Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is it about time to focus on our roads and potholes? Is a pool at the Beach more important?

Do you think spending $2–4M+ on a pool at the Beach is OK—at a Casino property with other public safety issues to address as well—and have to dodge potholes and  deteriorating streets along the way to that shiny new City pool? Most residents of Lake Worth have never been to the pool and have no plans to any time in the foreseeable future.

For those living with substandard infrastructure, a topic like a City pool at the Beach is esoteric, mundane, and irrelevant. For many residents access to the municipal pool has always been an obstacle, the cost: each visit $4 to park and entry into facility another $4 per adult and $2 for each child (for a family of 4: $16 every visit). So. . .

An important meeting about the future of our City is next week (City Press Release below): a public meeting concerning potholes and our deteriorating streets. How important is this to the community? So important the editor at The Palm Beach Post wrote last November:

“Lake Worth is poised for some major upgrades following residents’ approval — by a whopping 69 percent — of a $40 million road repair bond . . .”.

Last November a whopping 69 percentof voters said our roads and infrastructure were a priority. We need to honor that vote:

The County’s Lake Lytal facility has a very nice pool, is not far from the City, and has FREE parking. Learn more about the Lake Lytal pool using this link. The latest City Press Release follows:

Public Engagement Meeting
2nd Ave. South project: Dixie Highway to Federal Highway
Where: 1121 Lucerne Ave.
When: Next Thursday, March 2nd at 6:30

The City of Lake Worth is hosting a public engagement meeting on March 2nd regarding the 2nd Ave South Project. The segment of 2nd Ave South from Dixie to Federal Highway is in severe structural disrepair. [and. . .] The March 2nd meeting will allow members of the community to engage with City personnel and the project engineers to address community needs/concerns that may be incorporated into the project’s design.

Who to contact for more information:
  • Ben Kerr, City’s Communications Specialist at 561-586-1631 or email:
  • Jamie Brown, Public Services Director at 561-586-1720 or email:
Do you have ideas for traffic calming or do you like your pothole just the way it is, “HANDS OFF MY POTHOLE!”.* Or would you prefer to have your neighborhood roads fixed? If so, these meetings are a chance to speak your mind.
  • When will the program begin?
  • Will traffic safety be a priority during construction?
  • Will any streets be converted back to two-way or will that happen later?
  • How and when will residents be notified when their street is next?
Write down your questions and concerns and bring them with you to the Community Involvement Meeting next week.

*Have you seen any red & white “Hands Off Our Beach/Pool” signs around town? The original version of these signs was in opposition to the any future pothole repairs and road improvements. The signs read, “HANDS OFF MY POTHOLE!” Needless to say, that message didn’t go over very well with the public.