Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Message from the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth, “Dear Friends in the press and news media.”

“You have been so kind to Clay Glass Metal
Stone Gallery over the years. For that
we are very grateful.”.

See an excerpt below from a Letter to the Editor published in the Coastal/Greenacres Observer.

The Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is located at 15 South ‘J’ St. in Downtown Lake Worth.

However, the CGMS artist studio located at 216 South ‘F’ St. (west of Dixie Hwy.) has been put up For-Sale by the owner. Without a studio the artists will have nowhere else to go and the CGMS Gallery in the Downtown may be forced to close.

Despite being heavily and widely promoted in The Palm Beach Post the folks at CGMS have yet to attract a “knight in shining armor” with enough money and interest in the arts to purchase the studio on South ‘F’ St. But it’s quite possible another wealthy benefactor here in South Florida (outside Central Palm Beach County and beyond), could be found to purchase that property and find a way to keep rent low enough so artists can continue to work there. And that’s where YOU come in.

Here is the excerpt from a Letter to the Editor with contact information at the end from Joyce at the CGMS gallery:

     Our building is being sold and we have not been able to raise the funds to purchase it. It is not for trying. We have looked into every crack and under every stone we could to find the funding to purchase our building.
     We will hold on for as long as we can. Without the studio, it is unlikely we will be able to carry on the gallery [on South ‘J’ St.]. Without the studio many of us will cease being artists again. There is no other facility that most of us can afford to become a part of. It is our hope that you will help us promote our gallery shows and our artists until we reach a point that we cease to exist.
     It is also our hope that a knight in shining armor will step up and purchase the building for us and that person will be etched into the walls of history as one of the great patrons of the arts. [emphasis added]

Can you, or someone you know, be that “knight in shining armor” and save the CGMS studio?

Do you know any reporters at the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, or even the Tampa Bay Times?

Please share the Letter to the Editor above and include the contact information for Joyce. Call 215-205-9441 or reach out by email: