Sunday, June 24, 2018

Re-post: For those of you who may have missed the big news this week.

Straight from the source. News about crime in the City of Lake Worth from District 14 PBSO Cpt. Todd Baer.

PLEASE NOTE: Below is very good news from PBSO about our City of Lake Worth. But please DO NOT be lulled into thinking it’s time to sit back or celebrate. It’s not. There is still much work to be done. So whatever you’re doing to improve things in your community or neighborhood keep doing what you’re doing because what you’re doing is working. CARRY ON!

Below is a YouTube video and slides from Cpt. Baer’s Quarterly Update and presentation before the Lake Worth City Commission last Tuesday, June 19th.

But first, briefly, there is new City of Lake Worth crime news from Palm Beach Post staff writer McKenna Ross about the electric outage last Wednesday night into Thursday morning headlined, “PBSO says laser ‘blinds’ helicopter pilots during Lake Worth blackout”.

Click on this link to read that breaking news story from Thursday (June 21st). By the way, Ross is believed by many to become the new beat reporter covering this City of Lake Worth and it’s about time. The last female beat reporter in this City was Lona O’Connor way back in 2013. Plus it seems everybody at the Post of late is trying everything they can to get more ‘clicks’ about the “Zombie Alert” in this City on May 20th, but what most people don’t know is it was Ross who first broke this story that went viral (to follow Ross on Twitter click on this link).

Without further ado. . .

Instead of relying on word of mouth or accounts that read like ‘Cliff’s Notes’ you can see the news for yourself straight from PBSO District 14:

The following slides are from the
Quarterly PBSO Update:
At the end of this blog post is the video of Cpt. Baer at the City Commission last Tuesday.

UCR  =  “Uniform Crime Report. Data and statistics from Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement:

Notice the “DOWN” button for the elevator. The trajectory for crime is DOWN in this little City which makes for UP in many other ways.

Thus far this year — compared to 2017 — crime is down is almost every category except for homicide (one this year in City of Lake Worth; click on this link for Post’s “Homicide Tracker” database). By way of comparison, there have been twelve (12) homicides in West Palm Beach so far this year. Crime is also up in the category of burglaries on property under construction (see image below).

Click on images below to enlarge:

Green DOWN arrow  =  “Good”.
Red UP arrow  =  “Bad”.

Going back to 2017. . .

Red  =  January–December 2016.
Blue  =  January–December 2017.

More news about 2017. . .
“Total Arrests Up”.

Calling that elevator again. This time going UP. Comparison 2016 (left) vs. 2017 (right).


And that elevator keeps going UP UP UP.

And that means GOOD GOOD GOOD.

Now for the terrible news.

Many people are still dying in our City.

And yes, per Lake Worth Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso,
many are being sent back up north in body bags:
A terrible problem in 2015–2016 is still a terrible problem now. Read about Mayor Pam Triolo’s “Proclamation declaring August 31 as Overdose Awareness Day” . . . from two years ago in City Hall.

Some of the major problems and challenges
to be addressed this year:

Learn more about the Royal Poinciana and Tropical Ridge neighborhoods. The “Washington Area” is in the southern part District 1 west of Dixie Hwy.
Use this link for the City’s GIS map.

Looking forward in the second half
of 2018 and beyond. . .

“What can I do to help?”

Consider becoming a volunteer for PBSO this year. To find out how click on this link.

The bigger picture. . .

Stay tuned for news about pilot program Real Time Crime Center (RTCC); DEA  =  Drug Enforcement Administration; AUSA & SAO  =  Asst. Attorney from U.S. Attorney Dave Aronberg’s office.

Working together and getting results. . .

“Hmmm. Who is the Code Enforcement official in my District?” To find out click on this link
for the City’s GIS map

And for important developing news. . .

News from the Lake Worth City Commission this week: “Purchase of Automated License Plate Readers [ALPRs] and Surveillance Camera System”. Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

In conclusion. . .

Are there any questions?

If so, then please watch this video of PBSO Cpt. Todd Baer’s quarterly presentation before the Lake Worth City Commission on Tuesday, June 19th.

This PBSO Quarterly Update is twelve minutes of
video followed by questions and comment
from the City Commission:

Hope you found this information helpful.

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once again today.