Sunday, March 23, 2014

We were lucky! False Alarm Report of a Large, Dangerous Animal at Publix...

Scary, huh? Yeah, looks menacing, but it turns out his name is Harry and he is known as the Happy Hippo. He is a widower and recently moved to Lake Worth to retire. He was at Publix and some of the customers misunderstood that he was trying to be friendly. Of course, our roving photogrpher Larry the Lenz was at the ready...he is never far from our downtown Publix. It turns out he is renting now, but would like to find a place near one of our wetlands, with a shady tree canopy, to buy and really settle down.

Here are some customers and Lake Worth residents after they realized that he is really a harmless giant.

You see, this hippo just loves Publix and he says he wouldn't have moved here without it being here. He and Larry the Lenz are becoming close friends. Look out for Harry the Happy Hippo if you are in and around the downtown. One thing you could help with is that Harry the HH hasn't been to Starbucks yet. He's looking for someone to accompany him to explain his back story, so not to purposely scare people sitting outside. Larry the Lenz can only do so much. His workload is increasing now that he's got this gig with the blog and his free time is hard to come by.