Saturday, March 15, 2014

Facebook instant message conversation with Robert Waples from last night...

(Robert Waples in italics.)

Want to chat?

I will sit here and wait.

WOW nice change but your still not addressing the issue here

Well, now I am here I am watching a basketball game now.

Basketball at this hour?

I don't control the schedule of the Big Ten Tournament. I am a midwestern boy and follow my team.

Kewl but lets talk about your posting and your attacks on me....I know you post what you think but your allowing anons to go crazy and your responsible for your blog....Attorneys are already looking that this...If you do not like where I stand how about giving me a call and lets talk...but instead  you just are plain lame with your blog.

You didn't give your name on the last comment. There is something called the first amendment and I am sure that Mark Easton's attorneys are looking at your comment for slander and libel.

Funny you think that you can justify....Mark can publish what he wants as he is the press.  HOWEVER Your blog and frankly LYNNS is under scrutiny

They are the same thing. It's not my problem that you have to justify your stance with Lynn, Katie and Jennifer.

OH not the case at all...I only justify my case with myself.   If you have something to say to me say it to my face and not hide behind a blog.  I have had the same fight with Lynn so now its your turn.

Well, then, tell me how that NAPC meeting went today.And all this is fair game for the blog, btw

You can ask your own prsident

She has nothing to do with this.And it is not a "College Park" issue we are dealing with, it is a city issue.

Bullshit she has everything to do with this.

Calm down Mr. Waples.

Why do you say Calm Down?

Because you used a swear word

Bullshit is a swear word OMG LOL have you watched TV lately?  LOL ok now I'm just you want to sit down and have a conversation?

I guess that is what you are used to dealing with. Life is too short.

Read before you type and answer the question

I am open to having a conversation, but not right now. You can call me tomorrow if you wish.

I do not want to call you I would like to sit face to face and have a conversation...Actually I think you extended that offer a long time ago.

My door is always open and I am usually at home. You are welcome anytime. And I probably did that. I would hate to deal with what you have to deal with.

KK I'm kewl with that and would love to hear your side and my side so we can really get to know each other.  Lets just have the chat we need to have and find the common ground and know that we both have people that want to bash the crap out of us.  If that is a deal I would love to see you on Sunday if you don't have plans

All this is blog eligible by the way.Sunday is fine.Anytime.

I would prefer that you blog after the chat and then we see where it goes.....Agreed that you have a blog but lets have some common courtesy first.  You have the "copy" but lets have the chat first.

I am coming into this conversation convinced that you do not have a spine.

Yea I got that from your anon posting as the IP Address do tell a lot.  BUT if you want to be insulting that is fine are we up for this or not?

You are welcome any time. Sunday is fine. Pick a time.

1PM is that good for you I know where you live and happy to see your gardens

In or out Wes I need to plan my weekend of Volunteering

I will meet with you but I need a third person here to validate our conversation. Nadine comes to mind.

Well that would explain what Nadine is IMing me.

Just a suggestion, it could be anyone.

No you and me and if you can not stand man to man then what should I think of you.


NO you and I say at ToJays

We need someone else here to hear what we say.

Why?  what are you afraid of?

I don't trust the people you report to.

Oh ok that I understand but this is not about them this about you and me you attacked me on your blog...Period its about you and me and you want Nadine that hates the people over here.  Please feel free to text that back to her

type it wes

It doesn't have to be Nadine and you need to get over the "people over here thing." If it's alright with you, my partner and I would like to watch TV right now and not deal with these matters at this time. Is that o.k.?

KK I so agree and please enjoy your night.....I will be looking forward to when you want to face to face.  Love and Hugs

We are on for 1 o'clock Sunday if you and I can agree on someone else being there.

No You and me as it just seems you want to coward out.

Look in the mirror Mr. Waples, please. Good night. Let's keep that 1 p.m. time on Sunday intact. We can record on video if you wish. That is impartial.

Again what are you afraid of Wes but good night.

Not afraid of anything and you shouldn't be either. The truth sets you free. I'll set up my camera and we will have a chat and can share it with the world. Love the transparency!

Actually that is true but why would I trust you to not edit it to your own advantage?

I won't edit and never do, whatever happens happens.

KK that could actually be a little fun....

Keep that in mind and for now I bid you adieu

Just remember what you said to me a few years ago which would be "we have a lot more in common"

We do, but I haven't seen a lot of evidence of that. Looking forward to Sunday. G'night.

I was just thinking Wes if your so chicken to meet me face to face and then post more stupid stuff.  Your nothing but chicken.....In public or NOTHING and if we are going to through insults if you can not meet me in public your the one with out a spine.

In public? How is being on a video that can broadcast around the world not being public? Please, I am not playing who gets the last word in. Good night Mr. Waples.