Saturday, September 19, 2015

More false text deleted from the City of Lake Worth's Wikipedia page

You can read the latest hijack/monkeywrenching of the Lake Worth Wikipedia page here. Here is more propaganda that was deleted from the City's Wiki page:
Lake Worth has a bounty of public parks and open space. The Lake Worth Beach is one of the last remaining large tracts of open, public space on the ocean in Southeast Florida. In 2013, the Casino building at the beach was reopened with great fanfare. The neoclassical building approximates the original 1920s Casino building that had stood overlooking the ocean until it was replaced by a more modern, boxy building after the 1947 hurricane. It was revealed in the spring of 2015 that a committee was meeting behind closed doors to consider a proposal to build a convention center and private beach club at the beach, and to destroy the Olympic-sized municipal pool, the only oceanfront Olympic-size municipal pool in South Florida. Residents have rallied to prevent this from going forward.
The dark green text is questionable but the text in red was deleted. The information is intentionally misleading and no one even took the time to source the material. Why? Because the information is untrue. Isn't there anyone in the City monitoring their Wiki page?

In one of the more hilarious edits on the Wiki page, someone tried to suggest a former writer for the Broward New Times actually was a featured writer for the Village Voice. Again, completely false and more on that later.
The Hebrew Hammer has some thoughts about this former writer for the Broward New Times.