Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hard to believe. This Thursday just may be “THE” day. The Cottages of Lake Worth books are en route.

Janice (center) shows off the book to City Manager Michael Bornstein and Delores Key, the City's Economic Development Manager.

After all the meetings, paella parties, home and cottage tours, neighborhood get-togethers, late and early morning phone calls, head scratching over whether one picture is better than another, getting the words just right, celebrations, and sadly a few funerals too. . . the book will finally be here in just a few days.

If you’ve been following this, the books were delivered to Port Miami aboard the container ship “Swordfish”, and was anyone’s guess how long before the container was opened and shipment sent on it’s way. Many have been a nervous wreck, tracking this like a little child following Santa on Christmas Eve. But that's understandable. It’s been a long hard road.

This was a community effort. Don’t forget that. But this was also about leadership as well and hard decisions. Many of those decisions fell on Janice’s shoulders not because she wanted to be a leader, but because when everyone sat around wondering what to do about this or that, all eyes slowly gravitated towards Janice.

She’d laugh. Make a few funny comments. Try to get a consensus and then make a decision, maybe even after a few days, or longer. And things kept moving forward towards the goal. So many people deserve acknowledgement for this book. But for me, Janice deserves special acknowledgement.

Some egos got bruised along the way. But what do you expect in Lake Worth? Bruises heal. This book is something everyone should be proud of. A tremendous effort. And none of this would have ever happened were it not for our very special cottages here in the little City of Lake Worth.