Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Port plans emergency dredging Tuesday

This activity will take place at the northernmost point of Palm Beach island. A good place to watch some of it would be the small park over-looking the inlet. Might be a good reason for a bike ride there and back today. Click title for link for the Shiny Sheet announcement.
Sand that has collected at the bottom of the Port of Palm Beach entrance channel has caused the need for an emergency dredge beginning Tuesday.
A contractor with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to begin dredging by noon, according to Port spokeswoman Julie Houston Trieste. The contractor will operate over a 24-hour period to complete the maintenance work, which involves lights and noise, she said.
The Lake Worth Inlet has experienced severe shoaling over the past several weeks, prompting the Palm Beach Pilots’ Association to issue draft restrictions last week. Boats can’t sink below 25 feet in some areas.
Photo courtesy Palm Beach Reef Rescue