Monday, June 30, 2014

Delray Beach brewery wants to host food trucks - Sun Sentinel

Delray Beach's zoning regulations are standing in the way of allowing food trucks near the Saltwater Brewery, which is in an industrial area west of I-95. Boynton Beach has a similar craft beer operation where they allow food trucks. Lake Worth has a new "Artisanal Industrial" zoning district along some of the older industrial areas east of I-95. I've confirmed that Lake Worth could allow craft breweries in this district, but it doesn't look like food trucks could be part of the mix. I'll look into it more. I remember William Waters said that the city can license by location, but they can't have vendors on wheels going around to different areas of the city. Perhaps the food trucks could be registered to one location? I'll find out more. Click title for link to article.
Interim City Manager Terry Stewart said he has asked city employees to find out how other cities deal with food trucks so commissioners can review some approaches at an upcoming meeting.
SaltWater is classified as a tap room, a place where beers are brewed to drink. Because it is zoned in a manufacturing part of Delray, Eaton said it can't have a kitchen or even be called a bar, which is why food trucks were always a part of the vision.
With the food truck ban in effect, Eaton said people have figured out creative ways to get their food fixings when their stomachs begin to rumble.
They call nearby restaurants that deliver to drop-off some grub or use Delivery Dudes, an outside food delivery service, to send food to outdoor picnic tables.
Resident Mitch Katz, a huge fan of SaltWater Brewery, said he has even brought a box of pizza with him.
Later, this is the word I received from William Waters, Sustainability Director, about food trucks in Lake Worth.
"Mobile food vending is only allowed in a mobile food vending court and we have not approved any.  Consequently, any mobile food vending operation in the city is not up to snuff as we cannot allow them.  We also do allow restaurants in the AI district as well as mobile food vending courts.  As long as a court is established in the AI, then we would be able to license the trucks.  Thanks."