Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TOMORROW: Bypass media spin about Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent of the PBC School District

Use this link to register for the "Back-to-School Breakfast" hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and hear Dr. Avossa for yourself. From promotional material for the event is more information:

     The Chamber's annual Back-to-School Breakfast, sponsored by Hulett Environmental Services and Keiser University, will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 24th (7:00 a.m. coffee and networking; 7:45 a.m.–9 a.m. breakfast) at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.
     The keynote speaker will be Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent of the Palm Beach County School District. Dr. Avossa has completed his first year as Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent in the 11th largest school district in the country.
     The Superintendent will provide an update about the reforms to the public school system operations and other changes made in his first 12 months. He will also address the upcoming one-cent sales tax vote in November.

Event contact information: Donald Burgess at 561-833-3711 ext. 223.

On the subject of schools in Palm Beach County, are the schools in Lake Worth of interest to you? Then watch this video of School Board Member Erica Whitfield giving an update to the Lake Worth City Commission, now the 3rd most-viewed all-time video on my Lake Worth YouTube channel: