Monday, August 8, 2016

Message from the Cottages of Lake Worth: Tours, County grants, and latest news on the hardcover book

"Dear Cottages of Lake Worth Supporters, The Cottages has had a great year and wants to share information with you.

     Last fall we updated the self-directed driving/walking tour map including new Featured Cottages. The response to this project has been continued support from the City, Cultural Council, the Lake Worth CRA, neighborhood associations and many individuals in the City as well as visitors.

     Speaking of tours, the first Inside the Cottages Tour in January 2016 was a tremendous success. All 350 tickets sold out in mid-December! The Cottages of Lake Worth is proud to announce the 2nd annual Inside the Cottages Tour on January 29, 2017 focusing on cottages in Bryant Park and South Palm Park. As many as 450 guests are expected to attend, so don't miss the opportunity to advertise in our tour brochure.

     The Cottages of Lake Worth received another grant of $5,000 from REAP (Resident Education to Action Program) through Palm Beach County. Competition for these funds is intense and this is the third year the Cottages have received the money, indicative of the County's faith in our mission.

     Living Large in Small Spaces: The Cottages of Lake Worth book will be published later in the year. Save $5 by pre-ordering (pre-sale price is $27.95). The initial printing batch will be 1,500–2,000 copies. It is a full color, hardcover book with dust jacket and totals 248 pages with many professionally-taken photographs. Order your book using this link. Delivery of the first books is expected in the fall.

     At this time we are planning future events ranging from painting cottages in a high profile way to pursuing speakers for future meetings. If you have any ideas for future events or wish to contact us use this link and please like us on Facebook.

     To recap, it has been just over two years of positive response from Lake Worth and from everyone who has participated in our programs. Thank you to all who have supported and shared in making these goals become reality!

Here are images of the dust cover for the hardcover book, front and back: 
Dust cover, front.
Sadly, Dean Sherwin passed away last March. He was truly engaged and contributed so much to this City.
"Inside this book. . ."