Saturday, December 3, 2016

What happened to Commissioner Maier’s idea for a “new college”? His promise to focus on investment and opportunity in Lake Worth?

Friday, December 9th, is the next scheduled meeting of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. Why is that important? Continue reading.

After more than 1½ years in office Commissioner Ryan Maier’s supporters have to be wondering what happened to the guy they supported. As a candidate he promised more economic opportunity but his actions have been exactly the opposite. But. . . guess what one of Maier’s ideas on how to create “more opportunity” was? He proposed putting all sorts of concession stands in Bryant Park.

That’s right. The public park that's there for the public and visitors to enjoy. Peacefully. That was one of his gaffes his handlers were able to successfully squash.

Maier’s opposition to the City’s Park of Commerce as an elected commissioner is curious when you consider his other big idea to bring “more opportunity" to the City: He pitched building a “college” and you can see that for yourself in the video below. Since being elected he hasn’t raised that idea one single time. So much for ideas on how to bring more investment and “opportunity” to our City.

The video below is short and has a very funny moment. When you watch closely one of the other candidates tries very hard to control himself when he hears Maier’s grand idea about a new college for the first time. Another hilarious part is at the 1:05 mark, right near the end, when you hear mumbling and disbelief from the assembled crowd. 

Also note at the 40 second mark when he makes reference to attracting the “right type of clientele”. Who exactly would those “right type” of people be?
All the gaffes made by now-Commissioner Maier during his campaign for office take on all new significance now that he’s an elected official representing our City. Another of Maier’s claims is he’s a “member” of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC). He isn’t. Maier is the City's liaison to that crucially important council. When he goes to the TCRPC he sits with the general public and can’t vote on anything.

The next TCRPC meeting is next Friday (use this link for the agenda). Many are very concerned how Maier is representing, or rather misrepresenting, the City of Lake Worth. You can understand why.