Saturday, July 1, 2017

The City of Lake Worth needs a Facebook page three months ago.

There’s just too much information the public needs. If the City of Greenacres can do it, so can the City of Lake Worth. How many more people would show up at Callaro’s tonight for the final pre-July 4th event in Downtown Lake Worth because they saw it on Facebook?

How many more people could learn about the City’s Neighborhood Road Program? The City is Live Streaming Commission meetings? Neighborhood meetings? Hurricane warnings?

In a big way, the City of Greenacres is now bypassing the press and media, and communicating directly with the public using social media:
“Welcome to the City of Greenacres Facebook Page! We are very excited to be able to distribute information to you about upcoming meetings, events, and notices. Although you can’t post comments here, we want to hear from you! Contact us by email at, call us at 561-642-2000, visit the new website or stop by City Hall! We also are on Twitter: @citygreenacres. Like us and follow us on both!”

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