Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What’s next? “It wasn’t me. I was doing a soil survey in Mongolia and my phone was turned off.”

Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, is trying to “wash his hands” of any involvement whatsoever with the Casino and pool at the Beach. Just one problem. It’s not true.

Below is a photo from the groundbreaking for the ‘renovated’ Casino in May 2011. Recognize anyone?

Click on photo to enlarge. Who is that on the far left with a shovel? Is that the soil expert with a PhD?

Below is a photo after the ‘renovation’:

The former Casino was actually 94% demolished. What about McVoy’s water cistern he wanted so badly? Eliminated. Most of the “Green” features? Eliminated. The Casino was “Greenwashed”. To learn about the Casino’s Greenwashing use this link.

There was a big party following the completion of the ‘renovated’ Casino. Hey! Who is that in the blue shirt? “Hold on JoAnn. Did we forget to fix the pool next door?”
“It wasn’t me. I was in Mongolia”? Commissioner McVoy was first elected in 2010. Click on image to enlarge.

Anyhow, doesn’t the Greater Bay plan for the Casino and pool at our Beach look better and better all the time now that the pool is shut down because it’s crumbling and falling apart? But back then McVoy et al. had the money to fix it. Instead they all turned a blind eye to “our precious pool”.

Back in 2009 the public wasn’t permitted to see the Greater Bay plan which included a new Casino, a new pool, along with a parking garage. You see, a former administration (see photo above) wanted to keep our Beach “charming” instead.