Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The City of Lake Worth needs an official Facebook page ASAP. No more time for delay.

Wouldn’t you like to get alerts and updated information from the City of Lake Worth on Facebook? For example, official announcements, storm updates, press releases, and news like a “Planned Power Outage”?

The public in Greenacres is getting updates, new information, and the latest news about Hurricane Irma from the official City of Greenacres’ Facebook page. Here’s news posted on the Greenacres Facebook page recently:

“New Flood Maps will be
in effect October 5, 2017.”

There’s just too much information the public needs. How many more people could learn about the City’s Neighborhood Road Program? The City is Live Streaming Commission meetings? Neighborhood meetings? Hurricane warnings?

In a big way, the City of Greenacres is now bypassing the press and media, and communicating directly with the public using social media:
Message on City of Greenacres’ Facebook Page. “New Flood Maps will be in effect October 5, 2017. The new Flood Maps now include several areas within the City to be in a special flood hazard area called Flood Zone AE. View the new flood hazard maps online to check if your property’s flood zone has changed.”