Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mystery project may get millions from Florida | www.palmbeachpost.com

Dan Krassner, previous High Noon in Lake Worth guest and executive director of Integrity Florida has questions about the blind expenditure of this money. It looks like the project is around the Melborne airport, but there are no details about the company. Click title for link.

One group critical of the state's economic development efforts said the state should at least identify the company before approving such a large amount of money.

"Shouldn't the public at least be told the name of the company before we give away more than $20 million of our money?" said Dan Krassner, executive director of the watchdog group Integrity Florida. "Deals like this hide too much from taxpayers and go against Florida's open government tradition."

Last year defense contractor Northrop Grumman announced it was bringing more than 1,000 aerospace jobs to the state including in Melbourne.

A Northrop Grumman spokesman told Florida Today last week that he couldn't say whether his company's new building was connected with Project Magellan.