Monday, June 30, 2014

Scores of Cops Descend Upon Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass, but Only One Arrest - Page 2 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Click title for link to an interesting look at various Critical Mass bike rides throughout the state. Each one seems to have its own flavor and character. Sharing of information about the route of the ride seems to help as well. Here is part of the article:
The two instances that took place last month can probably be chalked up to the conflict between bike riders who are used to having their guard up and cops who aren't used to dealing with them. These issues can all be worked out in time, and if the cops keep and open dialogue with organizers, it's likely to happen sooner rather than later. By giving the cops the route in advance, spokesman Strack was able to foster a working relationship and set a good example for the de facto leaders of events in other cities.
Crisis was also averted by our neighbors to the south. Before this month's mass, Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa suggested that riders might be ticketed because the ride had been hijacked by "anarchists." A blogger who goes by Rydel Deed was sent certified letters telling him to obtain permits for the ride, since he posts the route each month on his site Miami Bike Scene and is therefore considered a de facto leader by the cops. Thankfully, that event was also without serious incident.
It's true that Critical Mass takes on a different character depending on what city it's in. Even within Florida, there are different flavors. Miami's version sees participation from some very vocal activists, but it's also populated by people who don't care about any form of civil disobedience and just want to party behind handlebars.