Monday, October 31, 2016

Did you vote “No” on the 2014 bond referendum because of fear-mongering over “sea level rise”?

On August 26th, 2014, voters had a choice, vote “Yes” or vote “No”. And. . .
Because of “concerns” over sea level rise Commissioner Chris McVoy campaigned against the City's 2014 bond to fix our roads. The bond failed by just 25 votes. The next time you go to Publix, commissioner, try taking North J Street.

If you live in Lake Worth and sea level rise is a concern for you, know the LW2020 bond, had it passed, would have brought this City up to current infrastructure standards that take sea levels into account. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, for example, understands sea levels are a concern and for that reason he attended the 7th Annual SE Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit in Key West this year. Here is a quote from a City Newsletter:
“What is reassuring to me,” says Vice Mayor [Scott] Maxwell, “is that all levels of government are coming together to address the issues, each within their own individual capabilities.”
The City of Lake Worth isn't like Miami and isn't like Ft. Lauderdale either. Those cities have much more resources than Lake Worth to deal with multiple, complex issues but they're always brought up as examples of what Lake Worth should do. Sea level rise is an important topic but shouldn't, in my opinion, be any more important than neighborhoods with crumbling sidewalks, potholed streets, and too few fire hydrants—just a few of the many challenges our City faces.

The concern many have is fear-mongering of “sea level rise” will distract from health and safety in Lake Worth, what is essential and necessary for our City now. A balanced, thoughtful approach is necessary but with a keen focus on the current needs of our residents. Commissioner McVoy also attended the conference and he is quoted saying:
The gorilla in the room [emphasis added] is the rate of melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, which would add tens of feet of rise.”
When it comes to the “gorilla in the room” think this is more appropriate as a topic of discussion:
If rising sea levels” truly concern McVoy why would he support constructing the new Casino east of the Coastal Construction Line without pilings?

Perhaps at the City Commission Workshop next Thursday (6:00 at the Lake Worth Casino) the voters of Lake Worth will be given a proper explanation why McVoy (who has a PhD we're reminded over and over), campaigned against the LW2020 bond in 2014 but supported spending millions of dollars on the Casino without pilings just a few years earlier?

To make matters worse the structure was also Greenwashed. And then there's the $1.6 million settlement to Greater Bay. And the substandard traffic/parking design. And the pool building which was never addressed. . . Stay tuned, as they say. I'm expecting a huge turnout next Thursday.