Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Below is a special report by Mary Lindsey published in the Herald last week. Here are two excerpts about what is happening at North Grade Elementary:

     Lots of growing going on at the North Grade Elementary School Community Garden. The Garden was initiated several years ago through the efforts of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities, led by Erica Whitfield, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Quantum Foundation, Palm Health Care Foundation, the University of Florida IFAS Palm Beach County Extension, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the School District of Palm Beach County, the Lake Worth Town and Country Garden Club and the City of Lake Worth.
     What was once an unkempt vacant lot strewn with trash and drug use debris has been transformed into a lush, green, living classroom for the children of North Grade Elementary. One of the very first efforts was to enclose the block size property with a fence, which has been very effective in allowing the garden to slowly emerge one back breaking labor at a time by a cadre of dedicated volunteers.

[and. . .]

     Sandra Ortega Alvarez, who works as a volunteer at the school has also been helping out in the garden, primarily with clearing and planting the perimeter with colorful beautiful plants as well as a coconut border.
     It was Alvarez who initiated the idea of having a Little Free Library at the Garden, located directly across the street from the school.