Monday, February 27, 2017

Someone has been very busy: Thank You for all your efforts maintaining/updating our City’s Wikipedia page.

One of the first things you’ll learn on the City’s Wikipedia page is the present-day City of Lake Worth is named after General William J. Worth, a military hero.

For several reasons, residents and elected leaders have suggested changing the name of the City, for more about that use this link.

A person or persons have been doing yeoman’s* work on the City of Lake Worth’s Wikipedia page (link below, highlighted yellow). First, some things to be aware of:
  • Back in September of 2015 an attempt at hijacking the City’s Wikipedia page began and continued for several months. That is why checking the page regularly is important.
  • When you visit the Lake Worth Wikipedia site scroll down to the very bottom and look for this, “This page was last modified on 5 February 2017, at 15:36.” Why? Because if this information changes someone has accessed the page and changed or altered some data.
  • The footnote section can be a clever “end-around” to get false/alt information onto the page.
  • Wikipedia pages can be edited by almost anyone: not all the information (e.g., history, statistics, percentages) is up-to-date or even factual. The lesson? Do you own research. For example, Evening on the Avenues is now a weekly event, not bi-weekly as the Wikipedia page states. And. . .
The information about the City’s pool at the Beach is wildly inaccurate as well. For the facts use this link.

Ready to check out the City of Lake Worth’s Wikipedia page for yourself? Use this link. Have fun and visit on a regular basis to learn more about our little City:

The city was severely damaged in the 1928 hurricane, toppling the bell tower on the elementary school (today the City Hall Annex) and destroying the beachfront casino and automobile bridge over Lake Worth. This led to a severe economic decline within the community, during the Great Depression. Things were so dire in the city in the 1930s, that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration built a striking, moorish-styled “City Gymnasium” on the corner of Lake Avenue and Dixie Highway. The building today serves as City Hall.

Learn more about the devastating 1928 Hurricane using this link. Hurricane season officially begins June 1st. Another image from that terrible storm:

For the City’s “Hurricane Planning” website use this link.

*Yeoman. Adjective: performed or rendered in a loyal, valiant, useful, or workmanlike manner, especially in situations that involve a great deal of effort or labor: “He did a yeoman job on the problem.”

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