeting on Wednesday June 6th, at 7pm AnnaMaria's Back Yard at 221 N. M St.   We need donations of Plywood, Things that loat, shiny things, and creative minds...   All please feel free to join.   Please email if you would like to be on the Raft, or the Raft Race Committee...   The race will be on July 4h, and personally, I can't wait to take part.....  It will be such a hoot.    The Mango Groves Neighborhood will be participating for hte first time in a few years.   Our theme, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, is hilarious, and a bit ambitious, bu if it all works out, we will be the Belles of the Ball....

In other exciting news, we got a donation of some mulch for the Pocket Park at N.K and 5th, and anyone who has interest in helpin us spread it and start building up the grade, and make some paths, would be greatly appreciated....   I hope to arrange a Park Day soon...   We also need to finish the benches, and I have a line on a Bulletin Board that maybe could be put up there with Community notices and the like.....

Please email or contact us if you are interested in taking part!

Stay cool!   Take Care!