Monday, July 10, 2017

Housing policy, city planning and development, urban sprawl, transportation, communication, education, city services, delivery of goods, family services. . .

If any of these subjects are of interest to you — whether you are an elected official (or considering elected office), government staff or city board member, in the private sector (business community or a nonprofit) — the article by reporter Mahima Singh cited below titled, “Millennials on the rise in snowbird county” is a MUST READ. Singh’s article was published in yesterday’s Sunday print edition on the front page of The Palm Beach Post:

“Why they’re flocking here”

An excerpt from Mahima Singh’s article:

“Many millennials are shunning the suburbs. They are gravitating to areas that have a more local feel. Local business, local products, etc., places that are more authentic,” said Raphael Clemente, executive director of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority.

What will the future look like for cities like Lake Worth?

Another excerpt from the article:

Minority majority in eight years

     By 2025, the county’s white population is on pace to fall below 50 percent for the first time.
     As of July 2016, whites made up 56 percent of the county’s 1.44 million residents, a drop from 60 percent in 2010. Hispanics made up 21.5 percent while growing at a 23 percent clip since 2010. Blacks, growing at an 18 percent pace, represented 18.3 percent of the county’s population.

As Raphael Clemente was quoted in the article, “Many millennials are shunning the suburbs.”

This question (asked repeatedly on this blog) — still unanswered — is not going away:

When will the environmental community engage and have a serious conversation about “Eastward Ho!”?
And our “Urban Core in Central PBC? Time to get serious about, “The area between the Florida East Coast (FEC) and Chesapeake Seaboard (CSX) railroads . . . once the thriving, functional core of the region opened up by Flagler’s railroad.”