Monday, March 24, 2014

From a Devoted Reader comes this...

Dearest and Most Admired Blogmaster,

What a fabulous event at City Hall yesterday! The Marriage Equality Rally had a large, enthusiastic crowd. Didn't think it significant at the time but had a short conversation with the city manager, Mr. Bornstein. Asked him a few questions and he answered, pleasantly and professionally as usual.

On Lynn's blog today she had a decidedly different take on Mr. Bornstein. Surprised? And the set-up for the attack had nothing to do with the Marriage Equality Rally. The set-up were the flags at half-mast about the City. Of course the half-mast flags are in memory of our former Florida Governor Reubin Askew.

Yet Lynn wrote this on her blog: “Several people [unnamed] have asked, 'Why are the flags in Lake Worth flying at half-mast?' "

That's the set-up. The set up for what you may ask?

This. Then Lynn goes on, “However, no one can tell us why our flags have been flying at half-mast for weeks. A citizen [anonymous] just asked our city manager [Michael Bornstein] who was at the steps of city hall and was told, 'It's Sunday; I'm not answering any questions.' It was then cleared up by the mayor who said it is because a former Governor of Florida passed away on March 13, Reuben Askew. Now we know.”

Which set up this anonymous comment: “Good post. Thanks for spreading this info Lynn. I never knew exactly how it worked either. What is it with our city manager [Michael Bornstein]? Is he a total, royal a**hole, or what? How dare he talk to any resident of this city or anyone else this way.”
So very charming, don't you think?

And! It's Greg Rice to the rescue to educate Lynn and her readers:
Greg Rice wrote... “Lynn, as a former member of of the local Democratic club, you didn't know that Covernor Askew had died? He was one of the most popular governors of his era. Flying the flag for 30 days is a sign of respect and a way for the ruling party to extend an olive branch to the minority party in Tallahassee.”
And Greg Rice continued to educate: “If you didn't hear our city manager make the comment that you credited him as making really shouldn't be quoted as such since it was hearsay. I'm inclined to think that if a CM from the past was to say something like that, some might think it was something said in jest. A little comic relief. ;-).”
Valiant effort by Mr. Rice. Doomed to fail on an obtuse bloggette with no interest in truth and a childlike rage at our City Manager, Mr. Bornstein.

And by the way it was so nice to see Kathleen McGiveran and NA President Robert Waples at the rally!