Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vote ‘yes’ Tuesday |

The Shiny Sheet comes out in favor of the PUD-5 in its editorial today. If there is a Palm Beach establishment way to vote, this is it. I see the measure passing this coming Tuesday at a special election. The paper has ads from both sides, but the "pro" side includes a list of names of those that support it. Former Mayor and respected member of the community Lesly Smith endorses the PUD-5 concept in a letter to the editor, along with others both "pro" and "con." This issue has consumed a lot of time and one senses that the Town just needs to move on, and according to the wishes of many, do so in a civil manner. Click title for link.
For more than six years, the town has wrestled with redevelopment controversies simmering along its northern entranceway. However vocal they have been, opponents of the amendment have offered no real alternative, except to trumpet the efficacy of the existing zoning. Yet that zoning is largely responsible for the downward slide of what should be one of the town’s jewels.

Change is inevitable in any commercial district — either change for the better or for the worse.

A “yes” vote on Tuesday clearly represents a change for the better, and voters should cast their ballots accordingly.