Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Real City of Lake Worth Crime Statistics

Did you know that crime dropped in the little City of Lake Worth—nearly 5% last year compared to 2013? It did.

It's already been demonstrated how The Other Blogger (TOB) and Margaret Menge with her new "newspaper" are manipulating the citizenry in our City, vis-à-vis actual crime rates and the perception of crime rates. You can read about that here and here.

Recently, I discovered updated crime statistics for the City of Lake Worth from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) from January to December of 2014.

If you read The Lake Worth Trib, or visit the TOB's blog, you would conclude, through no fault of your own, that crime is going up and is "out of control". Well, that is actually NOT the case.
FDLE, for their purposes, refers to PBSO District 14, as the "Lake Worth Police Department" to not confuse with unincorporated Palm Beach County.
Crime has dropped in nearly every category.
Note that nearly 30% of stolen property was recovered.
The ugly truth is this: There are citizens in our community who have an agenda and are willing to go to any lengths to confuse and manipulate you, your family, and neighbors by distorting the facts. The agenda, in part, is to discredit our PBSO District 14, Captain Silva, and the fine deputies who work in our City.


Anonymous said...

People have to realize that NOTHING printed on Pinkies Blog is the truth, TOB rewrites history every minute of every day.

Anonymous said...

Crime is a major issue of concern. I'm glad that our numbers dropped a bit, but we are still way higher than the rest of the county. We have break ins, shootings, home invasions, etc.

Drawing attention to this issue is not done to discredit PBSO but to ask them to do more. It's odd to me that the city leadership ignores this issue.

Anonymous said...

Wes you do realize crime stats are by their very nature always manipulated (that is, how a crime is classified, whether or not it's reported at all, etc - watch a few episodes of "The Wire" for a refresher). It's just another political football.

Mark A. Parrilla said...

Anonymous I am glad to see that you are getting your data from such a reliable source like the HBO series named "The Wire". If I were you I would refresh myself with a dose of the real world! Might do you some good.

Mark A. Parrilla

Anonymous said...

Um, sorry Mark, but THE WIRE was created by David Simon, a long time award winning crime beat reporter for the Baltimore Sun, as is regarded not only as one of the best dramatic series ever made, but one of the most dead-on realistic, by those in and out of big city political hurleyburley. And it was just a pop culture example I thought would work as shorthand, but I forgot LW is by and large a town quite left behind and out of touch with contemporary popular culture. So do the easy thing - goolge it. Sorry to burst your bubble pal but "official" stats are generally as cooked as Bernie Madoff's books, all that matters is who's the chef in charge...