Saturday, April 22, 2017

Reside in City of Lake Worth? Know what the POC is? For daily readers of this blog it’s important to remember. . .

. . . there are many new residents of this City who know nothing of the POC, an issue we’ve been dealing with for decades. That’s why I re-post blog posts like this one every now and then.

Many involved and/or long-time residents of this City recall well the Park of Commerce (POC) over the years and efforts to do something, anything, to have that prime piece of real estate add tax dollars to our City’s coffers. Is the POC a new idea? The answer is No. Not even close.

Past city commissions have tried, and failed, to make this area (see map below) a major contributor to the City’s commercial tax base giving homeowners less of a burden. Some former elected’s were so desperate to have something happen in the POC, anything, even a chicken farm was suggested. Luckily, that idea didn’t go far.

This image will surprise you and explained later in this blog post.

New residents in this City, if they’re not cautious where they get their information from, will be misinformed by “facts” on other blogs, social media, or even news reporters that don’t understand the entire story. You may have heard this news about the Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant for $1.4 million. So where exactly is the POC?

To see this map for yourself go to the Citys zoning map. And while you’re at it you can see how your neighborhood is zoned.

In the map above is the POC: Roughly it’s the dark shaded area west of Boutwell Rd., east of the E-4 (Keller) Canal, north of Lake Worth Rd. (John Prince Park) and south of 10th Ave. North. Now that you understand where the POC is, how long has this been a matter of debate in the City?

Let’s look at one example of many (the first image above is the front cover of this “Citizens’ Master Plan”):

The Lake Worth Park of Commerce Citizens’ Master Plan, Charrette Draft Report prepared by the TCRPC in October 2001.

Fifteen years ago. I have this original report prepared by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC); if you would like to borrow it let me know (my email address is Here is another image from the report:

Recognize anyone? Ever heard of anyone named Dana Little?

There are names throughout this document many of you will recognize. Enjoy this charming video I did of the POC back in 2014, a small area in the City of Lake Worth with so much potential, “the P-word” if you will:

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