Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lake Worth Pool Refugees: The pool at Lake Lytal is open today.

The Lake Worth municipal pool is closed due to safety and structural concerns and will not re-open for several years at the Beach. However, it’s possible a new pool will be constructed at the same location or at another location in the City. Stay tuned.

Recently I tried out the Lake Lytal Park pool. Click this link for the hours of operation, call 561-233-1426 or 561-233-1427. The pool is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Parking is FREE at the Lake Lytal Aquatic Center.

Admission for adults is the odd amount of $4.02. Bring two pennies so you don’t get a handful of change in return. If you wish get a 20-visit pass for only $48.75. That brings the cost/visit to $2.44.

The Lake Lytal pool is very similar to the Lake Worth pool: 50 meter Olympic-sized with 25 meter swimming lanes side to side. The pool is well-staffed. There is a slide for kids that opens up later in the year. The pool is heated as well. There is a very prominent digital clock that counts down by seconds for serious lap swimmers and includes the actual time of day too. A nice feature.

The sight and sound of planes coming and going from PBIA is prominent. The airport is just to the north. The surroundings are pleasant and park-like, slash pines and a variety of palm trees. About half of the lanes were being used when I was there. The water was very clear and there was always a lifeguard scrubbing the floor of the pool in one section or another.

I have bumped into some familiar Lake Worth pool people who have made the switch already. And FYI, carpooled recently with another refugee from our pool. Something to think about.

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